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Your Daily Brew: The Truth About Coffee Maker Prices

Your Daily Brew: The Truth About Coffee Maker Prices

Coffee machines come in a variety of shapes and sizes and their prices are determined by their functionality, brand, and ease of use.

Short Answer: A reliable coffee machine for your home can cost between $200 and $400, with some higher-end models costing between $500 and $800.

It can be difficult to exactly pinpoint a “general price” for a coffee machine because there are so many options. It really depends on your needs and what you’re willing to put aside in your budget.

If you just want a machine to make a quick cup of coffee every morning and no one else in the house drinks coffee, you’d naturally go for something on the lower end of the spectrum.

If everyone in your household needs a cup to start their day, you may need to invest in something with a timer or a larger capacity so that the coffee is ready when you get up.

Let’s read this post to know if a coffee maker is really worth buying and what are the things to consider when you plan to buy your personal coffee maker.

Is buying a coffee maker worth it?

A girl in a lavender jacket deep in thought.

If you drink coffee on a daily or frequently and want to customize it to your liking for a lower cost, then purchasing a coffee machine is a good investment.

Not only will you save more money per cup compared to buying coffee from your favorite coffee shop, but it will also be more convenient and faster because you don’t need to dress up when you go out or wait in line.

I’m not asking you though to abandon your favorite coffee shop entirely.

You can still go there for a treat every now and then. It’s just that having your own coffee maker can save you a lot of money and time plus you’ll have fun exploring and learning other ways to customize your cup.

If you’re still unsure whether buying your own coffee maker is worth it or not, I have compiled its pros and cons to help you make your decision!


  • You can have coffee whenever you want.
  • It’s more convenient.
  • You get to save money.
  • You have a wide range of brand options to choose from depending on your budget and needs.
  • You can use almost any flavor or type of coffee you want to brew.
  • You learn more ways to customize your coffee.


  • You might not want to take the risk of purchasing a low-cost machine because the taste of the drink may degrade as you go lower in price. You must have a good budget in order to purchase a good machine.
  • Depending on the model and type of machine you want, they can take up a lot of space, which isn’t ideal for small spaces like studio apartments.
  • The maintenance required by some of the machines can be messy and costly, making you wonder why you bought the thing in the first place.
  • Some machines have complex systems that can take a long time to learn.

Factors to consider when buying a coffee machine

A coffee machine being used.

There are various factors to look into when planning to purchase a coffee machine like its convenience, cost, and add-on features to name a few. Let’s take a long on each of them:

  • Convenience: Would you like to have an almost hands free coffee-making experience in the morning? I say almost because you still need to be the one to pick up your cup and drink it. A programmable electric coffee machine will have your coffee ready when you wake up. Though semi-automatic machines may need a little more attention but they still work well by pressing a few buttons.
  • Space saver: A coffee maker and an espresso machine are 2 separate machines with its own features. But now there are 2 in 1 machines that can do both functions. Purchasing a single machine that’s capable of making both espresso and regular coffee is space saving than buying 2 separate machines.
  • Brew Size: A single cup brewer is the best option if you have family members who drink coffee at different times of the day or if you live alone. A large brewer, on the other hand, can brew 10 to 12 cups of coffee at a time, with 5 to 6 oz per cup.
  • Timing: If your family needs a caffeine fix throughout the day, it would be wise to select a coffee machine that has a thermal carafe to keep the coffee piping hot at any time of the day. For households whose members are mostly on the go, a pod machine is a good option because it lets you make a quick cup of coffee without having to worry of leaving your machine on.
  • Sizing: Though the size of the coffee machine does not affect the quality of your drink, it can become a headache if it doesn’t fit right in the space you want to keep it in. It’s best to measure the size of your machine beforehand to ensure it would fit right in its designated place.
  • Custom Brewing Options: Mid-range to high-end coffee makers let you choose your preferred water temperature, brew size, and brew strength. Basic coffee makers only allow you to add coffee grounds and water.
  • Extra Features: The more features you have on your coffee maker, the more expensive it will be. Timed brewing and auto-shutoff with alerts and light indicators are common features of coffee machines. Others will even notify you when your machine needs to be cleaned.

Before you make your purchase, you should be aware that a coffee maker and an espresso machine are 2 separate things.

While a typical coffee maker is limited in terms of its features, an espresso machine has far more to offer. I have a comprehensive post on espressos you can read right here if you want to know more.

The following table compares the key differences between a coffee maker and an espresso machine to help you in your purchasing decision.

Basis of comparisonEspresso machineCoffee maker
Grinding Powder-like, fine grindsCoarse-thick grinds
Roasting Bean roasts are much richer, darker, fuller, and less acidicBean roasts are lighter and more acidic.
Brewing Provides you with the finer grinds of espresso in just 25-30 secondsThe coarser grinds of coffee take about 10 minutes to brew.
Basic differences between an espresso machine and a coffee maker

Are expensive coffee makers worth it?

A side view of a coffee machine in a cafe in sepia lighting.

In my opinion, purchasing a high-end coffee machine for an average household would be a waste of money. Unless of course, you’re an extremely picky drinker who’s willing to learn the complexities of using a professional machine.

You’d think that because it’s a high-end coffee machine, it’d be the only one capable of producing a good cup. You’ll be surprised to learn that lower to mid-level machines can also produce excellent coffee.

The beans are what makes the coffee so good and the machine only enhances it. You can read my post on how coffee quality affects your overall drinking experience right here.

If you were to explore the market for fancy espresso machines, you’ll be surprised by their large sizes and high prices to match. High-end and fancy machines – espresso, coffee maker, or hybrid – will claim to be worth the price and to make the best coffee ever!

While these machines will fit perfectly in a coffee shop, they’re probably not the best choice for the average home.

The cost of maintaining these fancy and large items is another thing to deal with.

How much should you pay for a coffee maker

You can spend $200 or more on a dependable coffee maker with an interactive display and the kind of stainless steel detailing found on the professional-style range.

Still, I recommend that you go beyond a simple machine with just an on/off switch. A higher budget also buys you conveniences such as a thermal carafe to keep coffee hot longer, programmability, settings that let you customize brew strength, and more.

Extra features are what drive up the price of a coffee maker, and many of them aren’t always necessary.

So, when deciding whether to buy an expensive coffee maker, consider whether you’ll actually use all the extra features it offers.

Whether you buy a cheap or expensive coffee maker, keep in mind that a coffee machine will only produce a good cup if the coffee grounds you put in it are of high quality.

Check out this video for a practical guide to purchasing a coffee machine.

To sum it all up

A good coffee machine can definitely enhance your overall coffee-drinking experience. But it’s important to pick a machine that will deliver you the best drink without breaking the bank. 

Coffee machines are available in various shapes and sizes and priced according to their functionality, brand, and ease of use. A reliable home coffee machine can range anywhere between $200 to $400, while higher-end models retail around $500-$800.

It all depends on the affordability and the features you want your machine to have.

However, in my opinion, you can still get a decent cup of coffee from a mid-tier coffee maker if you focus on the quality of coffee you use rather than the machine itself.

Buying a coffee machine doesn’t have to be rigorous as you can search for the best brand that meets your needs through your friends or the internet. It basically boils down to your personal preferences and your budget. Best of luck with finding the best one!

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