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Luck of the Irish: The History and Recipe of Irish Coffee

Luck of the Irish: The History and Recipe of Irish Coffee

When talking about Ireland, many amazing topics are brought up, like St. Patrick’s Day, drinking, Gaelic football, and best of all, whiskey in their coffee (a.k.a. Irish coffee).

Yes, you heard it right! Whiskey in their coffee. Irish people are passionate about their coffee culture. They grab their whiskey-infused coffee at any time of the day, from breakfast or on the way to their office.

Even in some cases, when having their break time or when they need an escape, they will rely on their coffee. Irish coffee is making the rounds in the market nowadays because of the demand by Irish consumers and its unique taste. It’s a mix of smoky whiskey, intense and sharp coffee taste, and, of course, creamy with a side of a sweet kick

In this blog, I will tell you everything in-depth, from nutritional values to the making of an Irish coffee. Let’s dive in!

Story Of Irish Coffee

Not only does Irish coffee have a unique taste but it also holds delightful history. It all starts in the little airport near Foynes, Ireland.

The airport chef namely Joe Sheridan whipped out coffee with whiskey for passengers who were enraged because their plane got turned around due to the sudden storm.

Since its creation, Irish coffee is serving the same old purpose of cooling down the consumer to date.

Does Irish Coffee Taste Good?

Irish coffee on a table with blurred background
Irish coffee is a strong coffee

Yes! An Irish coffee tastes like a sweet boozy coffee drink, or you could say it’s a coffee indulgence. The creaminess of the coffee gives you feels like velvet trapped in your mouth.

The slightly hot coffee temperature will warm up your digestive tract on cold winter nights, and the whiskey relaxes your entire body by dilating blood vessels and opening your tangled mind.

Irish coffee has a deep, rich flavor from dark brewed coffee, with extreme sweetness from two different kinds of sugar and bountiful whipped cream, giving you much-needed coffee satisfaction.

Nutritional Value Of Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is one of its unique coffee types, and likely it has its unique sets of ingredients that go into making one. Following is the list of nutritional values that 1 cocktail (200 grams) of Irish coffee provides you:

ContentsNutritional Value
Fat9.3 g
Cholesterol33 mg
Calories228 kcal
Sodium15 mg
Carbohydrate10 g
Protein0.8 g
Calcium31 mg
 The above chart shows the essential nutrients packed in 10oz of Irish coffee.

The table indicates the special treat given by an Irish coffee, low nutrition value with a good kick start of the day. On the other hand, if you are a gym freak and diet is your priority, then you need to dump this coffee for your good because once you get hooked to Irish coffee it will ruin the long- worth of work-outs within days. Sounds like a wise decision, isn’t it?

How Much Caffeine Is In Irish Coffee?

Homemade Irish coffee with whiskey and whipped Cream
You can make Irish coffee easily

A single serving or one cocktail of an Irish coffee contains up to 47.5mg of caffeine.

For your information, caffeine is a natural stimulant for your brain and central nervous system (CNS); found in coffee beans, tea, beverages, and cocoa plants.

Caffeine increases alertness, and cognitive responses, and makes attentive performances. It works by stopping the binding of adenosine to the adenosine receptor, which influences the release of acetylcholine.

400mg is the caffeine limit advised for grown-ups by the FDA. Mind you that Irish gives you a coffee rush but consuming it more than the limit will also give you side effects. Some of the health consequences are insomnia, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, and sudden mood swings.

For a diet fanatic, one must look out for the calculated amount with each cup. However, for physical and mental relief you can count on Irish coffee.

Can You Get Drunk on Irish Coffee?

Not really. You can’t get drunk on Irish coffee, but it also depends upon the amount of whiskey put together in a cup.

Since this coffee is made with a small amount of whiskey and a large amount of coffee, it won’t make you drunk, though it will keep you awake; one ingredient relaxes your mind and the other keeps your body alert.

