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The Cold Brew Conundrum: How Long Does It Really Last?

The Cold Brew Conundrum: How Long Does It Really Last?

Short Answer: Cold-brewed coffee can be stored for days, a week and a half, or up to two weeks.

You may have recently heard of cold-brewed coffee, the latest coffee trend; however, COLD BREW IS HERE TO STAY. Cold brew coffee has been a popular method for cold coffee lovers since the 1960s. Everyone enjoys it because it’s high in caffeine while being low in acidity.

And, of course, it’s simple to make. It has 67% less acidity than most brewed coffee varieties. That being said, it’s best suited for people who suffer from gastrointestinal issues (GI issues).

Cold coffee has a rich flavor that hits you like a punch. You’re probably wondering, “What’s all the fuss about cold-brewed coffee? What can be the benefits of cold brew coffee? Does cold brew coffee taste bitter? Why should you choose cold brew coffee?

Don’t worry; I’ll answer all your questions right here on this blog. After that, you’ll be eager to try cold brew coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee History

Although it’s currently popular throughout the world, cold coffee dates back hundreds of years to Japan. Indeed, the first evidence of cold-brewed coffee (made with cold water) was discovered in Japan.

It was first known as Kyoto coffee because it was in high demand in Kyoto, Japan, in the early 1600s. The Kyoto coffee spread quickly throughout the Asia continent, and they adored it.

When coffee experts learned about this, they experimented with Kyoto coffee in a variety of ways, eventually evolving it into cold coffee or iced cold coffee. You can read more about Kyoto coffee here if you’re interested.

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The Nutritional Value Of Cold Brew

Below is a table consisting of the nutritional values of a 405ml of cold brew coffee drink:

Nutrition per 405ml of cold brewValue
Net Carbs19 g
Total Carbs19 g
Protein0 g
Calories80 cal
Fats0 g
A table of the nutritional content of the cold brew

So if you’re someone who’s on a strict diet, cold brew might be for you, this way you can avoid all the sugar and gain calories to get through your gym routine.

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Why Should You Choose Cold-Brew Coffee?

A man pours cold whole milk into a glass of iced coffee in a cafe.
There are a lot of reasons why cold-brew is the best choice!

Following are the reasons why you should choose cold brew coffee:


As previously stated, cold coffee is likely to have lower acidity than hot brewed coffee. This is because as beans are heated, more and more oil is released. You will not experience heartburn or acid reflux if you drink cold coffee.


Cold coffee contains antioxidants and a few other nutrients that are beneficial to your body. Brewing coffee in hot water removes chlorogenic acid, which aids in the prevention of aging, heart attacks, diabetes, and other diseases.

Naturally Sweetened

Cold coffee is also a natural sweetener due to its low acidity. This means you can avoid drinking milk or eating sugar, reducing your calorie intake. Admit it, you were looking for this coffee type to help you lose weight. Were you not?

Lower Caffeine

Well, cold brew coffee is slightly lower in caffeine than the coffee brewed with hot water, however, it tends to have high caffeine content than iced coffee.

No Cholesterol Problems

Now when it comes to cholesterol problems, you should use unfiltered coffee since unfiltered coffee is said to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. Other types of coffee can significantly increase body cholesterol and blood pressure.

Less Time Consuming

Cold-brew does not need to be refrigerated while steeping, but it must be stored in the refrigerator once brewed. Steeping cold brew in the refrigerator requires more time, whereas steeping it at room temperature on the counter requires less time.

Here’s a video explaining why cold brew coffee tastes better:

Why Does Cold Brew Coffee Taste Better?

How Long Does Cold Brew Coffee Last?

Two glasses of cold brew coffee
If stored correctly, Cold-brew can last for a long time.

Cold brewed coffee can be stored for days, a week and a half, or up to two weeks.

If you brew coffee at home, keep it refrigerated in an airtight container after it has been filtered and concentrated. However, it will still require some care; for example, if you pour yourself a cup every day, finish it as soon as possible because no one likes stale coffee.

