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Premium Quality Coffee: The Eureka Mignon Specialita

Premium Quality Coffee: The Eureka Mignon Specialita

If you are an espresso fan, you must have heard about Eureka Mignon Specialita Grinder. The grinder has become famous in recent years for good reasons. 

Short Answer: Eureka Mignon Specialita is an elegant grinder from the Eureka brand specially manufactured for espresso.

To know if Eureka Mignon Specialita is the best grinder for you, this is an article reviewing the product’s overview, features, various configurations, pros and cons, and potential alternatives. 

By the end of this article, I hope you get a better idea of whether the Specialita is the right grinder for you or not.

Let’s dig in!

About the Eureka Brand

a grinder full of coffee beans

The brand is named after Eureka, the famous Italian manufacturer company that celebrated its centenary in 2020. Most of the espresso grinders and machines were initially made in Italy, and they are in demand worldwide. 

Eureka is reputable for producing top-quality, handmade espresso gear lines. Today all their equipment is made by hand in Florentine. 

Here’s a table of Comparison of Different Configurations of Eureka Mignon Grinders

ModelBurr SizeTouch ScreenOptimized for
Specialita55 mmYesEspresso
Silenzio50 mmNoEspresso
Perfetto50 mmYesEspresso
Brew Pro55 mmYesBrew Coffee
Filtro, Crono50 mmNo Brew Coffee
Ora Mignon XL65 mmYesEspresso
Eureka Mignon Grinders

Specifications and Feature of the Product

Build and Design of Grinder

Eureka Mignon Specialita is a premium domestic grinder. It is one of the best-dedicated espresso grinders made of top-notch materials. 

The grinder is designed and handcrafted in Florence, Italy, especially for domestic use. The sturdy body and compact design make it fit easily on your kitchen countertop. The hopper of this grinder is made of stainless steel and has the capacity of 10z of beans. The grinder weighs around 12 pounds, which is a little heavy than other grinders on the market. 

There is a rubber beneath the hopper to reduce the vibration and noise. The LED touchscreen gives a more contemporary feel. The overall design and layout of the grinder will complement your kitchen perfectly. 

Motor and Burr Quality of Grinder 

The Eureka Mignon Specialita has a 1350 RPM powerful motor and a 55mm flat hardened steel burr to handle the grinding excellently. 

In just 10 seconds, the machine can grind about 18g of beans. Consistency is the key to the right grind size. Specialita uses the ACE system to grind the beans. This way, grounds don’t get static and reduce the clumping by coffee outflow regulation. 

The burrs of Specialita are relatively smaller compared to DF64 single dosing and other commercial grinders. However, the steel burr of 55mm is enough to get the grind consistent.

Grind Size Quality

The Eureka Mignon Specialita comes with a step-less grind size adjustment. It does specialize in espresso grind, but it can grind beans for any coffee brew type.  

By twisting the knob, you can also iterate the micrometric adjustments. For example, if you need a coarse grind, turn the knob counter clock, and if you want a fine grind, turn it clockwise. 

Because the machine is specially manufactured to produce grind for espresso, you will find the delicate grind light and fluffy with no clumping whatsoever. The burrs are of premium quality that pull consistent shots. 

The machine can also grind for pour-over, but most coffee experts advise using it exclusively for espresso. It is also recommended to set the adjustment wheel on the same setting that you find perfect for espresso and not change it again. 

Take a look at this video for more tips on the Eureka Mignon Specialita:

Pros and cons of the product


Easy to Use 

The timed-based dosing makes things more convenient—the grinder works on your set optimal time to get the precise dosage of grinds. The machine also lets you select a single or double-shot option through a touchscreen. 

With the + and – option, you can set less or more grinding time intervals of 0.1 seconds. A button for manual grinding right under the chute is an excellent feature for grinding into the portafilter. 

Lastly, Specialita can also be used as a single-dose grinder as it has low retention and is a better option for home use. 

Removable Portafilter Holder 

Eureka Mignon Specialita comes with a detachable portafilter holder and adjustable height. This is a good feature if you are not grinding straight into the portafilter. You can place the ground bin underneath for french press or pour-over. 


The Eureka Mignon Specialita is one of the quietest grinders out there compared to other conical burr grinders. Some even consider it the quietest flat burr electric grinder among other domestic grinders thanks to company silent technology. 

They use an anti-vibration solution and insulated sound case. The grinding sound remains at between 40dB to the loudest of 73dB. 

So while you grind, other people around you remain undisturbed. 

Grind Retention 

The Eureka Mignon Specialita low grind retention is what makes it more valuable for your money. 

Older grinders tend to hold many grinds even after you are done with grinding. Now, most home coffee brewer machines only brew one to three cups of espresso at a time. Letting coffee ground sit in a grinder for too long can make them stale

With Niche Zero’s emphasis on low retention, many domestic grinders turn toward this method. 

The Specialita makes its mark because it saves money in the long run and reduces the waste of coffee.  Overall, the grinder gives you a less hassle experience. 

Touchscreen Operation 

The touch screen panel makes it more convenient for a beginner to use the grinder. Unlike other grinders whose exterior has buttons that minimize the sleek look of the machine, Eureka Mignon Specilita got it right with a gorgeous hi-resolution, white-on-black LED touchscreen.

Cleaning And Maintenance

The Mignon Specialita grinder is easy to maintain. For quality and a precise grind, make sure to clean it every month or two. 

Remove the hopper and lid, wash with soap, and dry afterward to clean it thoroughly. Use a brush or vacuum cleaner to clean the internal parts. 

Value for money

Considering all the fantastic features, Mignon is the premium machine of Eureka. However, the price is much more affordable than the burr grinders. 


Not ideal for keeping all beans in the hopper

The hopper is not ideal for keeping all your beans as it is not airtight. Its also transparent, which means that the beans get exposed to light and air. This factor can trigger the oxidation process, making the beans go stale more quickly. You can read about how beans go stale in my other article to know more. 

Instead of keeping the whole bag of beans in the hopper, weigh the amount you need for a cup of espresso, only pace that amount in the hopper and then grind.

Knob size

The knob on the Eureka Mignon Specialita is small. It is inconvenient because you have to turn it about 7 to 8 times to adjust the grind size for espresso to French press. 

Not enough Numbers

There are not enough numbers on the wheel, making it difficult to dial perfectly for each brewing setting. 


The premium quality comes with a $700 price tag. It might be expensive for some, but it is still a value for money investment for the espresso lover.

Other alternatives

an assortment of coffee beans

If you want some other good grinders that is a step ahead of Mignon grinders, then here are two comparable alternatives you can consider:

Fiorenzato Evo 

  • Powerful 350-watt motor.
  • Precise and flexible step-less grind adjustment system.
  • Multiple color variations

Very similar to Specialita but have many improved features.  It comes with large 64mm flat burrs and grinds faster. The large hopper can hold up to 3.5 pounds of coffee beans.

Compak K3 Touch 

  • Understandable and straightforward controls.
  • It has a portafilter holder adjustability to accommodate portafilters of different sizes.
  • An easy-to-clean design so you won’t dread maintenance.

A simple-looking grinder is not so simple in its function. It has low blade speed, reducing the heat caused by friction and safe your coffee from burning.

I also have an article listing the best budget grinders if you’re interested to know more.

My Verdict

In my opinion, Eureka Mignon Specialita is the best premium quality grinder for espresso under $1000. The sturdy and beautiful built grinder is a treat for coffee lovers. 

Because of its fantastic feature of low retention and quiet grinding, it produces the best quality grind. 

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