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Healthiest Coffees For You (Top Picks)

Healthiest Coffees For You (Top Picks)

Coffee doesn’t just complete your mornings with its exquisite flavor. It’s also proven to be very healthy especially when at its purest.

A regular cup of black coffee is one of the healthiest coffee variations as it contains antioxidants and micronutrients. It gives you a good energy boost and many benefits like lowered risk of Parkinson’s and liver disease.

Coffee comes in many other forms and mixtures, but if you are health-conscious and black coffee isn’t really your type, then you may be on the lookout for other healthy coffees you can try.

In this article, I will discuss the healthiest and most delicious coffees out there. We’ll hopefully find the right one for you!

What Makes Coffee Healthy?

Coffee is loaded with antioxidants that bring many health benefits to your body.

These benefits include:

  • improved brain cognition and alertness
  • increased mentabolism
  • improved cardiovascular health
  • elevated mood and energy

However, coffee can have some side effects when consumed in excess. The FDA recommends that daily caffeine intake be kept within 400 mg.

Too much caffeine can result in dependence, withdrawal, irritability, and insomnia.

Adding sweeteners, creamers, and toppings to your coffee can increase its sugar content, which makes you susceptible to various health risks.

How Can You Make Your Coffee Healthy?

The healthiest way to consume coffee is to avoid too much sugar or creamers and to consume it in moderation.

However, there are other ways to improve the nutritional value of your coffee. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to do too much to make your coffee healthier!

All you have to do is:

Sprinkle Cinnamon

Cinnamon adds a sweet twist to your coffee without adding to its sugar content. It’s also filled with antioxidants and nutrients like iron and calcium. Furthermore, it can also relieve cold symptoms.

Add Cocoa

Cocoa brings a deep and rich flavor to coffee and is also known as an anti-inflammatory. It is reported to prevent high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels and also enhances your mood and cognition.

Just a tablespoon of cocoa is enough to reap its benefits!

Drink Your Coffee in the Morning

The best time to drink your coffee is right when your day is starting. Drinking it when you wake up will maximize your cortisol levels and give you the energy you need.

Drinking coffee 30 minutes before your workout will also improve your athletic performance.

Avoid Sugar

I know, sugar really makes your coffee more fun. But excessive amounts can lead to side effects like diabetes and obesity.

If you have a serious sweet tooth, consider switching to sugar-free and calorie-free sweeteners like Stevia and Xylitol.

Try Plant-based Creamers

Most coffee creamers contain oil, sugar, thickeners, and calories and this combination is a big no-no if you want a healthier lifestyle.

Like sweeteners, there are healthier alternative creamers for you. Vegan coffee creamers, in particular, still retain that creamy taste without the health risks.

Know more about how you can make your coffee healthier by watching the video below!

Maximize coffee’s health benefits.

The Healthiest Coffees You Should Know About

Here are the healthiest coffee variations that you can try!

Black Coffee

Black coffee is free of cholesterol, fat, and calories and that makes it a healthy choice for everyone.

You really can’t go wrong with regular black coffee because it has all the good things without the fatty or sugary additives.

Black coffee contains antioxidants that boost your cognitive abilities and is also beneficial in the treatment of hepatitis, liver cancer, and other liver-related diseases.

You can easily make a cup of black coffee within 5 minutes. Simply boil some water and mix it with your preferred brand or freshly ground coffee.

Americano or Long Black

Americano and long black are both made with espresso and water.

The only difference between Americano and long black is how they are brewed. When making Americano, you add water to espresso. For long black, it’s the other way around, with espresso being added to water.

However, their nutritious value is almost the same with a lot of minerals like sodium, potassium, manganese, and a rich amount of antioxidants.

Espresso or Short Black 

Espresso is basically a compressed coffee.

It has a very strong and bitter flavor. Espresso usually comes in smaller glasses and can be finished within three sips.

To make espresso, you have to maintain a certain volume, temperature, and amount of dark roast coffee.

A short black is 30 ml of espresso shots, which is very dense and thick and has crema on top. Similar to black coffee, espressos and short blacks also have great nutritional value.


Cappuccino is a milk-based coffee that comes with frothed milk on top.

Cappuccino is made of ⅓  espresso, ⅓ steamed milk, ⅓  foamed milk, and coffee mixed with milk.

If you drink more than 150 ml of a cappuccino per day, it can significantly reduce the amount of oxidization of LDL and keep your heart healthy.

Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is just coffee laced with whiskey.

Irish coffee is made of one shot of Irish whiskey, coffee, and cream.

The whiskey stays at the bottom, coffee in the middle, and a thick layer of cream on top. It’s well known for preventing stroke and helping stroke victims.

The combination of caffeine and alcohol has been linked to the recovery of stroke victims and it also reduces the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Get to know the wonders of Irish coffee.

Flat Coffee 

Flat coffee is espresso topped with foamed and bubbly milk.

Flat coffee is made of ⅓ espresso, ⅔ frothed milk, and microfoam( steamed milk with bubbles).

You can also use almond, soy, or coconut milk instead of regular milk if you are lactose-intolerant.

Flat coffee contains a huge amount of antioxidants that help prevent diseases like type 2 diabetes. 


Mochaccino is a mix between traditional mocha and cappuccino.

Mochaccino is made of ⅓ espresso,⅓ steamed milk,⅓ frothed milk, and chocolate syrup.

It can reduce post-workout pain by 50%, relieves moderate headaches, and helps to brighten your mood.

Here’s a table that compares all the aforementioned drinks.

Coffee NamesCaffeine Calories AdditivesHealth Benefits
Black Coffee 95 to 96 mg per 8 oz non-specific but less than 5 calories in 100 gramsnonehelps in the treatment of hepatitis, liver cancer, and other liver diseases
Americano and Long black 103 mg per 8 oz 15 calories in 100 grams nonehelp to prevent, skin cancer, and depression
Espresso Or Short Black  63.6 per 1 fl. oz.9 calories in 100 grams none improves concentration, strengthens long-term memory, lowers the risk of stroke, helps in weight loss, and digestion
Cappuccino 173 mg in every 16 oz130 calories in every 16 oz espresso, steamed milk, foamed milkprevents bad cholesterols and heart problems, lowers the risk of strokes, helps with digestion
Irish Coffee uncertain87 calories in 100 gramswhiskey, coffee, cream reduces the risks of heart disease, liver disease, stroke, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease
Flat Coffee 173.28 mg in 16 fl. oz.45 calories in every 12 ozespresso, frothed milk, microfoamhelps with anti-aging and lowers the risks of type 2 diabetes.
Mochaccino uncertain 70 calories in 220 grams espresso, steamed milk, frothed milk, chocolate syrupreduces minor aches, liver disease, and diabetes, protects your heart, and improves your mood

Some Healthy Coffees For You!

Final Thoughts 

At the end of the day, the healthiest coffee depends on your habits!

Regular brewed coffee maximizes all of coffee’s inherent health benefits, but staying away from too much sugar and creamers can also go a long way.

The key is always moderation.

There’s nothing wrong with indulging in a little sugar, but always remember that excessive consumption can result in various side effects.

If you can’t bear to part with sugar or creamer, you can always consider the healthier vegan alternatives. Furthermore, you can always start adding cinnamon or cocoa to improve your coffee’s nutritional value.

Aside from that, there are lots of healthy coffee variations that you can try anytime!

There’s the espresso if you’re into strong coffee flavors and if you’re looking for something sweeter, a mochaccino will not let you down!

All in all, no matter what your preferences are, there is a healthy coffee option for you.

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