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Different Types Of Coffee (You Will Be Blown Away)

Different Types Of Coffee (You Will Be Blown Away)

There is a variety of coffees out there from different parts of the world, from coffee beans Arabica and Robusta to coffee drinks like espresso to red-eye. Generally, there are only 30 popular coffee types in the world, but thanks to the creativity of many people and the endless possibilities of coffee, there could be more.

As coffee has grown to be widely popular all around the globe, there are a lot of types of coffees. Each region grows a different kind of coffee.

Every place also makes a different kind of coffee. You see, there are many kinds of coffee that you can find. From sweet and creamy cappuccino to strong espresso, coffee can be brewed for almost everyone’s liking.

So, in this article, I collected all the data that I could find about all the coffees in the world.

Let’s begin.

How Many Types Of Coffee Are Out There?

two cups of different kinds of coffee

There are over 30 types of popular coffees in the world. If we even try to include the rest, the list wouldn’t even finish. There are just so many aromas, variations, and flavors to taste that it’s overwhelming.

Around the world, other than water, there are many kinds of beverages that people drink. Like tea, juice, wine, and coffee.

Friends hang out over a cup of coffee, office-going people consume it to get an instant boost of energy, and some just can’t live without drinking coffee. Whatever the reason may be, coffee doesn’t need a reason to be enjoyed.

Furthermore, coffee is widely grown all around the world, from remote places in Africa to tourist destinations like Indonesia. And each region produces a different kind of coffee. Each has its own unique taste, specific kind of aroma, flavors and so much more. I talk about coffees from different countries in my other article that you can check out here if you’re interested.

You see, coffee is a very complex drink. Unlike any other beverage, each little factor also impacts the overall taste, the feel, and even the notes that you taste in the final brew. But to sum it up, there are 30 types of most popular coffees.

Here’s a cool video I found out about all the 30 types of coffees and how they’re made.

What Are The Different Types Of Coffee Beans?

There are over 100 types of coffee beans. But only three are the ones that are consumed all over the world. The three different types of coffee beans include Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica. The first two are the most popular and commonly used while the latter is rare but still available around the world.   

Now if I said that every region grows a different kind of coffee, which means that there are a variety of coffee beans. Each type of soil makes the coffee taste different. The most famous kinds of coffee beans are only three coffee beans. They are:

So, let’s talk about Arabica coffee beans.

Arabica Coffee Beans

Arabica is the most popular kind of coffee. These coffee beans are responsible for 60% of coffee production around the world.

The taste of Arabica beans is preferred by many coffee enthusiasts. It is an ancient species of plant native to Ethiopia’s highlands and is thought to have been popularized in Arabia in the 7th Century (hence the name), but it is extremely delicate.

The name Arabica coffee appears on many labels. Growing in high altitudes, mainly in Latin America, it is usually slow and only able to respond to climatic conditions available at a higher altitude. Additionally, Arabica beans contain more sugar, which is why they taste a lot sweeter than Robusta. This enhances the overall brightness of the coffee beans. Despite its popularity, it doesn’t contain as much caffeine as Robusta.

What about Robusta coffee beans?

Robusta Coffee Beans

Robusta is cheaper and stronger than Arabica, which is the most popular. Coffee from the Robusta family is an entirely different breed.

Robusta in the Eastern Hemisphere grows in low altitudes and twice as fast as Arabica. That’s why you’ll see almost instant coffee packets made from Robusta coffee beans.

Also, its high caffeine content and bitter flavor profile make it ideal for using it to make espresso. Try sipping on a cup of Robusta coffee on a Monday morning if you’re feeling sluggish. It’s high in caffeine and will have you feeling more energetic.

Liberica Coffee Beans

Liberica coffee is almost exclusively produced in Malaysia, and it is especially popular in the Philippines. It is rare in North American and European markets and represents just two percent of global coffee production. There is no standard flavor for this product, it can be woody and smoky at times, or floral and harsh at others.

What Is The Most Popular Type Of Coffee?

There are many types of coffee that are popular like espresso, Irish coffee, red-eye, affogato and so much more.

There is just so much that has been done with coffee beans. From espresso to latte’s, there are so many types of coffee that at this point, it’s really difficult to wrap your head around them. So here are the popular types of coffees that are widely known around the world.

three people holding different cups of coffee.

I’ve divided them into six categories.

Only Espresso Shots


A small 1 oz shot of pure coffee that has been brewed with high steam pressure. The most potent type of coffee. That’s the reason it is also used as a base for most coffee drinks.


A double shot of espresso poured in a coffee cup. It contains nothing else.


It’s a much sweeter variant of a typical espresso shot. It is unlike Lungo which is an extended version of espresso, this is a short version of espresso. 30 ml of water is used to brew ristretto but for a lesser time. This draws out more sweet and bright flavors rather than the harshness and bitterness. Read more about this here.

