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Delonghi Magnifica ESAM 3300 (Detailed Review)

Delonghi Magnifica ESAM 3300 (Detailed Review)

You can’t help but wonder if you could bring a fully-automatic espresso machine to your home as you watch the baristas at Starbucks or Scooter’s Coffee press the button to make your favorite espresso.

Would purchasing one leave you broke? Is it worth the hype? How to use it properly?

Stop daydreaming and start scrolling to see if this is the best option for a fully automatic espresso machine at home.

You can make any type of coffee, from espresso to latte, with the Delonghi Magnifica espresso machine. The digital programmable control panel simplifies the delivery of high-quality coffee to your preferred cup.

The Delonghi Magnifica 3300 is most likely one of the best Delonghi Magnifica models, if not the best espresso machine available. We adore it for a variety of reasons. We are reviewing it because of its excellent build quality and high performance.

Following many hours of research based on your questions, I present below a comprehensive review of the Delonghi Magnifica ESAM 3300.


Here is the list of specifications for the Delonghi Magnifica Esam 3300. Let’s have a look at it so that you can see how durable and accessible it is:

FunctionalityA Fully Automatic Machine
Bar Pressure15 Bar Pump Pressure
Dimensions 11 in H x 15.3 in W x 14.4 L, weighs 23.2 lbs
Voltage 110/220v with an input power of 1350W
User InterfaceRotary and push-button control panel with programmable settings
Water Storage Capacity Up to 60-fl.-oz (Contains tubeless system)
Grinder Settings Fine to coarse, adjustable up to 13-settings
Bean Hopper CapacityUp to 12oz
Removable PartsDrip Tray, Infuser Unit, Water Tank
WarrantyLimited 2 Year Warranty
Shot SettingsProvides single and double shot settings
Cleaning and MaintenanceDescaling, rinsing program, dishwasher safe
A table of specifications for the Delonghi Magnifica 3300

Now that you’re aware of the specifications of Delonghi Magnifica ESAM 3300, let’s further dive into its design, style, and features.

This will give you a more clear look at the machine.

Design And Size

A coffee grinder grinding coffee beans to powder
The Delonghi Magnifica manual is simple to read.

The Magnifica is a DeLonghi entry-level super-automatic espresso machine, and it shows. Its silver-colored, all-plastic exterior is well-made but lacks the elegant appearance of a stainless steel body.

The Magnifica, on the other hand, outperforms in terms of features. This Italian machine has a fantastic cup warmer on top as well as an auto-shutoff feature that can be set from 15 minutes to 3 hours. This DeLonghi machine also includes a standard 2-year warranty.

The DeLonghi Magnifica is a small machine, measuring 11.0 x 15.3 x 14.4 inches and weighing 23.2 pounds. The clever design of its components, however, ensures that this espresso maker performs far above its class.

The majority of automatic espresso machines include an LCD or LED display, allowing customers to easily understand the process and make their coffee at home.

The Delonghi Magnifica manual is simple to read. Because the machine has no display, the manual will walk you through the steps to achieve the desired result.


Looking at the design, I must say it’s unique and quite distinguishable, but all come to the features ad how they provide you comfort. Now let’s dive right into the details of its features:

  • Push Button Control Panel
  • Cup Warmer
  • Cappuccino System
  • Conical Burr Grinder
  • Removable Double Boiler
  • Removable Water Tanks
  • Removable Drip Tray And Coffee Ground Catch Tray
  • Milk Frother
  • Instant Reheat Function
  • Hot Water Spout

Push Button Control Panel

In comparison to other coffee makers with a De’Longhi-designed and manufactured cappuccino system, the Magnifica ESAM 3300 lacks a digital LED display. However, its controls are programmable and can be found on the upper front panel of the coffee maker.

The Magnifica ESAM 3300’s control panel allows you to customize the coffee strength so that everyone can drink their preferred coffee taste. The control panel also includes a cup size selection, allowing you to get more caffeine kick with your cup of choice.

Other programmable menu settings in the panel include the shot system and auto on/off features. Magnifica 3300 is a self-adjusting brew unit that allows you to choose between one and two shots of espresso.

This espresso machine will automatically adjust the shots to produce a coffee that matches your desired coffee strength. Magnifica 3300 has an energy-saving feature with auto on/off settings. You can program it to turn off between 15 and 90 minutes using the menu settings.

