What is Coffee Liqueur? (Informative)

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Some days, plain old brewed coffee just won’t cut it. If you’re hankering for something with a bit more edge, then why not try coffee liqueur?

Coffee liqueur is an alcoholic concoction infused with coffee.

You might be wondering, isn’t that just Irish coffee? Whiskey is used to make Irish coffee, while the alcohol base of coffee liqueur is rum or vodka, and it has a distinct sweet and syrupy flavor.

Coffee liqueur has quite a few uses, too! You can make the following:

  • cocktails
  • toppings
  • desserts

Sounds intriguing, right?

In this article, I will be discussing the many exciting ways you can spice up your drinks and dessert with coffee liqueur!

But first, let’s delve into the basics.

Is There Alcohol in Coffee Liqueur?

Yes, the coffee liqueur is considered an alcoholic beverage.

It’s classified as a distilled spirit and is made with the same process as standard liquors such as brandy or whiskey.

Once any sweetener, oil, or flavoring is added to the alcohol, then it becomes a liqueur.

You might be asking, “Can I get drunk from liqueur?

Yes, you can because it’s still a spirit. But because of the additives in liqueur, it isn’t quite as strong as liquor.

I made a table that compares the Alcohol By Volume (ABV) in popular liqueurs and in standard liquors.

BeverageClassificationAlcohol By Volume (ABV)
Scotch WhiskeyLiquor60%
Tía MaríaLiqueur20%
Baileys Irish CreamLiqueur16%
Liqueurs have relatively lower alcohol content than standard liquors, but can still pack a punch if you consume too much.

Can You Drink Coffee Liqueur Straight?

Yes, most coffee liqueurs can be drunk straight.

It’s already a full-bodied drink on its own so you can enjoy it as is. You can just add some ice or blend it into a cocktail if you wish.

Coffee liqueur doesn’t have a strong, alcoholic flavor and is instead very thick and sweet, so it’s the perfect drink for a relaxing evening!

Is Coffee Liqueur the Same as Coffee Brandy?

Coffee brandy is another variation of coffee-based liqueur.

It’s immensely popular in Maine and sold by Allen’s Coffee. It’s a very light and sweet beverage that has a slightly bitter aftertaste.

The liqueur uses brandy as a base and is usually paired with milk and can also be added to coffee. There are even other variations like “moose milk,” “lily of the tundra,” and “sombrero.

But you don’t need to venture into New England to get a taste of coffee brandy. You can easily create it at home in under 10 minutes.

Check out this sweet and creamy Brandy Coffee recipe that uses espresso, brandy, and whipping cream!

Is Coffee Liqueur the Same as Kahlua?

Kahlua is a classic coffee liqueur brand renowned all over the world. It originated from Mexico and it takes up to 7 years to perfect a bottle of Kahlua!

Kahlua is made from Arabica coffee beans, rum, and sugar. It has a deep caramel flavor with the signature sweetness of liqueur.

This particular coffee liqueur is a staple in many classic drinks like the White Russian, Black Russian, and Mudslide.

If you’re interested in recreating Kahlua’s sweet rum flavor, you can watch this quick video tutorial:

Learn how you can easily create your own Kahlua-flavored coffee liqueur.

What’s the difference between Tía María and Kahlua?

Tía María and Kahlua are both very popular coffee liqueur brands.

They also both use the same ingredients like rum, caramel, and coffee.

The difference is where they source their rum and coffee beans. Tía María originated from Jamaica and uses the local coffee beans and rum. Kahlua uses Arabica coffee beans and white rum.

The two coffee liqueurs have a similar sweet taste, but Kahlua’s consistency is more akin to a syrup because of the fructose corn syrup added.

Best Coffee Liqueur Brands

Kahlua and Tía María aren’t the only great coffee liqueur brands to try out.

Have a look at the other note-worthy brands that will give you that signature sweet delight!

Firelit Coffee Liqueur

Firelit is an artisanal cold brew coffee liqueur from Napa.

It’s not your typical sweet liqueur flavor, though. Firelit is a heavy dark roast dominated by the pure, bitter flavor of the cold brew and barely any sweetness at all.

The cold brew takes 18 hours to finish and aged for a full month. If you’re the type to take your coffee black, then Firelit may be the liqueur for you.

Snaggle Tooth Coffee Liqueur

Now, if you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth and are not a fan of Kahlua’s syrupy flavor, try Snaggle Tooth.

It’s made with unaged Featherbone Bourbon, coffee grounds, vanilla, and cinnamon.

The sweet notes of vanilla really elevate the whole brew. It’s a light, sweet liqueur that can complement your preferred drink well. On the plus side, it’s organic too!

St. George NOLA Coffee Liqueur

Craving for a taste of New Orleans? Wait ’till you try this one out.

The St. George NOLA coffee liqueur takes all the signature elements of NOLA coffee like chicory root and Madagascan vanilla and infused it with Yirgacheffe coffee beans.

This particular brew really balances out the chicory’s bitterness with the Yirgacheffe’s fruity and flavorful burst. It’s very versatile too and can be paired with your meal or blended into your favorite cocktail.

