Which Stains More: Coffee or Tea? (Read and Find Out!)

A cup of coffee is the perfect way to reward yourself at the end of a challenging day.

Or perhaps, you are one of those people who look forward to, or more like needs, that smooth, energetic concoction first thing in the morning, particularly on cold, cozy days when the warm bed is beckoning you to stay.

Some of you might even brush your teeth right after taking morning coffee.

Then why are your teeth yellowish and have stains? Do you think there is a link between coffee/ tea and your stained teeth? To answer your question, yes, there is!

Coffee and tea contain both tannins and acid, which leave stains on your teeth. Hence the darker your cup of happiness is, the more chance of yellow teeth—also, tea causes more stains than coffee because tea contains more tannins.

You love your cup of happiness, either coffee or tea, but when it starts to affect your smile, then it is time to take some action.

If you’re unfamiliar with the tannins coffee, you can have a quick read of my other article about it to know more.

But few tips and tricks to enjoy coffee and tea and keep your teeth pearly white bright and shine-just like you!

Does Coffee Permanently Stain Teeth?

coffee and tea on tiny cups
Coffee and tea

Thankfully coffee doesn’t permanently stain your teeth, it does leave stains, but that can be removed by using an excellent hygienic routine for your teeth or by taking help from your dentist or orthodontist. 

By knowing what causes stains, you can avoid food and drinks that are the real culprit.

You have noticed kids have whiter teeth despite eating chocolates all the time. 

Maybe we need to thank mothers who make them brush their teeth three times a day. But the truth is tooth enamel changes as you start to get older. Like a piece of pottery that gets subtle lines over time, the stain starts to gets into the tiny crevices and cracks in your teeth. 

It would be best if you avoided these things:

  • Chromogens are intense pigments that cling to enamel
  • Tannins are plant-based compounds that make stains stick to teeth
  • Acids make tooth enamel rougher and softer, which make it’s easier for stains to set in

Does Coffee Ruin Your Teeth?

Black coffee and tea tend to ruin your teeth. They contain acidic components that weaken your enamel.

Those who drink a lot of black coffee get much weaker enamel. Plus, it creates a more conducive environment for bacteria in their mount by consuming too much black coffee and tea. 

Bacteria grows in weak enamel and leads to gum disease or tooth decay issues. 

Watch the video below to know the answer to the question “Does coffee affect your teeth?”

But here is a tip, drinking black coffee is much better than drinking coffee with a lot of sweetener and milk. That’s because coffee containing high surgery components is more problematic for your oral health. Sugar interacts with plaque bacteria in your teeth which produces acid that can dissolve your teeth’ enamel.  

Does Coffee Make Your Teeth Yellow?

A close up picture of someone smiling while having coffee
Woman drinking her cup of coffee

Coffee makes your enamel weak due to the acidic effect, which can lead to yellow teeth. Coffee also contains tannins which cause staining in your teeth. 

Enjoy coffee in moderation, like one cup per day does not really leave any stains but going overboard and drinking 4-6 cups a day eventually make your teeth yellow.

You should choose coffee and tea with fewer tannins amount in it.

BeverageLevel of Tannins
Black Tea 11.76% to 15.14%
Green Tea 2.65% to 3.11%
Oolong Tea 8.66%
Green Coffee0.7%
Roasted Coffee1.8%
Level of tannins on coffee and tea

What Stains Your Teeth the Most?

Some foods and drinks that are part of your regular diet tend to stain the enamel of your teeth.

Tea makes more stains than coffee because it contains a large number of tannins.

These food and drinks leave teeth looking dull and yellowed, and you don’t want that. Below, we have outlined five culprits and how they affect your teeth.


Berries do offer plenty of health benefits. However, this brightly colored fruit can stain teeth.

If you are experiencing yellow or stained teeth, try switching to lighter fruit, such as green grapes. Also, brush and floss after you are done eating.

Red Wine

Red wine is one of the biggest causes of stained teeth somehow tied with berries. Wine contains acid that can cause staining on tooth enamel. 

To avoid such issues, make sure to rinse your mouth with water after you take these drinks.

Hard Candies

Remember how often a kid was told that candies and chocolates can ruin their teeth? Well, this turns out to be true.

How a hard candy can turn your tongue into a different color, they do the same with your teeth.

For kids and adults, it is recommended to keep candy consumption low to avoid any stains issues.

How to Prevent Coffee Stains on Teeth?

A person brushing their teeth

To prevent coffee stains on teeth, the advice you will be hearing is to stop drinking coffee and tea.

However, we all know leaving coffee sounds impossible, as it is the life source of today’s busy individual. That means we can’t talk about quitting tea or coffee altogether. 

So let take a look at different tips and trick to make teeth white and shiny while enjoying our cup of joy. 

First and foremost, brush your teeth thoroughly, use floss once a day, and other essential dental hygiene equipment.

Use Salt Water

The best homemade tip that I can recommend is using saltwater. Take room temperature water and a pinch of salt and goggle your mouth with it thoroughly. What saltwater does is wash off the tannins sticking to your teeth and make your teeth cleaner and smile brighter. 

Crunchy Vegetables and Fruits

Start eating more crunchy veggies and fruits.

This tip has multiple benefits. First, it provides essential nutrients to your body; secondly, the fiber in these veggies and fruits act like scrubs for your teeth. These fiber scrub will clean your tea while you enjoy chewing healthy and juicy fruits and veggies.  

Invest in a Teeth Whitening Kit

We spend so much money on trendy things, but when it comes to spending on something helpful for your body makes you think twice. 

Talk to your dentist so he can recommend the best-suited teeth whitening kit for you. There are two most common types of teeth whitening kits: teeth whitening strips and liquid packs. You can opt for what suits you best.

These teeth whitening kits contain hydrogen peroxide that works wonders for your teeth. 

Make sure to read instructions before you use any kit. Some recommend prolonged use; others don’t. 

Baking Soda

We talk about how hydrogen oxide does magic for your teeth, but mixing them with baking soda increases the effect. 

Hydrogen peroxide stimulates your enamel which washes off coffee particles from teeth. Baking soda is known for its miraculous use of whitening effects.

To make the right mixture: 

Add baking soda into few drops of hydrogen peroxide that it becomes a paste. Use the paste on your teeth for about 10 minutes and wash it off with water. 

Use Straw

We all agree that leaving coffee is as difficult as leaving your bed in the early morning on a Sunday morning. Even the thought of it scares you. 

Drinking coffee directly from a pretty mug or glass increases the contact of tannins with your teeth. Tannins will then get stuck to your teeth and cause staining. 

So what you can do instead is use a straw for drinking coffee. Using a straw while drinking coffee will prevent the direct contact of coffee stains with your beautiful teeth.

Final Thoughts

In summary, coffee and tea can stain your teeth due to the tannins naturally found in the drink. Tea can stain your teeth more than coffee, but overconsumption of either one can ruin your perfectly good teeth.  

The acidity of coffee can also erode enamel and even cause cavities, however, you can offset this with proper dental hygiene.

Not being able to smile because of stained teeth is a real struggle, and no one wants to go through it daily. However, with the tips and tricks mentioned above, the coffee and tea stains will become a thing of the past.

The dilemma is that we rush to doctors regarding issues related to any part of our body. But when it comes to teeth, we avoid a dentist. Even if someone is experiencing severe pain in their gums already, they will prefer a pain relief tablet than to bother with visiting their dentist.  

However, you should visit the dentist about every six to seven months to know how to properly care for your teeth.

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