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Uncovering the Country with the World’s Best Coffee

Uncovering the Country with the World’s Best Coffee

Most of the best kinds of coffee come from the continent of Africa, in countries like Ethiopia and Tanzania. The known best coffee in the world is the Tanzania peaberry coffee.

People around the world drink coffee on an everyday basis. With numerous ways of brewing coffee around the world, there are many delicious coffees to enjoy. With flat whites famous in Australia and Americanos being famous in America. But which one is the most delicious cup of coffee that you can find in the whole world? Is it the Italian espresso? Or is it the Starbuck Mocha Java that everybody raves about?

But after so much taste testing done by coffee experts. They found out that the best coffee always comes from within Africa like Ethiopia. But in this article, we’ll discuss different aspects of the best coffee in the world.

Let’s find out together.

What Is The Number One Coffee In The World?

an array of coffee on the wooden table.

Tanzania Peaberry Coffee is the number one coffee in the world, which is grown in Africa. Though, there is no right or wrong answer to this as the ideal coffee is different for every person.

Coffee is a very complex drink. It has so many aromas and tastes. And everybody around the world has a different taste palette. When someone says that this is the best-tasting coffee, what they actually mean is that specific coffee is perfect according to their taste palate. Taste can’t be defined as the same for all.

Each person’s experience of taste is unique. It’s affected by:

  • Your brain’s ability to perceive flavors is affected by your mood and stress levels.
  • Upbringing which determines your preference for certain flavors.
  • Medication and diet can alter taste receptors.
  • Train yourself to identify flavors through taste training (just like wine tasting).
  • You are genetically predisposed to perceive certain flavors differently.
  • It is also possible that foods you’ve recently eaten will alter your taste receptors.
  • An experience can be associated with either a positive or a negative memory.

With that being said, Tanzania peaberry coffee is the number one coffee in the world. But didn’t I just say that taste is affected by so many factors?

Of course! But the Tanzania peaberry coffee is considered to be the number one in the world for a reason.

The reason is that it offers everything that coffee has to offer. It’s a high-quality arabica coffee which is generally considered as premium class coffee. You see, coffee that is grown on wet areas like hills develops a rich flavor and lasting aroma with subtle to very strong flavors. And this coffee is exactly that.

It’s grown on mountain Kilimanjaro and Mountain Meru in Africa, which provide ideal conditions for the coffee plants. This coffee is a mix of sweet and floral notes with rich and deep flavors.

You get hints of chocolate and black currants with the most prominent flavor of the coffee. This all then gets finished with a sweet note.

Plus, the most preferred roast to go for this coffee is a medium roast. This allows for fruity notes to shine through like coconut, citrus, and pineapple. You might also taste winey notes along with a velvety mouthfeel.

So, in conclusion, this coffee is well-rounded, clean, and complex along with less bitterness that is paired well with smoothness.

Take a look at this cool video that I found on Tanzania peaberry coffee.

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Which Country Is The Best At Producing Coffee?

Brazil is the number one country for producing coffee. Brazil’s coffee supply alone is responsible for 40% of coffee supply for the whole wide world. Imagine!

From people who like to drink straight-up black coffee to macchiatos, to people who tend to lean towards a chocolatey twist with a strong punch of coffee enjoy mocha, coffee has something for everyone. And as coffee has gained a massive following around the globe, many countries have started producing coffee. But the coffee plant cannot be grown everywhere, well at least to get the ideal taste.

a bag of roasted coffee beans

Brazil is the number one country for producing coffee. It’s the top-ranked country in the world.

Brazil has many areas that are ideal for growing coffee. There are approximately 27,000 coffee plantations in Brazil, with most of them located in Minas Gerais, So Paulo, and Parana. Brazilian coffee cherries are dried in the sun instead of being washed, which makes them different from most other coffee-producing nations.

Coffee production in Brazil is so influential that the 60-kilogram burlap bags traditionally used for exporting beans remain the worldwide standard by which production and trade of the bean are measured.

Here is the table of the top five best countries in the world that produce coffee along with the annual quantity they produce.

Rank Country Production of
60 kg bags (Millions)
2Vietnam 29
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Which Country Is Famous For Its Coffee?

Ethiopia is famous for its coffee. Even the coffee expert who has tasted more than 1000 cups loved the coffee from Ethiopia.

It is no surprise that Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, as it produces some of the finest beans. Kaldi, an Ethiopian goat herder, observed the energizing effects of coffee on his goats in 850 AD, which led him to discover its benefits. You can read more about the history of coffee here if you’re interested in knowing more.

The country produces the best coffee on earth due to the high-altitude growing conditions. Ethiopia is particularly known for its Harrar coffee, which is grown on small farms in the highlands of Ethiopia’s eastern region.

The flavor of Harrar is usually astringent with a wine accent. The flavor may also be spicy or fruity, depending on the growing conditions.

Who Sells The Most Coffee In The World?

a Starbucks coffee

Starbucks is a giant coffee company that sells the most amount of coffee in the world. And as a country, Brazil is the largest exporter of coffee selling it all around the world.

Coffee is one of the most well-known beverages in the world. With millions of consumers in America alone, it has gained a massive following with time. As people rely on coffee for various reasons like the caffeine jolt that it gives or the antioxidants that it provides, coffee just has much to offer.

But with that being said, here comes the steamiest and piping hot question. So, who actually sells the most coffee in the world?

If we talk country-wise, Brazil sells the most coffee around the world. Since it’s the largest producer in the world and the coffee market has been taken over by Brazil because of this. With over 6.7 million acres of the spread of coffee plants around the land, it’s considered the largest coffee exporter around the world.

And now if we talk about coffee chains, Starbucks is the one taking the lead. They have over 30,000 stores all around the world. The targeted countries like the USA have changed the coffee drinking culture.

Now almost everybody is familiar with Starbucks. From a plain espresso shot to premium quality cappuccino, they serve everything. Plus, they let you customize your order from the very nitty-gritty of it. So, in conclusion, these two are the ones who sell the most coffee in the world.

So, What Are My Thoughts?

two wooden tray filled with roasted coffee beans, ground of coffee, cup of latte

All in all, it doesn’t really matter where the coffee comes from as long as it tastes good and wakes you up enough to get you through the day. But sometimes it’s good to know what coffee is the best and where it came from.

In short, the best coffees usually come from Africa, but the country sitting at coffee’s top seller is Brazil.   

Also, Starbucks sells the most cups of coffee in the whole world as a coffee chain. But when it comes to a country, Brazil is the one responsible for selling the most coffees around the world.

Lastly, the African Tanzania Peaberry Coffee is considered to be the number one coffee in the world. Do give it a try if you haven’t already. But remember, it’s best in a medium roast.  

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