Immersion Coffee (Detailed Know-How)

Brief Explanation: Basically, ground coffee is immersed in water and left to brew until extracted and ready to drink.

Who doesn’t like coffee these days? Coffee is the most preferred beverage alongside tea, being 100% organic and because of the stimulating effects that it leaves in your system.

With so many versatile ways of preparations, immersion coffee is the purest of all kinds.

If you want a rich, dense coffee, you should quit pouring through drippers and start brewing immersion coffee instead.

Now you may be wondering what an immersion coffee is but rest that busy mind as I’m here to give you a detailed background.

So, let’s begin!

What Does Immersion Coffee Refer To? 

Immersion coffee refers to any manual coffee brewing method.

Immersion coffee is a type of coffee that is popular around the world. Immersion is a manual brewing technique wherein ground coffee is submerged in water to brew.

There are a lot of ways you can prepare coffee – some like their coffee made in the traditional way and others like to play around and discover new methods to enjoy coffee.

Immersion coffee is one of those fun discoveries. As suggested, the name comes from the brewing technique.

French Press, Clever Dripper, and AeroPress are examples of immersion coffee-making methods. 

Immersion Coffee brewed and ready to serve
Immersion coffee is just a coffee that is brewed until its proper extraction and ready to serve.

Here is a table based on the elements found in immersion coffee:

ElementsImmersion Coffee
ether extract0.48 %
crude fiber21.40 %
raw protein10.10 %
ash1.50 %
free nitrogen extract31.30 %
tannin7.80 %
peptic6.50 %
non producing sugar2.00 %
low sugar12.40 %
chlorogenic acid2.60 %
caffeine2.30 %
total caffeine acid1.60 %
The Basic Elements of Immersion Coffee

Is Drip Coffee Immersion?

No, it’s not!

Firstly, there is a big difference between drip and immersion coffee. The highlighted difference is that how and when your coffee and water interact.

Drip or pour over is used to describe the brewing method wherein water is poured through grinds and exits through the brewer into the cup.

On the other hand, immersion is a method wherein water and coffee mingle together until its brewing process is done.

Secondly, with immersion brewing, you blend the water and coffee at the same using a coarse grind while drip or pour over method uses a medium coarse or medium fine grind and water is added to the coffee ground surface gradually.

Based on these clear distinction between drip and immersion method, I’d say drip coffee isn’t immersion.

To prove that, let’s see how an immersion coffee is made!

Keep reading the succeeding the sections.

How Do You Make Immersion Coffee? 

You make immersion coffee just as the name suggests, by immersing coffee into water and leaving it to brew until you want to and it is ready for a serving. 

To make immersion coffee, you have to grind your coffee beans and immerse them into the water for a brief time till you think it’s appropriate to consume.

There are a lot of ways to do that. For instance, you can try the French press method.

In this method, you have to use a plunger pot where you put coffee and water and press the handle to extract coffee from the pot.

You can also try the Aeropress coffee maker. In this method, you use the AeroPress kit to make coffee almost the same way as you make French press coffee.

It takes about 6 to 8 minutes to make coffee using this technique. There are a few other methods you can try as well to make immersion coffee. Choose the best one for you. 

Watch this video to understand immersion coffee and its preparation well.

Why Immersion is Better than Percolation?

What Coffee Beans Are Used In Immersion Coffee? 

Immersion coffee is made with a medium grind of whatever coffee bean you like.

Immersion coffee does not necessitate the use of a certain sort of coffee bean.

But to name some choices, here are the types of beans that you can try for your immersion coffee.

Again, any type of bean will suffice. However, there is a catch.

You’ll need a medium grind.

Because you’ll be immersing your coffee in hot water, it should have a medium grind.

Otherwise, the extract will be ineffective and have a murky flavor. If you use a fine grind, the immersion is unlikely to occur because it will remain in the water exactly as you placed it.

The extract will be mild and bitter in flavor, and it will not reach the mark to be called immersion coffee. It makes absolutely no difference what kind of coffee beans you use since it is a matter of personal preference.

So, any coffee beans ground to a medium grind will do the job.

Immersion Coffee Ratio

The water to the coffee ratio for brewing immersion coffee is 1 part coffee and 16 parts water.

So, as simple as that, in order to immerse coffee with water, you just need two elements, water and coffee.

But you may not be sure about the ratio of these two elements to start the immersion. The standard ratio is 1:16.

But I recommend you to use the 1:15 ratio because it will allow you to have a denser coffee drink and the flavor will be better (It’s a personal preference. You can use the 1:16 ratio and even go for 1:17).

The extract needs to be immersed for a certain time depending on the ratio. So you need to keep an eye out on that as well. 

However, increasing the water ratio will not make the coffee taste any good. It will only make it more liquidy and spoil its texture.

Pouring black hot coffee into a cup
You can decrease the water ratio to the coffee dosing ratio but you should never increase it.

How Long Is Immersion Coffee Brewed? 

It will take anywhere from 2 minutes to 5 minutes. But this will depend on the type of technique you use. 

Immersion methods can be used to brew coffee in a variety of ways.

As a result, depending on the procedure, the brewing time varies. From start to finish, using a French press will take approximately 4:30 minutes, with a brewing period of 4 minutes.

If you use a medium grind in the Aeropress machine, it will take about 2-3 minutes.

Using fine grind will save you time, as it will only take roughly 60 seconds.

You may brew your coffee in 4 minutes using the cafe solo brewing method before decanting it into a mug.

There are other brewing techniques as well, which will not take more than 5 minutes of your time.

Why Do Coffee Drinkers Love Immersion Coffee? 

Immersion coffee produces a denser coffee extract because of the lengthy brewing, which is the main draw for coffee enthusiasts.

Another reason why coffee drinkers love immersion coffee is because of the strong flavor and lots of caffeine.

Any coffee lover will tell you that they prefer their coffee to be strong and flavorful and immersion coffee does the same job.

By using a good brewing method, immersion coffee touches a coffee lover’s heart, making them fall in love with this technique.

If you ask me why I enjoy immersion coffee, I would respond that, like any other coffee drinker, each sip feels wonderful and provides a welcome break from the stresses of everyday life.

When it comes to immersion coffee, personal choice plays a part.

Everyone may not like drinking strong-flavored coffee and that is absolutely fine, but most of them do like drinking immersion coffee once or twice a week if not every day. 

Final Thoughts 

Let me tell you that the hype about immersion coffee is no joke. It is worth every bit of the love it gets from us, coffee lovers.

If you are fairly new to the world of immersion coffee, you may be a little skeptical at first and that is not something to worry about.

Drinking strong and rich coffee can sometimes affect your health at first because you are not used to such drinks.

So it is advised to have a slow transition from light coffee drinks to strong coffee drinks of immersion methods.

If you haven’t tried this method of coffee brewing, you may try at least once to see whether it is up to your preference (most likely it is, implying how good the coffee is) and choose the best one for yourself. 

Matt Marshall

As I learn more and more about coffee and coffee products I want to share all my learnings with you here on this website. I hope you find my articles useful and entertaining to read.

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