Vapor Distillery Arrosta Coffee Liqueur

This copper-colored liqueur is all about decadence with fewer calories!

The blend is naturally sweet and mild, with hints of hazelnut and chocolates. There are no additives other than cane sugar.

The fragrant aroma will simply reel you in, and the silky and simple flavor profile is such a stand-out. Enjoy it on the rocks, in cocktails, or in neat!

Coffee Liqueur Substitutes

You may stumble upon recipes for desserts or drinks that incorporate coffee liqueur. But what if your guests are averse to alcohol?

Don’t worry, there are a number of ingredients you can replace coffee liqueur with.

You can always use these:

  • instant coffee
  • unsweetened cocoa powder
  • coffee extract
  • coffee syrup

You can also mix and match some ingredients as a replacement for coffee liqueur.

You can mix 1 tespoon of chocolate extract with 1 teaspoon of instant coffee in 2 tablespoon of water. This will replicate the flavor coffee liqueur brings to recipes without the alcohol content.

What Do You Do with Coffee Liqueur?

Perhaps the most popular use for coffee liqueur is an espresso martini which is a classic coffee cocktail made of espresso, coffee liqueur, and sugar syrup!

It perfectly embodies the best of both worlds – the richness of coffee and the sugary kick of liqueur.

But there are lots more recipes that you can try, too.

Espresso martini
An espresso martini is a classic after-dinner coffee liqueur cocktail

Creamy Coffee Liqueur Recipes

Aside from the trademark sweetness of coffee liqueur, its creamy texture has made it popular too. Check out some of the best creamy coffee liqueur recipes that you can easily do!

The coffee cream or Crema di Caffe is a summertime staple in Italy. You can add your favorite coffee liqueur to some milk, sugar, and cream. Of course, don’t forget the vodka for that strong kick.

If you’re looking for something a bit hotter, the Irish Cream Liqueur will surely warm you up. It uses dark brown sugar, condensed milk, whipping cream, and smooth Irish whiskey. You can pour the drink over ice too.

Did you know you can make Coffee Liqueur Cheesecake, too? You just need some biscuit crumbs, cream cheese, some gelatine, cream, and a couple of tablespoons of coffee liqueur. It’s the perfect dessert after an evening of fun.

And who can forget the ultimate summer quencher? Spice up your ice cream with coffee liqueur using this recipe. It uses eggs, sugar, and evaporated milk. A few hours of refrigerating and churning, voila! You have a delicious coffee liqueur ice cream.

Chocolate Coffee Liqueur Recipes

Chocolate just really brings a rich and decadent flavor to coffee liqueur, so it’s no wonder that so many coffee liqueur recipes utilize chocolates.

For starters, this chocolate coffee martini recipe is a sweet twist to the classic espresso martini. It uses both Irish cream liqueur and chocolate liqueur with half an ounce of vodka to create a layered delight.

If you’re a fan of dark chocolate, then Coffee Liqueur Chocolate Truffles is a must-try! The bittersweet combination is simply irresistible.

In for a cold, wintry night? Have a warm cup of Kahlua Hot Chocolate. The recipe takes your classic hot chocolate ingredients like unsweetened cocoa powder, milk, and sugar and adds a splash of Kahlua and nutmeg for that jolly holiday feeling.

Finally, if you’re looking for a great adults-only snack, this Chocolate Coffee Liqueur Cookies is right up your alley. You just add a cup of brewed coffee and coffee liqueur to your usual cookie ingredients, and you have yourself a stand-out snack.

Decaf Coffee Liqueur Recipes

If you’re not too keen on caffeine, you still have plenty of amazing coffee liqueur recipes that use decaffeinated coffee. This way, you won’t have to stay up all night after all your coffee liqueur goodies.

This Homemade Decaf Coffee Liqueur uses brown sugar, brewed decaf coffee, vanilla extract, and grain alcohol. Don’t forget to let the mixture sit for 24 hours before serving.

The popular coffee liqueur-based drink White Russian can also use decaf coffee! This recipe for a no-buzz nightcap needs 2 to 3 cups of decaf, half cup of Kahlua, and a quarter cup of vodka.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! The many wonders of coffee liqueur. It’s an undeniably fun and delicious way to kick back and relax with friends or even wind down before going to sleep.

There are a lot of store-bought variations that come in many flavors, and you can even make your own personalized coffee liqueur at home. You just need some espresso or strong brew and a standard liquor like rum or whiskey and you’re all set.

While coffee liqueur brings a relatively lower alcoholic content to your caffeinated beverage, I would advise you to still be careful in your intake. The kick won’t be strong at first but can creep up on you if you drink too many. It’s very easy to get lulled into thinking that the sweet liqueur won’t affect you as straight whiskey or brandy would.

Nevertheless, coffee liqueur has many delights in store for you. I’m sure you’re itching to whip up one of those creamy drink or sweet cookie recipes.

Have fun!

Matt Marshall

As I learn more and more about coffee and coffee products I want to share all my learnings with you here on this website. I hope you find my articles useful and entertaining to read.

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