Is Decaf Coffee Bad For You? (Let’s Discuss)

Decaffeinated coffee works just like regular coffee excluding the caffeinated part. There is no evidence that decaffeinated coffee has any bad effects on our bodies.

Coffee has slowly paved its way into our daily rituals. It’s become an important part of our life. Sipping coffee early in the morning wakes you up instantly and elevates your energy levels to the max. You get through the day much easier. The caffeine in coffee is just a godsend. Don’t you think? But some people prefer decaffeinated coffee.

So, is decaf better than regular coffee? Or is decaffeinated coffee bad for you?

We will discuss everything in this article, so to answer these questions. Keep on reading.

Is Decaf Coffee Unhealthy?

Decaffeinated coffee is not unhealthy. In fact, it helps people who have caffeine sensitivity and cannot drink regular coffee.

Coffee is one of the healthiest beverages in existence. It’s one of the largest sources of antioxidants in the western diet. And you know, antioxidants are very good in helping our bodies to remove the toxins from inside.

Coffee also has a chance of preventing liver cancer and increasing cognitive performance. This helps us be more awake, less drowsy and gives us an extra push to go the extra mile in the gym.

Coffee also increases metabolism as your fats burn much faster thus making you lose weight. It also protects from central nervous system disorders like Parkinson’s, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s.

Plus, drinking coffee elevates your mood immediately and helps your body to release more serotonin. This leads to lowered depression and anxiety levels.

Also, drinking coffee is known to reduce mortality rate. This means your life span is increased. Coffee naturally contains no sugar, so this makes it perfect for people who are looking to enjoy a zero-sugar drink.

But keep in mind, all these benefits can be enjoyed to the max only if you drink coffee moderately and regularly. No over-dosing and consuming in large quantities.

And now let’s talk about decaffeinated coffee. If regular coffee gives so many benefits, so why wouldn’t decaffeinated coffee? They both are the same.

Essentially, only the caffeine is withdrawn from the regular coffee beans, making it almost caffeine-free. That’s it. Nothing more changes about decaf coffee beans.

However, some benefits that are caffeine-related like, a boost of energy, serotonin production, and waking up instantly is not as effective as it’s in regular coffee. This is because of the absence of caffeine, which is the stimulant that causes these effects.

You can watch this video for a better understanding.

a great short video

What Is The Point Of Drinking Decaf Coffee?

People who are looking to reduce their caffeine intake throughout the day, opt for a regular coffee with decaffeinated coffee.

Decaffeinated coffee is referred to as decaf. The beans used in this coffee have been decaffeinated at least 97%. The removal of caffeine from coffee beans can be done in several ways.

Usually, water or organic solvents are used; however, carbon dioxide can also be used.  The solvent is used to wash coffee beans until they have been extracted from their caffeine, then the solvent is removed.

Another method of removing caffeine is to use a carbon dioxide or charcoal filter – a process called the Swiss Water Process.

Before they are roasted and ground, the beans are decaffeinated. Apart from the caffeine content, decaf coffee should have almost the same nutritional value as regular coffee.

a barista doing latte art

Depending on the method used, the taste and smell may change, and the color may also change. People who are sensitive to the bitterness and smell of regular coffee may find decaf more enjoyable because of this.

It’s also important to note decaf coffee is not entirely caffeine-free. It does contain some amount of caffeine. 1 cup of decaffeinated coffee may contain about 3 mg of caffeine, which is barely anything as compared to regular coffee.

So, in conclusion, people who don’t want to leave coffee completely and still want to enjoy it but without the caffeine can opt for decaffeinated coffee. Also, people who have caffeine sensitivity or have a medical condition that requires them to reduce their caffeine intake can enjoy a freshly brewed cup of decaffeinated coffee without any worries. 

I’ve prepared a chart for you of some of the most popular decaffeinated coffee beans brand that you can get for yourself and brew fresh coffee, along with their caffeine content.  

