Does Coffee Cause Weight Gain? (Answer Will Shock You)

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What more is there to say about coffee which hasn’t already been said?

It is one of those beverages responsible for providing essential anti-oxidants and an energy boost early in the morning or mid-day depending on when you need it. But have you ever wondered, what if this daily caffeine fix is making you gain weight?

Coffee is popular for aiding in losing weight. But in some instances coffee with many other factors responsible like sugar, dairy, etc it can actually make you gain weight. Though this is possible, it can be reduced to a great degree.

Our weight is one of our biggest insecurities. Where some people are trying to lose weight, others are trying to gain weight. So, do you think you’re gaining those extra pounds because of your coffee?

Let’s find out if this is actually true or complete hocus pocus.

Can Coffee Keep You From Losing Weight?

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Coffee does not directly keep you from losing weight, but it can lead to weight gain because of the ingredients like dairy and sugar. Also, if you drink too much fattened coffee like bulletproof coffee, it can give you tons of fat leading to weight gain.

Coffee in particular does not make you gain weight. In fact, black coffee without any sugar or dairy is known to help you lose fat and water weight.

But coffee may lead you to gain tons of weight quickly without you even realizing it due to the choice of additives that you put in.

Here are some ways in which coffee leads you to gain weight:

Increased Food Craving

Caffeine can suppress your appetite briefly. It is a good thing when you’re trying to lose weight because you will tend to eat less.

But if losing weight was not on your mind, this suppression in that particular moment can lead to over-eating moments later. And this overeating can result in you gaining weight.

You can read more about how coffee suppresses our appetite here if you’re interested.

Disrupted Sleep

That extra cup of coffee can keep you up at night. Why? The caffeine from the coffee is known to halt the sleep-inducing chemical present in our brain called adenosine.

Though this poses no harm in the morning because you need to be awake and alert. But if you consume coffee later in the day, you will face difficulty in sleeping.

And poor sleep is majorly responsible for weight gain and increased craving for processed foods. This study shows how a bad sleeping pattern can lead to putting on some extra pounds.

Fattening Coffee

People are big on consuming bulletproof coffee, especially when doing KETO. There is no harm in drinking Keto-friendly coffee but each cup can have up to 400 to 500 calories.

And these calories when added can make you gain weight instead of losing weight. Plus, holiday drinks and Frappuccino have so much whipped cream topped with heavy cream inside the drink.

Regardless of the sugar content, the fats from the cream are about 17- 20 grams with 400 to 500 calories. All this combined can make you fatter very quickly.

Sugar Bomb

Enjoying a sugary cup of java with whipped cream and syrups can be once in a blue moon treat for you. But if you do it on the regular, it is a problem.

According to American Heart Association, the per day sugar intake should not be more than 26 grams for women and 36 grams for men. And these coffee-flavored sugar bombs contain more than 80 grams of sugars and are high on calories too. All this combined is a recipe for weight gain and even diabetes and various heart diseases.

You can watch this video to know some more facts about these sugar bombs.

some surprising facts!

How Much Weight Can You Gain From Drinking Coffee?

A rough estimate is you can easily gain 8 to 10 pounds or 3 to 4 kg of weight in a month by coffee. However, this all depends upon the quantity and the frequency of your coffee. Factor in the other ingredients as well such as syrup or dairy.

Coffee is a comforting beverage that can be customized according to one’s preference. Whether you drink straight-up espresso or cappuccino with milk foam, there is something for everybody.

And this is the very reason that coffee can make you put on weight quickly without you even realizing it.

If you order a Frappuccino from Starbucks, they are jam-packed with sugars and calories. This should be like a treat for once in a while and not your daily go-to coffee order.

This high content of sugar and calorie can pose a serious health threat if consumed daily. Plus, if your cup size is a venti for each Frappuccino, this 24 oz cup can surely make your blood sugars spike and give you tons of calories without any necessary nutrients.

Let’s not forget about the fat content from full-fat milk and cream that are added to the drinks. It’s a literal sugar-coated time bomb ready to mess up with your health.

But just to make a rough estimate and taking all this into consideration, you can gain about 8 to 10 pounds or 3 to 4 kg in a month easily if you keep on following this particular coffee ritual on a daily basis.  