Of course not! Furthermore, if you add any extras such as milk or any other diluting ingredient to the coffee after it has been filtered, it is best to consume your cold brew coffee within a few days.

How Do You Know If Cold Brew Has Gone Bad?

Cold-brew, like any other food or beverage, can spoil over time. Yes, it can spoil even in the fridge. FRESHER IS ALWAYS BETTER FOR CONSUMER ITEMS. You can certainly save your favorite brewed coffee for later use, but don’t make it a habit. Having said that, you should look for the following signs to see if your favorite coffee has gone bad:

  • Little to no aroma
  • Stale taste
  • Extremely acidic flavor
  • Less flavor
  • The caffeine kick has vanished
  • Moldy odor

These are some of the obvious signs that your refrigerated cold brew coffee is not suitable for your much-needed coffee potion.

How Can You Preserve A Cold Brew?

iced latte coffee in a tall glass
You can keep your brewed coffee in the refrigerator.

After being filtered, clean glass jars are required to properly preserve your concentrated cold coffee to increase the shelf life. Plastic jars are not suitable for storing cold coffee because they contain chemicals that may react with the coffee, resulting in a change in coffee flavor.

On the other hand, because no chemicals are used in the manufacture of glass jars, no reaction occurs and the jar can be sealed more tightly. You can keep your brewed coffee in the refrigerator for a long time by using mason jars or coffee press beakers.

The second method for preserving coffee is to freeze it, which can keep it fresh for up to two months. Before you begin, keep in mind that it may become diluted as you liquefy the frozen coffee.

Can Old Cold Brew Makes You Sick?

Barista making a cold brew coffee
Old coffee may harm your health.

Although old cold coffee cannot make you sick, it can be harmful to your health, particularly your digestive tract. Cold coffee, as previously stated, is best for people with gastric issues because it is lighter and less acidic than other coffee types.

If expired coffee is indicated, you should wash it down the sink because it will not only affect your gastrointestinal tissues but also its peristalsis.

It may also cause acid reflux, nausea, and heartburn. Who wants all of the negative side effects of a cup of cold coffee? Not you. So if it has passed its two-week shelf life, it is better to brew yourself a new concentrated cold coffee.


Here are some frequently asked questions:

Can Cold Brew Grow Bacteria?

In 2017, a small challenge study was conducted. Footnote 4 investigated the survival of non-spore-forming foodborne pathogens in cold-brewed coffee in the United States.

Several sealed 11oz bottles of fresh (7 days old) cold brewed coffee were inoculated with three strains of E. coli, Salmonella spp, and Listeria monocytogenes at populations of 1×105 CFU/mL and stored in the refrigerator and at room temperature for up to three weeks. Pathogens were inoculated into cold-brewed coffee at much higher levels than would normally be found in a food processing facility.

During this time, no pathogens were observed to grow or survive. According to the study, cold-brewed coffee does not favor the survival or growth of vegetative bacterial pathogens, most likely due to a lack of microbial nutrients and/or the presence of antimicrobial factors in the coffee.

Is Cold Brew Still Good The Next Day?

You’ll be fine if you get cold-brewed coffee from your favorite coffee shop and put it in the fridge for the next day. Your coffee will be fine in a few days, maybe three. If you intend to drink it later, just put it in the fridge right away. Don’t leave it on the counter or anywhere else.

Can Cold Brew Get Moldy?

Cold-brew, like iced tea, does not have a particularly long shelf life. It may not be as good a mold medium as tea, but cold brew will mold if not refrigerated and consumed within a week or two.


  • Brewing cold coffee is enjoyable and provides numerous advantages over other methods of brewing coffee
  • The flavor profile created by steeping dark and rich coffee beans in hot water for more than 24 hours is what distinguishes cold coffee
  • The oils, natural sweet taste, and high caffeine kick are extracted in the most distinguished way; regardless of how it’s made, it retains all of the benefits of regular and other coffee breeds
  • Cold coffee can last for about 7 to 10 days
  • If a cold coffee goes bad it can give you an odor and foul smell with a bitter or moldy taste

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