Conical Grinders (Is it worth it?)

Coffee shop barista grinding coffee using conical burr grinder

If you ask me what feels better than making yourself a cup of coffee made with freshly ground coffee beans, I would probably have to think about it for a minute or two.

Coffee making is a kind of art and coffee grinders are paintbrushes.

Just like a good paintbrush will provide you with a great painting, a conical burr grinder will help you make the best cup of coffee in the morning.

In both cases, the results depend on the most important tool of the work, and conical burr grinders are the best for this job. 

What is a Conical Grinder? 

A conical grinder is a burr type of coffee grinder with a cone-shaped center. Simply put, it fairly grinds coffee beans for you. 

Coffee grinders can be a factor on how your coffee performs in terms of taste, looks, and effectiveness.

For someone who loves making a cup of coffee, a grinder is as important as any other home appliance, such as a frying pan.

A conical burr grinder has two burrs placed in a conic shape. Due to its shape, grinding is fairly uniform with great size control.

The beans turn out finer because they get more crushed compared to blade grinders. Conical coffee grinders deliver the best outcome in terms of coffee grinding.

Do You Really Need A Conical Grinder?

For coffee shop owners and coffee enthusiasts, it would be a good investment. But whether you need a conical grinder is really up to you.

The low-speed burr grinders grind coffee beans so perfectly that they are well-suited for brewing coffee at home or in any commercial sector.

For coffee shop owners, buying a conical grinder would be a good investment because everyone loves the delicious ground coffee a conical grinder can provide. Plus, it would attract more customers if you own a coffee place!

You can also get your conical grinder if you are a coffee enthusiast who wants to enjoy the best coffee at home or the office.

However, I suggest you buy a conical grinder of your own only if it is necessary. Though conical burr grinders sound like another thing that can make your life easier, they are actually quite expensive.

Despite the cost, getting your own coffee beans and a conical grinder, and having the beans ground all by yourself just for a cup of coffee sound fancy. It sure does to me!

However, grinding coffee by yourself, even storing them for later can be time-consuming. You might just happen to be a busy person! So, once again, only you can decide whether you need to get a conical grinder or not.

Coffee barista working in a coffee shop.
Conical burr grinders are a good investment for coffee shop owners.

How Much Does A Conical Grinder Cost? 

A good conical grinder can cost you anywhere from $70 USD to $1000 or more.

A conical grinder can often turn out to be an essential tool to buy for yourself.

For personal usage, you can get a good quality conical burr grinder for under $250.

I recommend the following brands of conical grinders:

I would recommend you to buy either the Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder or Baratza Virtuoso Conical Burr Coffee Grinder.

You can get other cheaper brands online. I’d say work just fine.

If you enjoy coffee and want to make the perfect cup of coffee every day, you’ve probably considered purchasing a decent coffee grinder.

Why Are Conical Burr Grinders So Expensive?

Conical burr grinders are so expensive because they have a strong build quality and perform better at doing their job.

You may be wondering why a conical burr grinder costs a bit more. Well, it really does a good job as it can grind a lot of coffee beans together and even last for years if you take care of them.

These factors cause coffee grinders to be so expensive.

A conical coffee grinder results in finely grounded coffee which a blade grinder or a flat grinder can’t provide.

These also have high-end quality control which is another big factor causing them to be so expensive. 

Grinding process of coffee beans

How Long Do Conical Burr Grinders Last? 

Depending on the brand and maintenance, a conical burr grinder can last around 5 to 7 years.

Everything has a life expectancy and so do conical grinders.

If you get a good brand and use it with care, it can last you up to 7 years before buying a new one.

The usage is a very important factor here. You have to clean your grinder regularly to achieve that longevity and avoid heavy grinding parameters.

Maintaining your conical grinder is very important just like maintaining your other appliances. The better you maintain, the longer it runs.

As we already know, coffee grinders can cost you a lot. You are not likely to change them often over the years. So buying a brand that has a reputation for making long-running conical grinders is necessary.

It also depends on how and which coffee beans you are grinding. If you always put your conical grinder on heavy-duty, it will not last very long. So keep an eye out for that. 

How Does Coffee Made In Conical Burr Grinder Taste? 

Coffee made in conical burr grinders has a richer and more consistent taste than regular ground coffee. 

Coffee’s taste is dependent on how good the roast is and how fine the coffee beans are.

Finer ground coffee will taste much better than big chunks of coffee beans because they are easier to brew.

Conical burr grinders are known for their best results in terms of grinding coffee beans and providing tasty coffee. A conical burr grinder has two burrs set in a conical shape and uses gravity to finely grind your coffee beans.

So you get a better-grounded coffee with conical burr grinders than other regular grinders. Better grounded coffee mixes well with hot water and offers a consistent taste which is possible through a good quality conical burr grinder.

If you are worried about how a conical burr grinder performs on making coffee tasty, you are in safe hands. 

Which Is Better: Flat Or Conical Burr Grinder? 

Flat and conical burr grinders both serve the same purpose, but in terms of net positivity,  conical burr grinders win over flat burr grinders. 

Conical burr grinders are a great tool for your home providing you good coffee without any hassle. But then again, you may face trouble deciding which one to buy.

To ease you a little bit on this, I would suggest you buy a conical burr grinder for your coffee corner.

People usually need a drink of coffee in the morning, which can be a very important period for some.

A conical coffee grinder is easy to operate and produces less heat, less noise, costs you less, saves energy, and offers you full control over coffee grinding.

A flat grinder will not allow you these. It may provide you with delicious coffee, but a conical coffee grinder will do the same with much more advantages.

The conical burr grinder is indeed a clear winner! 

Here’s a table based on the basic differences between the conical burr grinder and the flat burr grinder to help you choose easily.

Pros and ConsConical Burr GrinderFlat Burr Grinder
Heat Productionless heatmore heat
Noise Reductionavailablenot available
Energy Savingsuses less energyuses more energy
Grind Finesse bimodalunimodal
Affordability$70 to 1000 or more$400 to 2000 or more
Conical VS Flat Burr Grinder

Watch this video that will help you better realize the differences between the conical and the flat burr grinder.

Why you should go for the conical burr grinder?

Final Thoughts

If you are looking forward to getting yourself a new conical burr grinder, you need to be careful before making the purchase.

Make sure you really need one before you buy one. Someone who prefers to buy their coffee from coffee shops doesn’t really need an expensive grinder at their home, right?

So think about what you really need and then choose which coffee grinder is best for you. You can also go to your local home appliances store and check out some coffee grinders before purchasing one. 

Meanwhile, choose a high-quality conical grinder to achieve the best cup of coffee!

Also, do not overindulge to reap the benefits of drinking coffee and avoid future health complications.

Cheers, and enjoy your cuppa!

Matt Marshall

As I learn more and more about coffee and coffee products I want to share all my learnings with you here on this website. I hope you find my articles useful and entertaining to read.

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