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Electric Coffee Grinders (Which Is The Best One?)

Electric Coffee Grinders (Which Is The Best One?)

Now based on my experience with coffee machines and grinders over the year I have selected 8 of the best electric burr grinders that can be the ones you’re looking for, here I’ll be reviewing their features, specifications, and uses.

The best coffee grinder will always be one that is appropriate for the brewing method you select. You need a burr grinder that can produce a consistent grind while allowing you to make small adjustments as needed, whether you’re making espresso or French press. My top best electrical grinders are Baratza Vario, Baratza Encore, and Bodum Bistro, this is because of their design and speed.

Don’t you worry, from what I know you’ll find answers to each of your questions in this blog, so continue reading?

What Should I Look For In An Electric Coffee Grinder?

Burrs are grinding discs that are typically made of stainless steel. They grind coffee more uniformly than blades. When shopping, look for sharp-edged burrs that slice into coffee beans rather than chunky teeth that crush them.

Everything starts with the grind when you make your coffee at home. If you don’t get that right, your coffee will be less than stellar.

You can buy pre-ground coffee, but it’ll start to lose flavor after a day of being opened. A grinder is required if you want to make the best coffee at home.

There’re various types of grinders, and the best one for you will depend on your budget, frequency of coffee consumption, and brewing method. Continue reading to learn what to buy to suit your setup.

Now there’re two types of coffee grinders: blade coffee grinders and burr coffee grinders. The burr coffee grinders further give you an option between a manual coffee grinder and an automatic coffee grinder.

Automatic burr grinders are the most user-friendly and, in most cases, the best machines available. A good one costs around £100/$100, but they can cost up to £1,000 or more. However, only people who work in the coffee industry professionally tend to spend this much.

Now all you have to do is look for an automatic coffee grinder that’s easy to use, clean, and maintain if you decide to purchase one.

The majority of automatic grinders have a pulse setting. If you intend to grind a lot of coffee, look for one with auto-grind and timed grind functions.

If you want to make Turkish coffee, you’ll need a fine setting. You may need to invest in a specialized grinder or a high-end machine with more than 40 grinding settings.

If you’re still not sure how to shop for a grinder, have a look at this buyer’s guide.

Is an electric coffee grinder better than a manual coffee grinder?

A grinder with coffee beans in it
Whether it’s manual or electric, the important thing is getting the right grind for your coffee!

Well, there’s a long ongoing debate about manual and electric coffee grinders. So here’s what we will do. First I am going to tell you the pros of having a manual and electric grinder, and then I’ll move forward to the cons of having both.

This way you’ll be able to determine which one sets your needs for the perfect grind.

Pros Of Manual And Electric Grinder

Manual GrinderElectric Grinder
Consistency of grindConsistency of grind
Easy to cleanConvenient
Doesn’t need electricityVariety of grind settings
Portable and durable Takes less time
Pros Of Manual And Electric Grinder

Now that we have discussed the pros of manual and electric grinders, I’ll be shifting to the cons:

Cons Of Manual And Electric Grinder

Manual GrinderElectric Grinder
Requires Some strengthIt’s loud
Doesn’t allow micro-adjustmentsKind of on the expensive side
Takes quite a timeRequires electricity
Nort is ideal for grinding large quantityBulky in design
Difficult to clean
Cons Of Manual And Electric Grinder

which is the best electric coffee grinder out there?

Now, with my experience, I have collected a list of 8 electric grinders. Let’s take a look at them one by one:

Baratza Virtuoso Plus

The Baratza Virtuoso Plus has 40mm stainless steel burrs and a 550 RPM motor. It also includes a digital display and timer to make grinding even easier. It has 40 grind settings ranging from 200 to 1200 microns, making it suitable for all brewing styles except Turkish coffee and cold brew. This is an excellent choice if you brew with Hario brewers or the Aeropress.

It has an exceptional motor and burr design which makes it very easy to use. Baratza Virtuoso Plus is extremely simple to use. To use the grinder, turn the dial on the front to select the grind time. The grinding time can be set to 1/10th of a second. Press the dial to start the grinder, which will stop after the preset time. By twisting the bean hopper and aligning the indicator with the desired number on the ground scale, the grind settings can be adjusted.

Bodum Bistro Electric

Bodum Bistro has a 720 RPM motor and 35mm stainless-steel conical burr grinders. It only has 12 grind settings, making it suitable for drip or pour-over brewing but not for espresso or Turkish coffee. It has a borosilicate glass grounds container that helps to eliminate static and makes cleanup easier. The friction clutch, which alerts the user of any stones caught in the grinder to avoid damage to the burrs, is a standout feature of the Bodum Bistro.

The main advantages of Bodum Bistro are its low cost, ease of use, and ease of cleaning and maintenance. People like the colorful modern design as well. To use the Bodum Bistro, twist the beans hopper to select your grind size. Using the dial, set the grind time between 0 and 20 seconds, then press the start button. The timer will remain set the next time you grind.

Baratza Encore Conical

The Baratza Encore is a coffee grinder with an automatic conical burr. Coffee experts frequently regarded it as one of the best entry-level coffee grinders on the market. The Encore grinder from Baratza comes with 40mm stainless steel conical burrs and a 550 RPM motor. Although it’s slower than some other grinders, the slower speed ensures low heat and good grind consistency. It has 40 grind settings ranging from 250 to 1200 microns, making it an excellent grinder for manual brewing and the best grinder on our list for French press brewing. It can also grind for espresso, but it doesn’t provide much flexibility at this price point.

