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The TimeMore Slim Plus: The Ultimate Portable Coffee Grinder

The TimeMore Slim Plus: The Ultimate Portable Coffee Grinder

The TimeMore Slim Plus manual coffee grinder is ideal for coffee enthusiasts looking for a compact grinder that does not sacrifice quality.

To appreciate this little treasure, you don’t have to be a coffee fan. TimeMore products, as always, come in a luxurious box and exude a high level of quality. Even before you hold it, you’ll be sold.

The Slim Plus is an excellent gift for anyone who needs to grind beans while away from home or on the road. The crank arm is easily detachable to save storage space.

If you enjoy Aeropress brewing, you’ll be pleased to know that you can grind directly into your AP brewer, or even store it in there to travel with if you remove the crank arm!

A fantastic, low-cost grinder that’s a joy to use. One-piece aluminum body with solid, stable burrs that prevent sideways movement and uneven grinding.

Now let’s take a look at some specifications of TimeMore plus, so continue reading.

Basic Specs Of TimeMore Slim Plus

Here are the specifications of TimeMore Slim Plus:

Dimensions175 mm x 45 mm
Weight435 g
Weight with the crank arm478 g
Capacity25 g
MaterialAluminum alloy, stainless steel, black walnut
Burr MaterialStainless Steel
Burr size38 mm
Burr TypeConical
Specifications of TimeMore Slim Plus

The TimeMore Slim Plus is small enough to fit into an AeroPress plunger (when the crank arm is removed), but it has a large enough hopper to hold coffee for full 12-ounce brews. Furthermore, the Slim Plus is equipped with TimeMore’s in-house designed and manufactured stainless steel burrs, allowing it to deliver consistent grinds from Turkish fine to Chemex coarse.

A man holding stainless steel grinder for grinding coffee beans
The Sim Plus is budget-friendly

The Slim Plus, like all TimeMore grinders, is incredibly affordable given its premium materials: black walnut, aluminum, and stainless steel. The body, for example, is cut from a single block of aluminum and has an easy-to-grip diamond texture, making the grinder robust while also providing a true center column for the stainless steel axle and dual bearings.

As a result, the burrs have no lateral movement. The interior struts have also been placed deep within the aluminium main barrel, making it easier to load beans. A set of 38mm conical steel burrs designed by TimeMore for all brewing methods is located at the axle’s bottom.

The burrs provide clarity for pour-over and fines for espresso. Furthermore, the burrs can grind espresso-fine at a fraction of the speed of many other market burrs.

Coffee beans being poured into an electric grinder
You can adjust the grind in Slim Plus.

Like all TimeMore grinders, the Slim Plus has a stepped grind adjustment system. Turning a dial on the bottom of the center burr adjusts the grind size. When turned clockwise, the dial on a wheel attached to the axle pushes the center burr closer to the outer burr (creating a finer grind), and when turned counterclockwise, it pulls the burr away from the outer burr (creating a coarser grind) (creating a coarser grind). The system is simple to learn, particularly because each “step” is accompanied by an audible click.

The Slim Plus has a full grind range, with espresso beginning at about 7 clicks from zero and pour over beginning at about 15.

Pros And Cons

Let’s look at the pros and cons of TimeMore Slim Plus so you’re able to make a good decision:


  • SIZE

The Slim Plus’s form factor is its strongest suit. It’s a small and compact grinder, but the capacity is large enough to be used daily.


This is a high-speed grinder.


Overall, it’s a simple and elegant grinder that’s a joy to use.



The steps are too large for precisely dialing in espresso.


Tolerance is too high.


Other “premium” grinders are more precise.

Is TimeMore Slim Plus a Good Grinder?

Yes, absolutely. The TimeMore Slim Coffee Grinder is ideal for those looking for a small grinder without sacrificing grinding quality. It measures only 42 cm in diameter and 16 cm in height.

The Slim grinder is intended to meet the needs of frequent coffee drinkers. It has a walnut handle knob and is made of one piece of aluminum. The patterned texture provides a firm grip and facilitates grinding.

