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Cuisinart Dbm-8 Supreme Coffee Grinder: Our In-Depth Review

Cuisinart Dbm-8 Supreme Coffee Grinder: Our In-Depth Review

Normally, a low price implies poor quality, but I’ve heard nothing but positive things about it. So, aside from a long name, I wanted to get our hands on a Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill to see what it brings to the coffee grinding game.

Would you believe me if I told you that Cuisinart makes an electric burr grinder that costs less than a quarter of what its competitors do? Oh yes.

The DBM-8 is a low-cost entry-level grinder with the added benefit of having a burr mill rather than blades. We like this grinder because it makes the process of grinding fresh beans very simple.

Cuisinart has priced and packaged the DBM-8 attractively enough to make a strong case for it. Especially when compared to blade grinders. Now let’s dive into its features and specifications to see how it stands out from other burr mills.


Now let’s look into the specifications of this supreme Grind Mill:

Dimensions6 x 7.13 x 10.75 Inches
Product Weight  5.6 lbs.
Limited Warranty18-month
Materials BPA Free Plastic and Stainless Steel
Hopper Capacity  8 ounces
Power 140 watts
Manufacturer Cuisinart
Specifications Of Cuisinart Dbm-8 Supreme


Cuisinart Dbm-8 Supreme has the following features:

Additional Feature

The DBM-8 has an in-built safety feature that prevents the grinder from running until the bean hopper and grounds bin is properly positioned. That means you’ll have to go through the extra step of moving the grounds from the bin to your coffee machine. Nonetheless, I value the security provided by this feature.

Grind Control

a bunch of coffee beans
This machine contains 18 dial settings!

This Cuisinart DBM 8 Burr Grinder has 18 dial settings for you to experiment with based on your needs. A medium grind is ideal for an everyday regular coffee machine. You can do very well with a home espresso machine. Although, nowadays, most home espresso machines include pressurized filter holders that retard, slow down, and produce a decent espresso. So, if you’re not sure how fine to grind it, don’t worry.

If you’re “picky” about your espresso, you should spend a little more money and look elsewhere. The inverse is also true. A coarse grind is required for French pressing and cold brewing.

Easy To Clean

The bean hopper disassembles for easy cleaning. This is a must-have feature if you want to extend the life of your grinder beyond the 18-month warranty period. You should use a brush to remove any residual grinds or chaff from the chamber.

Because coffee releases oil during the grinding process, the burrs require special attention. Too much build-up causes more friction (heat), which not only makes your coffee taste funny but also causes your burr grinder to start failing. Consider waking up super early to attend an important meeting and having a coffee nightmare.

To keep burr grinders in working order, they must be cleaned regularly. The DBM-8 has a removable hopper to assist you in this endeavor. The top burr is attached to the hopper’s base and comes out with it. This allows you to dust the coffee residue from the bottom burr.

I should mention that because this burr grinder is made entirely of plastic, it’s prone to static electricity. Fine coffee dust, as a result, tends to stick to the coffee dispensing chute and the top of the grounds bin. So be cautious when emptying the bin. Otherwise, you’ll have coffee dust all over you.

Powerful Motor

I know I already made a witty fact-based remark about the noise, but this may be a problem for some people. If you have roommates or a partner who sleeps a little more than you, this burr grinder will wake everyone up. One of the drawbacks of having a powerful motor in such a thinly layered case is this.

There’re other ways to grind coffee that do not require a grinder. One disadvantage of going that route is that the product will be uneven and inconsistent.

Automatic Burr Mill

This grinder includes a set of ceramic block burrs. That’s not surprising for a novice grinder. In the manual, Cuisinart does not specify the burr size or motor power. But we can tell you one thing: it’s one of the noisiest burr grinders I’ve ever heard.

Cuisinart Dbm-8 extracts the most flavor and aroma from each grind option, whether you prefer French press or other coffee brews. Simply turn the hopper to the appropriate setting, select the amount of cup, and press the start button, and it will grind beans and shut off automatically. You will discover that your cool coffee is full of the best flavor.

Hopper And Ground Bins

This Cuisinart burr coffee grinder has an 8-oz removable plastic bean hopper. The plastic grounds bin can accommodate up to 32 cups of ground coffee. The grounds bin, on the other hand, isn’t airtight, and we wouldn’t recommend storing ground coffee in it.