Cup Warmer

The temperature of your cup can have a significant impact on the taste and temperature of your brew, as well as the warmth of your morning cup. Magnifica has a cup warmer on top of the machine which can keep your coffee warm for longer. While you wait for your coffee to finish brewing, you can turn your cup upside down.

Cappuccino System

To make foam for a delicious cappuccino, the DeLonghi Magnifica espresso machine employs a Panarello-style steam wand. Its steam nozzle is not entirely stainless steel but is coated with a plastic sheath that can be removed to clean the machine.

The spigot height can also be adjusted. Because the maximum cup height is 4.25 inches, it will be easier to transfer the coffee from any mug to your favorite travel mug.

It may not be as fancy as other high-end espresso machines with pure stainless steel steam wands, but the milk frother is much easier to clean and use. Because of its adjustable 180-degree rotating system, the system can accommodate any milk container size.

Conical Burr Grinder

Grinding coffee beans
The grinder has seven grind settings.

The Delonghi ESAM 3300 has an integrated conical burr that allows you to grind coffee beans and brew them directly. Because it employs a conical burr grinder, the machine employs ThermoBlock technology to provide excellent heat distribution to the beans. This will have an impact on the flavor of your brew.

The grinder has seven grind settings that allow you to customize how your coffee beans are ground. Because of the large water tank capacity and hopper capacity, you can make up to 14 cups of coffee. If you prefer a decaf shot, use the pre-ground coffee bypass.

The grinder has the advantage of taking up less space on the countertop and in storage, making the ergonomic footprint of the Delonghi Magnifica more appealing.

Magnifica is designed to grind medium coffee roast levels of beans, and for a freshet cup of coffee every time, it’s best to roast your coffee beans yourself using your best home coffee roaster. Oily beans, on the other hand, are not recommended for use in an automatic espresso machine.

This feature is extremely useful because it allows you to taste the best espresso as well as smooth, balanced, and rich coffee.

Removable Double Boiler

The Delonghi Magnifica includes a stainless steel double boiler that keeps the inside clean. To remove all minerals, simply descale the machine every three or four months. The reason you need to descale the machine is that it is unlikely to be serviced and will last for a long time.

The double boiler is intended to ensure the machine’s dependability. It also allows you to clean the machine regularly, allowing you to maintain the best flavor possible.

Because of the stainless steel construction, the boiler heats up quickly, allowing you to get your favorite cups in less time. Its preheating capabilities make it more appealing; you will never have to wait long for your next cup of coffee

Removable Water Tanks

The water reservoir is located in the back or on the top of most machines in its class, which can be inconvenient when you’re busy with another task of coffee making. The water tank on the Delonghi Magnifica comes out from the front, which is very convenient.

Only this model allows you to fill and empty the water reservoir without moving the machine. It can hold 60 ounces of water, so the reservoir is quite large and you will be able to make several cups of coffee before having to refill it.

Removable Drip Tray And Coffee Ground Catch Tray

As you can see, the tray in most machines is removable, allowing you to accommodate any size cup, mug, or carafe. Similarly, the Delonghi Magnifica comes with an easy-to-remove drip tray and a red floating gauge that indicates the water level.

Milk Frother

Preparing milk froth for coffee
Froth milk to make your coffee more delicious.

The milk steaming wand on the Delonghi Magnifica is simple and easy to use. This can be used to generate hot water or steam. And you’ll be able to froth milk with a single button press, which is a feature that other machines lack.

Simply place the cup under the steaming wand and hold it there until the milk foams. The frother works reasonably well; you will get an accurate result on your first use. So get the machine and froth milk to make your coffee more delicious, rich, and creamy just the way you like it.

Instant Reheat Function

Round thermometer
The machine maintains the ideal temperature.

Another appealing aspect of the Delonghi Magnifica brewing system is its Instant Reheat function. It prevents your coffee from becoming cold while you wait for the brewing and steaming cycle to complete. The machine maintains the ideal temperature of what you brew regardless of the weather.

Hot Water Spout

There may be some tea drinkers among those you invite to coffee. They may have a low tolerance for it or simply want to reduce their caffeine intake. No worries. You can also serve tea or hot chocolate with the hot water spout on the Magnifica 3300.

However, because the coffee machine lacks a built-in water filter, you should use distilled or purified water.


Now if you happen to have a Delonghi Magnifica ESAM 3300 and facing some issues regarding any of the processes, here are some of the commonly occurring problems which and their solutions that you can look up to.