Decaffeinated Coffe Beans Caffeine Content
No Jo Fun Decaf0 mg
LifeBoost Organic Decaf0 mg
Koffee Kult Colombian Decaf1 mg
Kicking Horse Coffee Decaf0 mg
Koa Coffee Swiss Water Decaf0 mg

Which Is Better: Decaf Or Regular Coffee?

Both types of coffees are healthy for drinking regularly and in moderate quantities. Therefore, if it all depends upon your needs. If you want an almost caffeine-free option, drink decaffeinated coffee. But if you want caffeine, drink regular coffee. 

As we’ve discussed earlier in this article, coffee is an organic beverage that is very beneficial for your body. From its antioxidants content to its protection against diseases, everything in it is useful for our bodies.

So, if we compared the two kinds of coffees i.e. regular coffee and decaffeinated coffee, both are identical. You see, what they do is that they take out the caffeine from the regular coffee beans before roasting for making decaf coffee. That’s it. And then those decaffeinated beans are used when brewing decaf coffee.

So, nothing really changes, only the caffeine is driven out. 

all kinds of coffee beans on a grey background

Though, the whole decaffeinated process does have some more noticeable effects as well in terms of the look and feel of coffee. But the health benefits almost remain the same.

Only excluding the caffeine-related benefits like instant energy boosting moods, etc. because the caffeine doesn’t exist in all its glory here.

Therefore, some noticeable changes in decaf coffee are:

  • Lightened color
  • Less aroma
  • Less flavor
  • Barely any caffeine
  • Watery consistency

Therefore, both coffees are healthy. But only if you drink in low-moderate amounts. Plus, if you’re a regular coffee drinker, don’t consume more than 400 mg of caffeine in a day as per FDA suggestions. This means, that you can only consume about 2 to 3 cups of 8 oz coffee in one day. Otherwise, excessive coffee in your system can harm your body.

I’ve summarized the main features of decaf and regular coffee on a table for you.

FeaturesDecaf Coffee 8 ozRegular Coffee 8 oz
Caffeine0 mg – 3 mg70 mg to 150 mg
TasteWatery & FlatBitter & Strong
Antioxidants15% lessYes

Are There Any Benefits To Drinking Decaf Coffee?

Coffee has many benefits. Though by drinking decaf coffee, some benefits are reduced as compared to regular coffee. But some new benefits can be considered too when drinking decaffeinated coffee.

Since the caffeine content has been reduced greatly in decaf coffee, the caffeine-related goodies are not as effective as they would be in regular coffee.

But having said that, they’re lots of advantages of drinking decaf regularly over regular coffee.

These include:

  • Less sulfite: Regular coffee contains sulfites. The decaffeinated process withdraws these sulfites while removing caffeine. I have an article on the sulfite contents of coffee that you can read for a more detailed explanation.
  • Less acidity: the acid content of coffee reduces majorly because of the decaffeination process. Thus, making it suitable for people who have gastric issue to safely consume small amount of decaf coffee.
  • No bitter taste: People who are not a fan of the bitter and pungent notes of coffee, would definitely love a cup of decaf coffee. As the bitter notes are barely present.
  • Lowers the risk of dying at an early age: Studies done suggest that drinking decaf coffee lowers some percentage of your possibility of dying at an early age.
  • Reduces liver enzyme: Research done suggest that decaffeinated coffee can reduces excessive production of enzyme levels in the liver.

The Bottom Line

Decaffeinated coffee works just like regular coffee. The health benefits of coffee that we all are familiar with now remain the same in both kinds of coffee and there are no two ways about it!

In fact, people who don’t want to quit coffee entirely or just simply want to cut down their daily caffeine intake due to any reason can still enjoy a fresh cup of chockers without any worries.

Plus, there are some useful advantages that you get from drinking decaf coffee. So, don’t get confused about decaf coffee. It works just as great, change things if you are looking to try out for your own.

Also, it’s less potent than regular coffee and doesn’t have a much bitter taste.

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