Portability and Size

With the hopper attached, the grinder measures 6 x 7.13 x 10.75 inches and weighs 4.7 pounds. It’s a small, lightweight machine that will take up little space on your countertop or inside a cabinet.

Do you have little space in your kitchen but want to buy an espresso machine? Check this article out!


This is one of the most affordable burr grinders on the market, so expecting it to last for years is a bit ambitious. However, for the price, the build quality is quite good. With some regular maintenance, you might be able to get a couple of years out of it. However, it falls far short of the sturdiness of some of the best burr grinders.

This grinder comes with an 18-month warranty from Cuisinart. If something goes wrong with it outside of the warranty period (or if the warranty does not cover it), buying a new grinder will be far more cost-effective than attempting to repair it.

Here’s how you can make your grind mill work:

Cuisinart Dbm-8 Supreme Demo

Pros and Cons

Let’s look at the pros and cons of the Cuisinart Dbm-8 Supreme:

It offers excellent grind or drip brewsCreates Loud Noise
Its bean hopper has a great capacity of 8 ouncesRequires Everyday Cleaning
One-touch easy startThe ground container requires strength and persistence to slide
back into the right place
Automatic shutoff system after grindingThe static problem creates some clutter
Heavy motor with cord storageIts grind setting is more for the french press than for espresso
and Turkish
Stainless steel finish Plastic Hopper
Pros and cons

Is The Cuisinart Dbm-8 Worth It?

Freshly roasted coffee grinder to turn the beans into powder
You’ll have a fine coarse for your French press with this grinding mill

It’s not the best option but it’ll suffice if you’re not concerned with extraction rate, coffee-to-water ratio, ideal brewing temperature, and so on.

The DBM-8 has 18 stepped grind-size settings ranging from “fine” to “coarse. Cuisinart claims it can grind for espresso, but we disagree. You might be able to make espresso with the finest setting if you use a pressurized portafilter. However, it’ll not even come close to the espresso you can get at your local cafe.

You’ll need to use the coarser settings to grind for French Press. However, this machine’s grind is inconsistent and produces a lot of fines. If you make French Press coffee, you may end up with a lot of “sludge.” We wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking for that perfect, sweet cup of pour-over coffee because of its inconsistent grind.

Cuisinart claims that this machine can grind 12 cups of coffee in approximately 40 seconds and 18 cups in approximately 55 seconds. But take it with a grain of salt. (Not literally, of course!) Grinding time is also affected by the type of coffee you’re making, the bean you’re using, and so on.

Its grind quality is superior to blade grinders, and freshly ground coffee always results in a better brew.

Can I Use The Cuisinart DBM-8 Coffee Grinder As A Grind Mill?

coffee beans in a cup and a coffee grinder on the porch of the house in the afternoon
Grinding can be easy if the grinder is automatic

Yes, you can use the Cuisinart DBM as a grinding mill too but I might recommend you not to. The Cuisinart DBM 8 is an affordable coffee grinder that can handle large amounts of coffee. It’s an excellent choice if you need a machine that can handle coarse grinds for drip, filtered, or pour-over coffee brewing methods.

The coffee grinder, which has a grinding chamber with a capacity of 32 cups and an 8 oz removable bean hopper, allows you to swap out different bean types and store coffee in the freezer. A micro-grind adjustment rotating knob with 18 settings is located beneath the hopper. This makes it simple to obtain the proper grind size for your brews and espressos. The sliding button is used to select the dosing settings.

To grind your coffee, select the desired grind level and several grounds. You can now proceed by pressing the power bar. The grinding cycle is controlled by an electric timer, which shuts off the grinder when the desired amount of grounds are reached.

You can select 4-18 cups of beans, and the grinder will only grind what you need. This coffee grinder features a grind coarseness selector, an electric timer, and a cup dial adjustment for the cups you’re grinding.


  • The Cuisinart is a low price burr grind mill that’s automatic and can help you with your coffee grinding way better than the manual grinders.
  • You can select from 18 grinding settings.
  • However, there have been complaints about how these grind settings are not good enough for espresso but can be perfect for a french press.
  • This machine is easy to clean and easy to use. it has a good portability rate and is durable with 18 monthly warranty.
  • However, this grinder has a heavy motor that makes noise, which may be irritating for some.

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