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Ninja Coffee Maker (A Review)

Ninja Coffee Maker (A Review)

The common perception of having a good coffee experience is investing in machines such as separate coffee grinders, drip coffee machines, stovetop, milk frother, and espresso machines, and maybe a pod coffee maker for days when you need a quick caffeine fix. 

That might all sound expensive and out of budget. Plus, the storing and cleaning of all these machines is another headache. However, thanks to innovation, we now have coffee makers that carry the features that would once take several different machines to do. One of said coffee makers is the Ninja coffee maker.

A Ninja coffee maker is a one-in-all device with all capabilities that will allow you to experience the best of home coffee within a budget. The brand provides convenience, innovation, and quality to coffee lovers.

Let’s look into this little incredible power-packed coffee maker and which one should you need to buy for your home. Here’s to great coffee!

Types of Ninja Coffee Maker

a steaming hot cup of coffee

There are a total of three different types of Ninja coffee makers. All Ninja coffee makers incorporate unique features that satisfy your inner coffee ninja needs from simple to complex. 

All Ninja coffee makers are programmable and have a delay brew feature, and almost all of them allow you to make a full carafe or just a single cup. They come with a removable reservoir, ninja scoop, and permanent filter. 

Let’s take a look at the three basic types of Ninja coffee makers:

  1. Ninja Speciality Coffee Maker CM401/ CM407

This model provides four brewing styles: Rich, classic, over-ice, and specialty. 

The specialty style allows you to make concentrated espresso-based coffee like mochas and lattes. They also have a built-in milk frother that you can fold away and store separately. 

You can identify these models with the letter CM on them. 

  1. Ninja Coffee Brewer CE251

Ninja Coffee Brewer is the most basic yet versatile model of Ninja Coffee Makers. It has a 12-cup brewing capacity, two different brewing styles: Rich and Classic, and a small-batch (up to four cups) brewing option. 

You can find CE letters on these models. 

  1. Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

As you might have guessed from the name, this model can make cold-brewed coffee. The best part is you can steep tea with this one. The machine automatically adapts the proper water temperature depending on what you drive. It holds water in coffee or tea for 10 minutes, depending upon various drinks. 

This one also has a milk frother, and you can find the letter CP on Hot and Cold-brewed models. 

Another type that needs to be mentioned is the Ninja Coffe Bar system CF091/ CF097 which is an old design of coffee makers. The Ninja Coffee Bar and Ninja Coffee Bar System are now called Ninja Coffee Brewer and Ninja Speciality coffee makers.

Specification of Ninja Coffee Makers

Here’s a breakdown of the different features and specifications of Ninja coffee makers. 

Variable Brew Size

Variable brew sizes are the main feature of all Ninja coffee machine that provides you the same taste whether you are making a whole carafe or just one cup. 

The small-batch option comes in handy if you need one to four cups. As the feature ensures, the small-batch doesn’t get watery. 

In Ninja Hot and Cold, and Specialty machine, you can find settings that can determine the right amount of water it will use. Like Keurig, you can brew half or full carafe with just a touch of a button.

Variable Brew Strength 

Ninja coffee makers allow you to set the strength of your coffee cup with the touch of a button. Almost all models offer a variety of brewing styles, from Classic to Rich. Classic style brews are your basic style coffee, but go with rich style if you like your java more intense in flavor. 

Specialty coffee makers offer two additional style settings: Over-Ice, and Specialty. With Specialty style, you can brew 4-ounce espresso-style drinks. 

Thermal Flavor Extraction 

The heart of a Ninja coffee maker is the thermal flavor extraction technology. The water delivers from the reservoir through a showerhead-type spigot into a dripping basket.

The whole process saturates the grounds, so you get the best flavor full and rich cup of coffee. Thermal flavor extraction also controls the water temperature. 

Permanent Coffee Filter

With a Ninja coffee maker, you never have to use paper filters again because their permanent filter basket holds grounds while water passes through them.

Milk Frother

Apart from Ninja coffee brewer, all models have a built-in fold-away milk frother. The milk frother allows you to brew cafe-style coffee at home. 

Take a look at this video of someone making a cappuccino using a Ninja coffee maker:

Warmer Plate 

All Ninja coffee makers have a glass carafe view with the warmer plate. Unlike other coffee machines that only have one setting, Ninja allows you to choose if you want to keep coffee hot or just warm. 

