Mocha VS Long Black (Fair Comparison)

Mocha and long black are two different kinds of coffee. Mocha has chocolate and steamed milk with espresso as a base. And long black is only water with an espresso shot.

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the west. It is also the largest source of antioxidants for all Americans too. People are habitual of sipping warm coffee early in the morning to get their caffeine fix. The instant boost of energy and less sleepiness makes them ready to take on the day.

With the vast majority of people relying on coffee, each person has their own unique preference for their morning joe. Some like sweet and creamy coffee while others sip on a strong coffee.

One such example of these categories of coffees is long black and mocha. Each has its own unique features, tastes, effects, and much more.

In this article, we’ll discuss them in detail and navigate through each of these coffees and find out which one is better or are they both not good for your health.  

What’s The Difference In Preparing Each Of These Coffees?

a cup of long black

Mocha comprises of espresso, steamed milk, chocolate, and milk foam. While long black only consists of an espresso shot and water.

Coffee is a beverage that has been relatively new to mankind. But since its discovery, its consumer base has been growing.

With people all over the world enjoying this hearty beverage, everybody has their own way of making it, thus giving birth to a huge variety of coffees. Among the most notorious variety of coffees are mocha and long black.

Both of these coffees cater to different kinds of people. Mocha is for those who enjoy coffee with chocolate notes. In a double shot of espresso, full-fat dairy steamed milk is added.

Then dark chocolate or milk chocolate powder or syrup is poured and is topped off with milk foam. People who love creamy and chocolatey coffee enjoy this chocker.

On the other hand, long black is for people who enjoy straight-up no-bullshit coffee. In a mug, hot water is poured. Then a ristretto shot is poured on the hot water. This makes a long black.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with ristretto, it’s an espresso shot but a much denser and sweeter than normal espresso. I have an article on ristretto if you’re interested in a deeper dive.

But if you want to take it up a notch and make this coffee keto-friendly, people also add no flavored ghee or butter to make it bulletproof coffee. They rave about bulletproof coffee giving them that extra energy than normal long black.

You can watch this video below to know more about bulletproof coffee.

a to z facts about butter coffee

Here I’ve summarized the ingredients to give you a clear picture.

ContentsLong BlackMocha
Steamed MilkNoYes
Milk FoamNoYes
Non-Flavored Ghee or ButteroptionalNo

Is Mocha Stronger Than Long Black?

Both of these coffees are strong coffees. But long black can be considered stronger because it doesn’t contain any dairy to cut down the harshness.

Espresso as we all know by now is one of the most potent and strongest forms of coffee.

Therefore, it’s used as a base to make other coffee drinks. Now the two coffees that we’re talking about today, both have espresso in them. But long black can be considered a tad bit on the stronger side than mocha. Why?

You see, espresso’s harshness gets cut down immediately when dairy is added whether cream or milk. And in mocha steamed full-fat milk is added and mixed with the espresso shot.

This results in a less harsh tasting coffee. But the addition of chocolate naturally enhances the coffee making it strong but less harsh.

Since long black doesn’t have any form of dairy so the harshness of the espresso is very prominent. Though it’s made with a sweeter version of espresso, it still is very strong. Thus, making long black stronger than mocha.

Which Coffee Has More Caffeine In It?

When comparing the two coffees, long black has more caffeine than mocha per 8 oz cup. Mocha has about 100 mg of caffeine and long black has about 205 mg.

Espresso is one of the many forms of concentrated coffee. Due to the tight packing and the very hot water flowing through them, caffeine and other coffee components become much more active and potent this way.

It is therefore not consumed in large amounts. Many different kinds of coffee start with espresso. However, you might think that all coffees made with espresso contain a lot of caffeine. That’s not the case. The amount of caffeine in your coffee depends on which additives are used.

a barista preparing the coffee grounds to make coffee

The amount of caffeine in an 8 oz cup of mocha is about 100 mg. As opposed to the long black, which contains 205 mg of caffeine per 8 oz cup. This is quite a bit of caffeine.

However, don’t overdose on it. A daily caffeine intake of 400 mg is recommended by the FDA.