The Baratza Encore’s main advantages are its excellent grind consistency, durability, and value for money. The Baraza Encore is simple to use, but it lacks a timer function and thus does not allow for hands-free grinding. To grind your coffee beans, turn the side dial to the “on” position, then back to the “off” position when finished. You can also grind by pressing the pulse button on the grinder’s front. To get the right amount of coffee grounds, use a timer or weigh your beans before placing them in the hopper.

Baratza Vario Flat Burr

The Baratza Vario is a professional-level automatic flat burr grinder. The Baratza Vario grinder is ideal for homebrewers, but it could also be used in a small commercial setting. It has 54 mm professional ceramic flat burrs and a motor that spins at 1350 RPM. With an output speed of up to 2.2 g/s, the large burr size ensures a more consistent grind and is more efficient.

The Vario has 230 grind settings and is suitable for almost all brewing methods. It also has excellent adjustability. It has an integrated portafilter holder that can hold any size portafilter and can be removed and replaced with the grounds bin for dose grinding.

The main advantages of the Barazta Vario are its professional performance and wide range of grind settings. Because of the numerous grind settings, this grinder is slightly more complicated than others. The grind is adjusted using the sliding switches on either side of the front panel. You must also choose a macro setting from 1-10 and a micro setting from A-W. Set the grind time, then press the start button to start the machine. The grinder can also be started by pressing and holding the “manual” button. Finally, you can save up to three pre-programmed grind times as favorites.

Capresso 565.05 Infinity

Capresso Infinity is an automatic conical burr grinder that is easy to use for those who are new to home grinding. A 450 RPM motor powers the Capresso 565.05 Infinity grinder, which has 40mm hardened steel conical burrs. Because of the low RPM motor, this grinder is quieter than many others and stays cool while grinding. Despite its low speed, the Capresso Infinity is a highly efficient grinder, capable of producing up to 3g/s. The grind settings on the Infinity coffee grinder are Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, and Coarse. It can produce very fine grinds, but due to the limited range of grind settings, it’s not suitable for espresso brewing.

The Capresso Infinity grinder’s advantages include its low price, quiet grinding, and fast grind speed. The Capresso Infinity automatic grinder is extremely easy to operate. To select the grind fineness, twist the beans hopper to align the indicator with your desired setting. To begin grinding, set the timer dial to the expected grind time, anywhere between 5 and 60 seconds. When the timer expires, the machine will automatically stop grinding.

Breville BCG Smart Grinder

The Breville Smart Grinder Pro is an automatic conical burr grinder compatible with a variety of brewing methods.

The Breville Smart Grinder Pro is an automatic conical burr grinder that’s compatible with a variety of brewing methods. The Breville Smart Grinder Pro has 40mm stainless steel conical burrs and a 450RPM motor that does not generate heat while grinding. The Breville Smart Grinder Pro’s standout feature is the LCD control panel, which allows you to adjust the grind time, the number of shots or cups, and display the grind setting. It has 60 grind settings that allow you to fine-tune grinds for espresso, manual brewing, and drip coffee makers. Although it has coarse grind settings, the grind consistency is not considered good at this level.

The Breville Smart Grinder Pro’s main advantages are the wide range of grind settings, user-friendly controls, and consistent grind. The digital controls make this grinder simple to use and versatile, but they can be difficult to master. The grind amount can be adjusted by adjusting the digital timer in 0.2-second increments. You can also select the number of shots or cups. Grind fineness is adjusted by turning the dial on the machine’s side, but the selected setting is displayed on the front screen.

OXO Brew

Oxo Brew is a popular entry-level grinder with an automatic conical burr grinder. The Oxo Brew grinder has 40mm stainless steel conical burrs and a 400 RPM motor. This produces a very consistent grind, albeit at a slower speed than some competitors. The Oxo Brew grinder has 15 marked settings, each with a series of intermediate steps, for a total of 38 grind settings. It’s ideal for manual brewing, making it the best home coffee grinder for French press and Aeropress, but it hasn’t been tested with espresso machines. It has a UV-tinted bean hopper to protect coffee beans from sunlight damage.

Oxo Brew’s main advantages are its ease of use, consistent grind, and value for money. The Oxo Brew Conical Burr Grinder is simple tod and provides one-touch grinding. The timer dial has a range of 0 to 30 seconds and remembers your setting for the next time you grind. Simply press the large button in the center of the timer to begin the grind cycle. By twisting the beans hopper, you can change the grind settings.

How long do electric grinders usually last?

Man using an electric coffee grinder in kitchen, closeup
Electric grinders are a good investment

If taken care of properly, an electrical grinder can last up to 10 years.

All you have to do is clean and descale the machine within 6 months and keep a look out for troubleshooting.

Are Coffee Grinders Easy To Clean?

Well, it all depends on the design of the grinder, some are very easy to clean and others are not. However, the manual coffee grinder is pretty easy to clean as compared to electric ones because of the motor in them.

Watch this video to learn how to clean your grinder:

How To Clean Your Coffee Grinder


  • There’re two types of coffee grinders: electrical and manual.
  • Electric coffee grinders are on the expensive side, but they save you the energy and time that you waste on manual grinders for grinding.
  • My top best electrical grinders are Baratza Vario, Baratza Encore, and Bodum Bistro, this is because of their design and speed.

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