Drip Stop 

If you can’t wait to have your java, pour the coffee through drip-stop even before the carafe finishes brewing. You have to stop the hot and cold and specialty Brewer drip manually. Whereas the coffee brewer has a feature that is automatic. 

Delay Brew

All Ninja coffee maker comes with a delay brew feature. Just set the machine a night before, push the “Delay Brew” button and enjoy perfect java the following day. 

Best Ninja Coffee Makers

a shot of ristretto

Top Pick: Ninja CM401 Specialty 10-Cup Coffee Maker

Of all the specialty lines, CM401 is my top pick.

Certified by Specialty Coffee Association SCA, Ninja Speciality Coffee maker is the overall best brewing machine for your home. Available in both glass and thermal carafes, they can have the capacity to brew 10 cups( 50-ounce) at a time.

It incorporates the best features of espresso, drip, and Keurig machines. It provides the convenience of making coffee with just one touch. This little one holds only limited space on your counter or storage. 

It has a milk frother so you can enjoy a cafe-style cappuccino and latte at home. You can also make iced coffee with the Over-ice feature. 

Check out this table to know more about the CM401 specialty coffee maker: 

Category Drip Coffee Maker
Carafe MaterialGlass/Plastic
Brew Capacity 60 fl oz
Dimensions11.99 x 8.75 x 15.04 in
Weight 9.24 lb
Brew Syle 4

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System CP301

If you drink both coffee and tea, you should invest in Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System. 

It also offers the cold brew feature to enjoy the best cold brew at home. You need to steep grounds for 12 to 18 hours for cold brew, but this machine speeds up the whole process for you.

It also has two permanent filters, one for coffee and one for tea. It can make the best coffee and brew five types of tea: herbal, black, oolong, white, and green tea. With advanced technology, all settings have been programmed on the machine to make you feel like a barista or coffee cafe. 

Check out this table to know more about the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System CP301

Carafe MaterialGlass/Thermal
Brew Capacity 1 fl oz
Dimensions15 x 10.01 (W) x 11.81 Inches
Weight 11.09 lb
Brew Syle 5

Ninja CE251 Programmable Coffee Brewer

The simplest coffee maker from the Ninja coffee makers collection. 

With an adjustable warming plate, keep your coffee hot for up to 4 hours and the machine auto shuts off the system after 2 hours. 

Removable water reservoirs make cleaning more convenient. The model is programmed with the delay feature, so you set up the machine in advance before bed and enjoy a cup of java the next day. 

With the mid-brew-pause feature, you can pull out the carafe before it stops brewing and sneak a cup. 

Check out this table to know more about the Ninja CE251 Programmable Coffee Brewer:

Carafe MaterialThermal 
Brew Capacity 60 fl oz
Dimensions8 x 10 x 14  Inches
Weight 7 lb
Brew Syle 2
Ninja Coffee Maker

Pros and Cons of a Ninja Coffee Maker 


  • Flexible and customizable coffee brewing (strength, blooming time)
  • Available in both glass carafe and a thermal carafe.
  • Milk frothing for coffee and tea
  • Permanent filter 
  • Possible to brew a wide variety of tea and coffee beverages: hot and cold (cold brew, hot over ice)
  • Robust functionality that allows users to brew phenomenal coffee into a carafe or a mug
  • Very easy and convenient coffee brewing
  • The modern and versatile exterior appearance


  • The complicated, non-intuitive interface of Ninja Coffee bar
  • Plastic construction
  • Most models have short lifespans of about 1-2 years.

If you’d like to read my review on another brand of coffee makers, check out my other article here.

Final verdict 

black coffee in a glass cup on a black counter next to sugar cubes and a moka pot

Things to think about before choosing the suitable model: How much coffee do you drink daily? If you drink single-cup, go with Specialty or Hot and Cold, and if you brew full pot almost all the time, then a simple Ninja Coffee brewer is good for you. 

Also, if you drink tea from time to time and like cold brew, then opt for Hot and Cold Brewer.

Moreover, if you are a fan of latte’s and cappuccinos, choose Speciality Maker. The most important thing is to consider the machine according to your counter space. The Hot and Cold brew and Specialty are space savers and can adjust easily in a small area. 

Overall, Ninja has several decent coffee makers with a ton of cool features that can cater to your coffee needs. It’s affordable and easy to get used to, so if you’re looking to invest in a coffee maker for the first time, having Ninja as your choice wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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