If you overdose on caffeine you will likely experience sides effects like:

  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Jitteriness
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Dehydration

Healthier Option In The Long Run: Long Black Or Mocha?

A long black is the healthier one when compared to mocha. Since it is sugar-free and dairy-free, it can help improve your overall health much quicker.

Coffee is a healthy caffeinated drink known to man. This natural drink along with having an addictive taste and aroma has many benefits for the human body.

The instant energy boost is just the brim of the pot of benefits it brings along. It elevates your mood, protects you from cancer, reduces the risk of diabetes, lessens heart-related problems, aids in effective weight loss, and protects your kidney from any gallstone.

But before we discuss which coffee is healthier, keep in mind that you can only reap these health benefits if you consume coffee in moderation on a regular basis. Over-dosing on coffee has many lifelong bad effects.

So now that is out of the way, which coffee is healthy. In theory, coffee is not bad as I stated earlier, but here, long black is better than mocha.

That’s all due to the fact that long black is sugar-free and dairy-free.

Expert suggests avoiding sugar as much as possible even for a normal healthy person. Sugar itself is a very addictive substance that on regular consumption can lead to many health issues with diabetes being on the top.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation suggests not to have more than 12 teaspoons of sugar in a whole day. And since we consume more items like candies, baked goods, chocolate, and much more, this amount is exceeded very easily. So, having a sugar-free coffee from the start can really help you cut down your sugar intake in the whole day.

Moreover, dairy is another culprit that has some bad effects on your body. Most people in this world are unknowingly lactose intolerant. Lactose is a form of sugar found in dairy and many people are unable to digest it.

Thus, giving them an upset stomach, bloating, and diarrhea.  Also, consecutive and large amounts of dairy can contribute to many diseases like Alzheimer’s, Heart-related issues, and type 2 diabetes, according to the Physicians Committee. Thus, making long black healthier than mocha.

Here is a table below that includes the nutritional facts about each coffee per 8 oz cup.

ContentsLong BlackMocha
Sugar0 g27 gm
Fats2 g4.57 g
Proteins0 g5.47 g
Carbohydrates1 g34 g
Sodium5 gm50 mg

Various Tastes Of Mocha And Long Black

The method and ingredients for making each of these coffees make them taste very different. Mocha tastes strong and chocolatey and also has a white chocolate version. And long black tastes bitter and harsh with a hint of sweetness and acidity.

A long black does not have any flavor options. It only comes in its classic form. The ristretto is a sweeter version of espresso. This when added to hot water gives it a less harsh taste.

But still, it’s a strong and power-packed cup of coffee. It does taste bitter and is quite strong with hints of acidity. But people love it who prefer straight-up coffees and no sweetness. And mocha is completely different from long black.

a cup of black coffee

Chocolate and coffee are classic partners. Since both come from the same family of plants and are roasted to desired specifications, they can be used to make products. Mocha coffee offers a classic taste.

A steaming cup of frothy milk is poured into the hot espresso. Before finishing it off with milk foam, a layer of milk or dark chocolate is added. As a result, the coffee scent is enhanced with hints of chocolate.

Chocolate and steamed milk provide a great complement to bitter coffee. It’s no surprise that this already rich coffee is popular, but Starbucks has introduced a white chocolate version. The dark or milk chocolate powder is syrup is replaced with white chocolate.

Final Thoughts

Both of these coffees have their own drawbacks. So, you can choose which one you want to try. But if we speak in the long run, long black is much better than mocha. Dairy and sugar cause harm to your body. So just have them in small quantities and enjoy the health benefits of both coffees.

Coffee is a very personal drink and everybody has their own way and method of preparing their favorite chocker. You can either be team creamy and milk coffee or team strong and impactful coffee. Both ways please people who are hooked on them like crazy. Though coffee isn’t a bad drink.

In fact, it helps in many ways. But large quantities can damage your health. Plus, you can add ghee or butter to long black to make bulletproof coffee or choose white chocolate mocha next time your visit Starbucks. It’s all up to you. Just don’t devour coffee like this is the last cup you’ll ever get.

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