Water And Espresso Only

This category only has coffee which contains espresso and water. Of course, you can add milk or sugar if you’d like but typically it’s served without it.


The name is derived from Italian that means long. It’s basically an espresso shot that is brewed with extra water. Usually, 30 ml water is used for espresso and takes about 20 to 30 seconds. But since water is increased for Lungo, it takes about a minute to brew this shot.

Café Noir (black coffee)

As simple as we call it because it’s just coffee ground steeped in warm water. Some add sugar and milk to it and some enjoy straight up. Read more about this here.


Though look-wise, it’s similar to café noir but it’s not. Also, the taste is quite similar too but it’s not made the same way. An Americano is made by pouring in a shot of espresso and then adding hot water to it.

Coffee And Espresso

This is a small category and contains only one coffee. It is brewed coffee with an espresso shot. That’s it. It’s the most caffeinated coffee among them all.


You know when you have to pull an all-nighter and have got red-eyes due to being awake for so long, yeah, it’s named after that. This is a highly caffeinated coffee. Brew your coffee like you normally do and then add one shot of espresso to it. This makes red-eye coffee. If you add two shots of espresso it will make black-eye coffee. And if you add more than two shots of espresso which is three shots it’s called dead-eye coffee.

Dairy And Espresso Only

This category contains coffees that have dairy and espresso shots only. People typically enjoy these coffees when they’re looking to add a bit of sweetness to straight-up espresso.


To a shot of espresso, the milk foam is added. This little bit of sweetness coming from the milk foam in the espresso shot lets the espresso shine through while balancing out the harshness with the milk foam. Read more about this here.


In this coffee, equal parts of espresso and steamed milk are added. One shot of espresso is 1 oz. So, 1 oz of steamed milk is added to 1 oz of espresso.


The concept is quite similar to macchiato but this is a much lighter coffee. In a shot of espresso of twice as much foamed milk is added. This makes for a creamy coffee which a strong espresso shot.


This is a typical summer treat for coffee aficionados. A shot of espresso and a scoop of vanilla ice cream is added. That’s it.  The sweet rich ice cream paired with harsh and bitter espresso makes for a lovely treat. Read more about this here.


You must have heard this type of coffee more than usual. That’s because, among the whole coffee industry, this type of coffee is the most celebrated one. So, a latte has only two ingredients, which are espresso shot and steamed milk. Of course, at the coffee shop, there is a lot of variety of lattes with many flavors available, but the basics of latte start like this.

two cups of creamy frothy cappuccino.


Another favorite type of coffee that is widely popular is the cappuccino. This coffee-like latte contains espresso, steamed milk but also milk foam. This makes it a much lighter cup of coffee and gives it a velvety mouthfeel. Read more about this here.

Espresso, Milk, And Much More

This category only has one coffee which has more than just espresso and dairy, like chocolate. This type of coffee adds a little extra flavor and gives it new dimensions of chocolate notes.


This is a strong and bold cup of coffee. People who tend to enjoy a more chocolatey version of coffee rave about this coffee. In an espresso shot, a layer of dark chocolate syrup or powder is added before topping it off with steamed milk. 

Coffee, Milk, And Much More

This type of coffee contains tons of ingredients and is loved by many people all around the globe. From whiskey to rum, you’d be surprised.


This coffee-like mocha is unique. But it doesn’t contain espresso as a base. It has freshly brewed coffee as the base. Then whiskey is added along with sugar and fresh cream. You can call it the alcoholic version of caffeine fix. 


This is an iced coffee that contains ice and a lot of other ingredients like Irish coffee. It has coffee, lemon, sugar, rum, and a lot of ice. To simply put it’s lemonade mixed with coffee and a splash of alcohol – haha!

Café Au Lait

This coffee is very simple and easy and very enjoyable. In a freshly brewed black coffee, steamed milk is added. This makes for a bold coffee that is enhanced by steamed milk.

Iced Coffee

Along with having tons of blended ice which feels very soothing on a hot summer day, it contains coffee, sugar, and whipped cream. People enjoy this all summer. But if you want to drink this in winter, no one’s stop you.

Here is a table of the most popular types of coffee which is the caffeine content.

Coffee TypeCaffeine Content
Espresso64 mg
Cappuccino80 mg
Latte77 mg
Mocha101 mg
Americano80 mg
Irish150 mg
Red-Eye250 mg

So, What Do I Think?

Coffee is a world-famous drink that is loved by billions of people. With so many places growing coffee, each region has its own type of coffee.

If you were to take a trip around the world with coffee, there are thousands of variations of coffee. But the most popular ones are just under 30. Which of these include red-eye, café au lait, affogato and so many more.

Plus, there are many coffee species grown around the world but the most famous ones include, Arabica which is more of a gourmet coffee bean, Robusta which is cheap and has a higher caffeine content and Liberica which is a rare coffee bean but is responsible for the 2 percent of the coffee production worldwide. So go around and discover new coffee’s and see for yourself which cup of coffee holds for you.

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