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Homemade Coffee Creamer (Easy To Make)

Homemade Coffee Creamer (Easy To Make)

Plain black coffee can sometimes feel dull with the same old taste and flavor. So, some people usually add something extra to their coffee to improve the taste.

Coffee creamers are one of those extra elements that can lift the taste and flavor of black coffee a few notches. It can be found in any local grocery store around you. You can also make coffee creamers at home if you want.

Homemade coffee creamers, if prepared correctly, can elevate your black coffee’s flavor. It can be prepared in different manners as well. 

Let’s find out more about homemade coffee creamers!

Homemade Coffee Creamer

Coffee creamers are very well renowned among coffee enthusiasts. Some prefer their coffee with coffee creamers, and others don’t like to add anything to their coffee.

But, coffee and coffee creamers go hand in hand in most cases while making a cup of coffee. It is usually used to reduce the bitter taste and the darkness of a coffee drink.

Coffee creamers that are sold around the world in grocery stores are primarily dairy-free creamers. It is an excellent alternative to milk and other dairy products for coffee.

Homemade coffee creamers are an exception.

You can make the creamer at home any way you like, with or without milk. There is freedom of choice with homemade coffee creamers that you don’t get while buying from a store.

It will also be better for your health if you make coffee creamers at home because the store-bought coffee creamers contain many chemical elements and preservatives that can sometimes be harmful to your health. 

Strawberries and cup of coffee cream
Homemade fresh creams will only make your coffee delightful!

How to Make Coffee Creamer at Home

To make coffee creamer at home, you need a few simple ingredients that you can find at your fridge or your shelves.

First, you need to make condensed milk for your coffee creamer’s base, and for that, you will need these ingredients:

  • water
  • butter
  • milk powder
  • sweetener as per as your liking

Now, here are the steps:

Take ¾ cup of boiling water in a pot and add six tablespoons of room temperature butter to the pot.

Add 2 ⅔ cups of milk powder as well. You can also add any sweetener of your choice. Blend all these ingredients to make homemade condensed milk. 

One major ingredient of coffee creamer is now ready.

Next, you have to mix the condensed milk that you just made with 1 ¾ cup of 2% milk or cream.

The mixture has to be spot on because condensed milk can be hard to work with.

There you go, you’ve just made a coffee creamer with simple ingredients!

Homemade Coffee Creamer Without Milk

You can make coffee creamers without milk at home with a few simple steps.

Dairy-free coffee creamer needs only three ingredients, namely:

The method for making coffee creamer without milk is the same as making coffee creamer with milk.

Take all of the ingredients mentioned above and thoroughly mix them.

Coconut milk and coconut condensed milk should be mixed in a 1:1 ratio.

The main reason for using coconut extract is flavoring and it’s entirely up to you whether or not to include the extract.

Enjoy your healthy coffee creamer!

Different Flavors of Coffee Creamer

There are various flavors of coffee creamers available and some of the most popular flavors are vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, and almond.

These flavored coffee creamers elevate the flavor of your coffee which you can also make at home easily.

Let’s say you want to make almond coffee creamer.

For that, you have to make the coffee creamer following the steps I mentioned earlier. Then you have to add almond extract to your homemade coffee creamer. Easy peasy, right?

That’s all it takes to add any flavor to your coffee creamer!

I encourage you to try other and experiment with other flavors too.

Watch this video to have a clearer view of how you can easily make coffee creamers at home.

WATCH & LEARN: How to Make Homemade Coffee Creamer

Vanilla Coffee Creamer Made at Home

Vanilla coffee creamer is most likely one of the most popular coffee creamers sold worldwide and is also made in home kitchens.

Vanilla coffee creamer adds a subtle richness to your Monday afternoon coffee, which can instantly brighten up a drab day.

Vanilla coffee creamer is extremely simple to make at home with a few simple steps and ingredients.

All you need is the following:

  • condensed milk
  • 2% milk or cream
  • vanilla extract

Milk and condensed milk are mixed in a 1:1 ratio with two tablespoons of vanilla extract. Then, for a minute or two, blend everything and store the creamer in a container.

It’s as simple as that!

Is Half-and-Half Healthier Than Coffee Creamer?

Half and half is a healthier choice than coffee creamer.

If you are an avid coffee drinker who doesn’t like to drink the same old bland black coffee, you’re probably in a dilemma whether to choose half-and-half or coffee creamer. 

But consider this:

In terms of calorie count, coffee creamer has more calories than half-and-half and are more processed too. That means, there are chemicals in your coffee creamer which can be bad for your health. Plus, its sugar count is a lot higher than coffee creamer.

Therefore, it is pretty clear that half and half are healthier than coffee creamers. 

Cheapest Option: Homemade Coffee Creamer VS Store-bought Coffee Creamer

Store-bought coffee creamer comes in at a meager price. However, the cost of homemade coffee creamer comes down to a few things, such as ingredients and personal preferences. If you are using fewer ingredients, your cost will be reduced a lot.

We already know that It only takes three ingredients to make coffee creamers at home having milk as the main element which is relatively cheap.

If you choose the cheaper one, your cost of making coffee creamer decreases.

Same way, if you choose to go in a fancy way and add extravagant flavors, your cost will increase.

So, it is possible to make cheaper coffee creamer at home depending on how you make it and which ingredients to use. 

Final Thoughts

Coffee creamers are a blessing for some coffee drinkers. Then again, like any other good thing, you must keep an eye on your coffee creamer intake.

The sugar content and fat of coffee creamers can potentially bring side effects to your health.

Even though homemade coffee creamers have a very low amount of chemicals than store-bought coffee creamers, they might cause you minor health problems.

So, it’s best to limit your consumption of coffee creamers and anything sweet and sugary!