Mocha VS Red Bull (A Thorough Comparison)

Mocha and Red Bull are both caffeinated drinks that come in different categories. Though they have quite similar properties, still, there are different in many ways. Mocha is all-natural coffee and Red Bull is a man-made energy drink.

We all need a little extra energy every now and then. Early in the morning, people consume coffee like mocha to energize themselves and reduce drowsiness.

Drinking an energy drink like Red Bull midday or later is typically a way to regain that kick from the morning to maintain the frequency of the tasks they perform.

The most popular energy drink in the world is Red Bull. Did you know that? Red Bull is a well-loved drink, just like coffee.

However, you might be wondering: which one is better? Which ones contain which ingredients?

Here, I’ll discuss the pros and cons of both products, the caffeine levels, their respective features, etc.

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Are Mocha and Red Bull The Same Kind Of Drinks?

Mocha and Red Bull are different from each other yet have the same effects. Mocha is a coffee made with all-natural ingredients. And Red Bull is a man-made energy drink with caffeine extracts in it and a lot of other artificial additives.

These two drinks that we’re talking about today come from very different sources. And certainly, they’re not the same. But first, let’s talk about mocha.

Mocha is a kind of coffee that is enjoyed by people who love creamy coffee with a strong taste and hints of chocolate. In a double shot of espresso equal amounts of steamed milk which is full-fat are poured.

Then a layer of chocolate syrup or powder whether dark or milk is sprinkled which is then topped off with milk foam. It’s a dream for true chocolate fans. But Red Bull is nothing like this.

Red Bull is a synthetic energy drink that is available in the supermarts for anyone to grab out of the freezers. There is no alcohol in this stimulant, meaning that it’s perfect for athletes and young people who want an extra boost while working out or just getting through their day.

Due to the caffeine, the taste is usually sweet and metallic. B vitamins are also present in Red Bull.

Therefore, in conclusion, mocha is a natural source of caffeine that is brewed fresh when needed and Red Bull is an artificial premade energy drink that’s available in cans.

This video gives a doctor’s insight into energy drinks and coffees.

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Does Mocha Have More Caffeine Than Red Bull? 

Mocha has more caffeine than Red Bull. In an 8 oz serving of mocha, there is about 128 mg of caffeine. And in an 8 oz serving of Red Bull, there’s about 68 mg of caffeine.

Caffeine is the main reason for half of the world consuming coffee and energy drinks. Caffeine provides the ultimate jolt of energy that is much needed when you’re trying to get through your day without passing out.

Mocha has 128 mg of caffeine in an 8 oz serving and Red Bull has about 68 mg of caffeine in an 8 oz serving. They both are under the suggested limits but overconsumption isn’t good.

Too much caffeine is really harmful. The FDA proposes to have no more than 400 mg of total caffeine in one day. This number can easily be crossed with us losing track of how many energy drinks or cups of coffee we have gulped down in a day.

One more reason is that there are many sources of caffeine that we have incorporated into our everyday diet like tea, candies, chocolate, and some patisserie item. This can lead to caffeine overdosing. It can really take a toll on your health and you may have life-threatening effects. Some of which are:

Which Is A Better Stimulant: Red Bull or Mocha?

Red Bull is a better stimulant than mocha. Red Bull has artificial boosters and stimulants added that make it a very strong stimulant.

If we talk about mocha and Red Bull, they both are very strong and give instant stimulation. But since Red Bull has synthetic ingredients like energy boosters, active compounds, and added stimulants to give it a much stronger effect, mocha is less strong when compared.

However, the addition of chocolate in coffee does make it more volatile but not more than any kind of energy drink.

stack of original red bull with special edition purple red bull on top

Younger generations are hooked on energy drinks because of this. The high that it gives without even being alcoholic is very addictive according to studies.

With that being said, the high does not last that long too and wears off much quicker than anticipated. But in conclusion, Red Bull is a better stimulant than mocha.

You can read about my articles discussing how strong of a coffee mocha is if you’re interested to know more.