However, some people like to double the whiskey count for satisfaction, the chances are; that they will get drunk after 4 to 5 double whiskey Irish coffee.

To combat this situation, remember not to drink this on an empty stomach and to keep yourself hydrated.

Here’s a recipe for you to try out:

How To Make An Irish Coffee?

What Goes Into Irish Coffee?

Fresh hot coffee being poured into a cup from a stainless steel french press in a trendy cafe
Caffeine is addictive

Classic Irish coffee is made with just four ingredients: richly brewed coffee, pure Irish whiskey, sugar, and, of course, heavy whipped cream.

Thankfully, it’s easy to make and doesn’t require any barista mastery. It’s just a matter of ingredients and technique.

In case, you need an ultimate Irish coffee cup and wander for the impeccable yet straightforward recipe, then I have got your back. Below is the proven recipe for your very first try at Irish coffee.

How Is An Irish Coffee Made?

Here is what you need to satisfy your cravings for Irish coffee.

To make true Irish coffee, I present to you the authentic recipe told by Joe Sheridan:

  • Coffee – strong as a friendly hand
  • Sugar- sweet as tongue of the rogue
  • Whiskey- smooth as wit of the land
  • Cream- rich as an Irish brogue

The simple recipe is described below:


  1. Strong brewed coffee- should be extra hot and rich
  2. Irish whiskey- two ounces of authentic Irish whiskey
  3. White sugar- straight sweetness
  4. Brown sugar- adds depth
  5. Heavy whipping cream- unsweetened/sweetened whipped cream


  • Warm the mug with hot water
  • Add sugar and pour in your brewed coffee
  • Stir until the sugar dissolves
  • Add on the Irish whiskey and stir it well
  • Now for the tricky part, add your cream by pouring it over the back of the spoon. Don’t stir it; drink the coffee through the cream part.

Following this recipe will serve you the luscious taste of an Irish coffee cup. If you are feeling fancy then you can add on some of the following:

  • Choose a decaf coffee for an after-dinner boost
  • Serve it with ice
  • Make it a more creamy and rich taste
  • Sprinkle nutmeg or cinnamon

Is Irish Coffee Good For Health?

Yes, Irish coffee has a lot of health benefits for your body. Surprised? Wait, there is more. Irish coffee is needed by everyone to start their day fresh and happy.

It was touted for having whiskey and coffee ingredients together. But the science proves some shocking facts you too should ponder over. Let’s start with the first one:

  • Help you lose weight: studies have shown that a cup of coffee for breakfast can cut out your weight by suppressing your appetite
  • A good iron source: Irish coffee have a rich amount of iron value, dark coffee is the main source of iron. One can overcome iron deficiency easily
  • Alert body: consuming your whiskey-infused coffee will make your mind and body bloom again. This is because of the release of an enzyme “serotonin”, responsible for regulating your energy and mood swings
  • Heart diseases: whiskey in Irish coffee contains antioxidants that are good for heart health if taken in limited counts, preventing cardiovascular diseases. Irish coffee is also said to dilate blood vessels thus decreasing blood pressure
  • Controls diabetes: when you intake a moderate amount of Irish coffee, it reduces the risk of diabetes type II
  • Relief to stroke patients: encountering heart stroke is the scariest thing for an individual. Stroke could happen with blockage of heart vessels, consumers of Irish coffee have relaxed vessels, mind, and body


  • Irish coffee is a blend of boozy rich taste and aroma. It’s a decent treat for coffee nerds
  • If I have to describe Irish coffee in words, it’s a mix of smoky whiskey, intense and sharp coffee taste, and, of course, creamy with a side of a sweet kick
  • It’s simply for people who like to take everything on the edge. This drink will give your body warmth on winter nights with buzzed feelings, loosen your mind, and relax your body
  • Unlike other coffee types, it gives you lots of health benefits. It’s closest to coffee lovers and is enjoyed worldwide
  • Make an Irish coffee with only four ingredients and give yourself a sweet treat, and I bet you will come back for more and more

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