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Hamilton Coffee Grinder Reviews-All You Need To Know

Hamilton Coffee Grinder Reviews-All You Need To Know

For the price of a few expensive coffees, you can purchase a Hamilton Beach coffee grinder. Hamilton Beach doesn’t make expensive coffee equipment.
Therefore, using their products should be viewed as a low-cost alternative for making coffee.

These appliances often have a lesser construction quality and a shorter shelf life than comparable devices from competitors because of their low prices.

This handy little countertop tool is an electric grinder with quiet grinding and a chamber that holds up to 12 cups of coffee beans and is simple to clean.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when brewing coffee is using stale grounds, so the first step to making coffeehouse-quality java is to always have a high-quality grinder on hand for the freshest grounds.

Because of its stainless steel blades and concealed cable at the bottom, the Hamilton Beach coffee grinder is simple to operate and avoids unattractive counter messes.

Additionally, you can use it to ground dry pantry products like spices. This product’s versatility—it can be used for much more than merely grinding coffee beans—has earned it the admiration of tens of thousands of reviewers.

Even plain granulated sugar can be pulsed a few times quickly to create powdered sugar that resembles snow.

As freshly ground coffee beans are necessary for every pour-over cup of joe, it is advantageous for those learning to brew pour-over coffee.

1Model number: 80335R
34.38″W x 7.50″H x 4.00″D

Hands-Free Coffee Grinder – Hamilton Beach 80365 Custom Grind

The mid-range blade grinder Hamilton Beach 80365 Custom Grind was designed with simplicity. It has an appealing egg-shaped appearance with a simplistic control layout.

When the beans are in and the settings are chosen, you just need to press the “start” button; the grinder will handle the rest.

The quantity selection and the coarseness selector, which create granularity for the percolator, drip, and espresso, are the two options that control how long the grind takes to complete (which produces between 4 and 12 cups worth).

This grinder is the most reliable and practical in its range since it eliminates the need to pulse the grinder motor.

With the removable grinds bowl, you can quickly pour your grinds without creating a mess.

An image of grinded and ungrinded coffee beans.
Your grinds might bounce onto the counter or stick to the container walls due to static buildup caused by the plastic cover and bowl

Even though it is the most reliable and practical blade coffee grinder under $30, this Hamilton Beach model still falls short of even the most affordable burr grinders.

Although the coarseness settings are a great feature, none grind evenly due to the blades’ imperfections.

Numerous consumers have also voiced concerns about the grinder’s short shelf life, which fails after only a few months of use.

Due to the extremely stiff structure of the wire itself, the cord storage option is also more hassle than it’s worth.


  • Truly hands-free; you just need to fill the bowl and press the “on” button
  • Convenient grind-time presets superior to other blade grinders in its category in terms of consistency
  • Competent for drip, espresso, and Turkish


  • Grind uniformity is poor, particularly in coarsest settings
  • Leaping grinds and cling will result from the static buildup. Short shelf life is a direct outcome of subpar build quality.
  • A stiff cord makes the cord storage feature ineffective

Hamilton Beach 80350 HB Coffee Grinder

The entry-level Hamilton Beach 80350 blade grinder is reasonably priced and is a stripped-down, basic model. Its simplicity, size, and unremarkable appearance are perfect for a product with such a low price tag.

Without a doubt, the Hamilton 80350 is the most reasonably priced electrical coffee grinder present on the market.

If the safety lock on the lid is removed, it causes the motor to shut off automatically.

The Hamilton Beach 80350 also features a replaceable grinds bowl.

Image of Hamilton Beach 80350 HB Coffee Grinder.
Hamilton Beach 80350 HB Coffee Grinder

Although the Custom Grind Hands-Free Coffee Grinder makes great use of the on/off button design, the 80350 struggles with it.

The 80350 requires you to quickly stop or start the motor by toggling the inconveniently located start button.


  • Cheapest electrical blade grinder available
  • Lid safety lock
  • One button operation
  • Convenient cord storage
  • Competent for drip, espresso, and Turkish coffee


  • Poor build quality and short shelf life
  • Grinds are not uniform
  • Not the best for cold brew or the French press

Hamilton Beach 80335 Fresh-Grind Coffee Grinder

The entry-level coffee grinders from Hamilton Beach include the 80335 Fresh-Grind Coffee Grinder, another affordable option. This device is sleeker than the 80350 and appears nearly futuristic in contrast. This grinder offers a few extra functions but doesn’t fix the apparent problems with its less expensive predecessor.

The 80335’s engine appears to be superior to the 80350, in addition to having a more appealing look.
When you grind coffee in the morning, your home will not be disturbed since it is quieter.

The straightforward one-button operation of the 80350 is still present, but it now uses a more significant, practical switch.

The Hamilton Beach 80335 has a detachable grinds bowl and handy cord storage, just like the 80350. Many of the same drawbacks in the less expensive model are also present in this Hamilton Beach coffee grinder.

Compared to the “pulse” switches used on most blade grinders, its power toggle is less precise and convenient. This iteration still has a problem with static buildup.


  • Tranquil motor
  • Simple one-button operation
  • Removable grinds bowl
  • Competent for drip, espresso, and Turkish coffee


  • Poor build quality and short shelf life
  • Poor grinds uniformity
  • Cord storage is tampered with by the shortness and stiffness of the cord itself
  • Static buildup can cause a mess

How to Use a Hamilton Beach Coffee Grinder?

If you want a hot cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of cold brew throughout the day, this reasonably priced machine is fantastic because it’s so simple to use.

Plug it in after you’ve added your favorite fresh beans or seasonings.

Next, operate your device’s pulse button similarly to how you would like a blender or smoothie maker. Freshly ground coffee beans can be used to make your favorite brew; pour it into a pretty mug and take pleasure in it. Use a mug warmer to keep your coffee warm throughout the morning.

When cleaning is necessary, remove the inner chamber, rinse the sink, and use a soft cloth to wash the stainless steel blades carefully.

This device will make you as pleased as the silicone utensil rest that customers can’t stop adding to their baskets on Amazon if you want an uncomplicated cleanup.

It’s cool if coffee isn’t your thing. Consider popping peppercorns in and pulsing to get more freshly cracked pepper than a standard mill might provide.

Alternately, experiment with combining various spices to make the ideal dry rub powder for grilled meats.

Here’s a review video for Hamilton Beach Custom Coffee Grinder:

Hamilton Beach Custom Coffee Grinder Review. Save money by grinding your own coffee!

Final Thoughts

  • You could do much worse than the Hamilton Beach 80365 if you’re on a tight budget. It is far more practical and outperforms nearly any electrical blade grinder in its price range.
  • Beware. You might have to send it in long before the warranty expires.
  • As a measure of last resort, this Hamilton Beach coffee grinder is expensive for its high caliber.
  • Only purchase if you are in dire need of freshly ground coffee and have no other option.
  • Its purported advantages over the less expensive Hamilton Beach coffee grinder are insufficient to warrant a purchase.

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