Another advantage of the grinder is its hardened stainless steel conical burrs. They provide an even grind at every step of the coarseness scale when combined with a stable axle. The coarseness can be easily adjusted using a knob located beneath the burr.

The Slim Plus grinder has new, upgraded E&B burrs (espresso and brewing) that provide consistent brewing whether you want Turkish or coarser for Chemex.

Here’s an overview of TimeMore Slim Plus:

TimeMore Slim Plus Overview

What To Look For In A Grinder?

These are the things to look for in a grinder:


There are numerous manual coffee grinders on the market today, all of which do an adequate job of grinding coffee.

I say this because there is a slew of electric coffee grinders that use blades instead of burrs to blend the coffee rather than grind it – this is a one-way ticket to butchering all the hard work that has occurred before coffee beans arrive in your kitchen.

Manual coffee grinders always use burrs to grind the coffee, so even if you buy an entry-level manual grinder, the quality is already quite good.

When it comes to coffee grounds, the range of increments in each ground level and the quality of the grinding burrs are quality factors.

High-quality espresso hand grinders will have smaller, more precise grind level increments and burrs made of higher quality material.


Although most manual coffee grinders are small in comparison to electric coffee grinders and can usually fit into a backpack, there are differences in size and shape between brands.


Manual coffee grinders are typically made of stainless steel or plastic, though glass, wood, and ceramic coffee grinders are also available. Everything depends on where and how you intend to use the grinder.

How Long Can TimeMore Slim Plus Last?

Coffee grinder cleaning
Slim Plus can last for a very long time.

TimeMore Slim Plus can last more than ten years. This is a complex number to calculate because there are numerous variables to consider, such as the quality of the grinder and the amount of use.

Manual grinders, on the other hand, do not have any electrical parts or motors, which are typically the causes of electric coffee grinder failure.

Many of today’s hand grinders are made of stainless steel and are built to last. Parts break from time to time, such as the revolving lever, but with regular maintenance, such as cleaning the burrs, it should last a lifetime.


A person holding a stainless steel grinder for grinding coffee beans
A person holding a stainless steel grinder for grinding coffee beans

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Is Manual Coffee Grinder Better Than Electric Coffee Grinder?

As the price of manual and electric grinders rises, so does the quality and consistency of coffee grinds.

Electric grinders are unquestionably the best in terms of convenience and speed. However, manual burr grinders have the advantage of portability and low cost.

How Long Does A Manual Coffee Grinder Take?

A manual grinder will take approximately one minute to hand grind the coffee beans for one cup of coffee.

This depends on the type of hand coffee grinder you have, the size of the grind (fine espresso grind takes longer than coarse grind), and the strength of your coffee.

How Does Manual Coffee Grinder Work?

A hand burr grinder typically has two sections or chambers. The top chamber holds the coffee beans, while the bottom chamber holds the coffee grounds.

Between the two chambers are either steel or ceramic burrs that can be moved closer together to change the coarseness (size) of the coffee grounds. A rod attached to a rotating handle is attached to the upper burr and manually rotated to grind the coffee beans.

How To Clean A Manual Coffee Grinder?

Remove the grind adjuster from the burr after unscrewing the chambers. It should all separate, but watch out for any springs that may fall out. Dust away any excess coffee grounds with a small brush, and then clean away any oil residue with an earbud.

Is It Better To Grind Your Coffee?

The answer is simple: it’s preferable to grind your coffee. The flavor profile of coffee begins to deteriorate almost immediately after its ground.

When you buy pre-ground coffee, depending on the quality, some of the subtle notes will still be present, but there is no substitute for freshly ground coffee.


Here are some alternatives to TimeMore Slim Plus:


  • TimeMore Slim Plus is an exceptional manual grinder that has quite the features of an ideal hand grinder
  • A set of 38mm conical steel burrs designed by TimeMore for all brewing methods is located at the axle’s bottom
  • The Slim Plus grinder has new, upgraded E&B burrs (espresso and brewing) that provide you consistent brewing whether it’s Turkish or coarser for Chemex that you want

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