Below is the table for the top 5 Starbucks drinks with the amount of sugar and calorie in a Grande cup which is 16oz.

Names (grande)SugarCalorie
Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino55 grams480
Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino54 grams370
Caramel Frappuccino54 grams380
Vanilla Latte35 grams250
Java Chip Frappuccino60 grams580

Is Coffee Bad For Belly Fat?

Typically, coffee helps in keeping your belly fat in check. But if your coffee additives are not health-friendly in the long run, they can be bad for your belly fat.

Mostly coffee helps burn those extra few pounds. It boosts your energy level so you can pick up some extra weight in the gym resulting in losing extra weight. A big BUT comes when your daily cuppa is black coffee with a decent amount of dairy and sugar and is not consumed in large quantities.

Having that extra cup of joe is a pretty good excuse when aiming for losing weight.

Usually, that cup of joe does not contain sugar, that is a black coffee with a splash of milk or cream, and is not more than an 8 oz cup per serving. This clean coffee drinking will not let you gain belly fat. In fact, it is known to lower the body’s fat percentage.

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Does Coffee Make Your Face Fat?

Coffee does not necessarily make your face fat as coffee is linked with lowering your body’s fat percentage. Although sugar-loaded fattened coffee with a heavy dose of caffeine can make your face look puffy.

As studies show coffee is known to make your body burn fat more quickly leading to a noticeable weight loss. Black coffee without any sugar or milk is a low-calorie coffee with no sugars or fats. It potentially helps in dropping the extra fat from all over your body.

Plus, it is a great source of nutrients like potassium and magnesium. But all of these benefits can be easily reversed if you start consuming them in large quantities.

The extra caffeine can make your face puffy. It will dilate your blood vessels, giving you rosy cheeks but sensitivity with a puffed-up face. Though this is temporary and can easily be managed, if your face is becoming fat it may be a problem.

Fuller face due to fat can be because of your daily java chip frappe. Why? The fats from the whipped cream and full-fat flavored milk and sugars from the sweeteners, syrups, and toppings can all add up to make your face look fat.

Typically, excess facial fat is present when you’re gaining weight. And gaining weight is closely related to high consumptions of fats and sugar and your coffee is very much responsible for this.

Even if you don’t drink Frappuccino but have lattes and cappuccinos with full-fat milk, heavy cream, loaded with sugars and syrups on a regular basis, you will gain weight instantly. The key here is moderation. Consuming coffee in moderation and not going overboard with such additives will stop you from any weight gain.

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Can Coffee Increase Metabolism?

Caffeine is a potent substance present in coffee. It increases your metabolism and keeps you energized.  But keep in mind this increase in metabolism is temporary which lasts only for a couple of hours.

Coffee is a stimulant consumed by half the planet. Though it has many health benefits it is commonly consumed because of its caffeine. Caffeine gives you an immediate kickstart for your day.

This extra push or adrenaline rush is achieved after some time of drinking coffee. The caffeine from the coffee causes neural excitement resulting in more release of adrenaline in your body.

This pumped-up feeling in your body leads you to have an increased metabolism for a few hours. This research conducted verifies that people who consume coffee daily have a higher and faster metabolic rate than non-drinkers. This is helpful when you are physically exerting yourself during any activity and looking to tone your muscles and lose weight.   

But keep in mind, this is not an excuse to go overboard with coffee. Large quantities of coffee every day can lead to many health problems as well. Plus, the best ways to maintain your increased metabolism through coffee is:

  • Drink black coffee with no sugar or dairy
  • Drink hot coffee rather than an iced coffee
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No more than four 8 oz cups in a day

My Thoughts

Coffee is the most popular beverage and an essential part of our daily lives. Since there are varieties of options to choose from for coffee, we sometimes lean towards those preferences that are not good in the long run.

Once in a while indulging in your favorite sugary, creamy coffee drink is alright.

But going crazy and consuming it on a daily basis without keeping a track of what is actually in your drink and the amount of it can result in weight gain.

Some drinks have more than 500 calories and 60 grams of sugar. Imagine the effects it would have on your body. Yikes!

Weight gain is easy but then shedding those pounds can be extremely rigorous and slow. Rather than going through the whole process, make better choices when it comes to your coffee. This way you can reap the health benefits that coffee has without sacrificing your health.

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