ProblemPossible CauseSolution
The coffee is not hotThe cups were not preheated/
The infuser has cooled down
Warm the cups by rinsing them with hot water (Please note
you can use the hot water or rinse function/
Before making the coffee, warm the infuser by pressing the
rinse button
The coffee is thin or not creamy enoughThe Coffee is ground too coarsely/
The coffee is unsuitable
Turn the grinding adjustment dial one click anticlockwise
while the coffee mill is in operation
Continue one click at a time until coffee delivery is
satisfactory. The effect is only visible after delivering two
Use pre-ground coffee for espresso coffee makers
The coffee is delivered too slowly or one drip
at a time
The coffee is ground too finelyTurn the grinding adjustment dial one click clockwise while
the coffee mill is in operation Continue one click at
a time until coffee delivery is satisfactory. The effect is only
visible after delivering 2 coffees
Coffee does not come out of one of the spoutsThe spouts are blockedClean the spouts with a toothpick.
The frothed milk has large bubblesThe milk is not cold enough or is not semi-skimmedYou should ideally use skimmed or semi-skimmed milk at
refrigerator temperature (about 5°C).
If the result is still dissatisfying, try another brand of milk
The milk is not frothedThe cappuccino maker is dirtyClean as described in the section “Cleaning the cappuccino
maker after use”
Steam delivery stops during useA safety device stops delivery after 3 minutesWait a few minutes, then activate the steam function
The appliance does not come onIt’s not plugged into the main socket/
The main Switch A8 is not turned on
Plug into the main socket/
Place the main switch in on position
Some of the commonly occurring problems which Delonghi Magnifica ESAM 3300‘s users can face and their solutions that you can look up to.


You can watch the following video if you want Delonghi Magnifica ESAM 3300’s review:

Delonghi Magnifica ESAM 3300’s review

Other Options

Other coffee machines with built-in grinders include ceramic grinders, flat burr grinders, electric grinders, blade grinders, dosing grinders, non-dosing grinders, high-speed grinders, low-speed grinders, and so on.

If you don’t want to use a conical burr grinder:

If you can only drink black or espresso coffee and you don’t like fancy coffee drinks like cappuccino and latte, you can use a Jura coffee machine to make a good espresso.

If you want to be able to control the brewing process of your coffee a Breville coffee machine allows you to fine-tune your espresso shots to your preferences.


Does Delonghi Tamp Automatically?

Yes. With the push of a button, you can grind, tamp, and extract. Whole beans are placed on top, and small biscuits of compressed, used grounds are emptied from the bottom. The espresso produced is very consistent in volume, strength, and flavor, implying that the machine prepares it very consistently.

Does Delonghi Magnifica ESAM 3300 make regular coffee?

Yes. You can customize your coffee’s strength and shot volume. The ESAM 3300 uses the Direct-to-Brew system to grind coffee grounds while also brewing it.

Will ESAM 3300 Steam Milk Without Frothing?

The amount of froth you get is also affected by the type of milk you use. Skim milk, particularly organic skim milk, produces a very thick, rich froth (no fat in the milk); however, as you move up the scale (1 percent, 2 percent, and whole), the froth decreases significantly.

How Long Should A Delonghi Last?

Coffee brewing is a filthy process. It uses its cleaning and maintenance system for super-automatic coffee machines.

Most DeLonghi coffee machines have a lifespan of around 2-3 years or more. Every machine employs descaling, rinsing, and cleaning systems to ensure that your coffee machine is clean and well-maintained every time you brew coffee or make espresso drinks.

Final Say

Close up coffee beans in the grinder
The Delonghi Magnifica espresso machine is one of the most popular on the market.

Magnifica 3300 is a home coffee maker that produces delicious espresso. Because you can make a variety of coffee drinks with this machine, the performance of brewing ground coffee is exceptional.

The Delonghi Magnifica espresso machine is one of the most popular on the market. It’s sleek and has a variety of features that make it worth every penny, as many coffee enthusiasts will tell you—like how simple this machine is to use! However, as with any other espresso machine, it has a few drawbacks that you must accept.

I’d say the entire machine is a set of advantages, with the noisy grinder being the only drawback. However, the machine includes a slew of clever features and well-made parts. And the machine is reasonably priced and one of the best automatic espresso machines on the market.

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