Does Mocha Have More Sugar Than Red Bull?

Mocha naturally doesn’t contain large amounts of sugar. Though the moderate sweetness comes from the dairy milk or if milk chocolate is added. Red Bull is made with many artificial sweeteners and contains excessive sugar.

The best part about drinking coffee is that you can somehow control what you add to your cup of joe or how much you add. Though the classic recipe or method is followed almost everywhere, it can be customized.

So mocha originally doesn’t contain any added sugar. The only sweetness which can be tasted comes from the full-fat dairy milk or if milk chocolate powder or syrup is added.  

But if you go to places like Starbucks, your mocha would be very sweet. The sugar from the milk-flavored syrups and chocolate can be around 27 g per 8 oz serving. Shocking! I know.

And even the premade mocha powders or coffee shops mocha can have quite a whole lot of sugar. So, you need to be mindful of that.

But originally, no extra sugar is added to mocha and the sugar comes from milk and chocolate.

If we discuss energy drinks like Red Bull, we can’t control the sugar. When manufactured, it contains a whole lot of artificial sweeteners to mask the caffeine and the synthetic additives flavors.

A regular serving of Red Bull can have about 34 g of sugars which is a lot. It’s advocated by the Heart and Stroke Foundation not to consume more than 12 teaspoons of sugar in a whole day. And if we calculate the Starbucks version of mochas with Red Bull, both of them have more than 14 teaspoons of sugar in each serving.

So, just be mindful before consuming both these drinks for their sugar content. As sugar is one of the top-rated causes of any heart issue, diabetes, stroke, and much more.

Below is the table that I’ve prepared of top types of mocha from Starbucks and energy drinks with their respective sugar content.

Energy Drinks (12 oz)Sugar Content
Red Bull34 gm
Monster54 gm
Rockstar69 gm
Coffees From Starbucks (8 oz)Sugar Content
Mocha27 gm
White Mocha53 gm
Salted Caramel58 gm

What Is The Taste Of Each Drink?

Mocha tastes sweet and creamy with hints of chocolate. Red Bull tastes sweet and tart. But each drink has its own flavors too. Like white mocha and salted caramel for mocha coffee and blueberry, watermelon, coconut, and tropical for Red Bull.

When it comes to taste, one thing that they have in common is they’re potent, therefore they taste quite strong.

Mocha is a suitable choice for anybody looking to enjoy an in-face type but balanced coffee flavor. The espresso shines through because of the chocolate making it bitter yet sweet.

The steamed milk adds a layer for the creaminess that amplifies the whole bold flavor profile of a cup of mocha. A classic cup of mocha is made with dark chocolate, which isn’t that sweet. Therefore, this is complete heaven of chocolate-coffee combo.

But famous coffee chains like Starbucks have introduced plenty of flavors or versions of mocha coffee. Some flavors include white mocha, salted caramel mocha, and peppermint mocha. You can definitely try each of these if you like to enjoy variations of mocha.  

a glass of iced chocolate mocha

For Red Bull, the general consensus around any energy drink is that they taste metallic and similar to any cough syrup. And Red Bull also has this flavor.

But, it’s very sweet and tart with hints of metallic-tasting caffeine extract. If this flavor profile doesn’t intrigue you, you can surely opt for any flavored Red Bull can.

Some popular Red Bull flavors include watermelon, tropical, coconut berry, and tangerine. Why not try any of these popular flavors if you want to try a flavored energy drink.

Sum It All Up

Mocha and Red Bull have the same caffeine effect but can be different from each other. We obtain antioxidants and vitamins from their regular and moderate consumption, which is good for our bodies.

Do not overdose on coffee if you are solely a coffee drinker. Personally, I find mocha to be superior to Red Bull. The benefits of coffee are better than those of any energy drink because it is completely natural.

The majority of energy drinks contain artificial sweeteners, which are highly detrimental to your health over the long term.

The decision is totally up to you based on your health and preferences. Do not overdo it with mocha or Red Bull, but you can drink it in small quantities. 

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