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Coffee Machine Keurig (Here Is What You Should Know)

Coffee Machine Keurig (Here Is What You Should Know)

The top Keurig coffee makers will strike a balance between practicality and flavor. The flavor of Keurig coffee makers isn’t their strongest suit.

However, some models are more distinctive than others. Particularly those that provide the “strong” option tend to make coffee of a higher caliber. 

It seems unreasonable to expect all of this from a Keurig machine.

The ideal option will also depend on your particular requirements, such as how much counter space you have and whether you prefer creamy beverages.

We examined a variety of Keurig coffee makers to identify those that deliver the best performance to assist you in selecting a model.

There is a machine for everyone, whether you’re buying on a tight budget or want one with an iced coffee setting.

These Keurig coffee makers are the greatest.


An image of coffee powder.
The K-Classic, like all Keurigs, is a large device that occupies about the same space on your counter as a drip coffee maker, except the K-Mini, which is about the size of a blender

It’s a crowded field of underwhelming competitors, but we favored the K-Classic over the other Keurigs we tested in the same way that someone might prefer one brand of aircraft peanuts over another.

Since every Keurig produces the same weak coffee, we favor the K-Classic over the K-Mini since it is simpler to use.

The K-Select, the only Keurig we examined, appears to have durability problems.

The K-Classic may be filled directly in the sink because it has a removable reservoir, unlike the K-Mini. Although the K-Classic can brew cups of coffee that are 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces in size, we found that anything more than a 6-ounce cup tasted comically weak.

Keurig K-Cafe

Because it combines the most significant features of pod machines with countertop espresso appliances, the K-Cafe is the best Keurig coffee maker overall. It functions as both a coffeemaker and a milk frother.

In our testing, we discovered that the “strong” brew produced a more decadent flavor of K-Cup coffee. At the same time, the “shot” functionality, which creates a full, espresso-like 2-ounce pour, is an excellent recreation of delicious espresso. 

We evaluated the average brewing time for the K-Cafe at 36 seconds after brewing three cups of each serving size, just behind the marginally quicker K-Elite and K-Classic.

The frothing process takes longer, typically taking one minute and 35 seconds per pitcher.

It should be noted that the K-Cafe cannot simultaneously brew and froth milk.

Additionally, the machine’s frother is on the right side, making it difficult for left-handed people to use.

But since this is the only Keurig model with a built-in milk frother, it might be the company’s most helpful product.

Although we liked the flavor of the coffee from the K-Cafe, we thought the temperatures could have been a little better.

All of the Keurigs we tested were unable to brew coffee while it was hot.

Only 176 degrees Fahrenheit was the K-hottest Cafe’s cup of coffee temperature.

Those who like their coffee steaming hot may be dissatisfied with the chilly weather.

The K-Cafe uses the most energy of any Keurig device we have measured at roughly 160 kWh, expected from a device that can brew and froth. The K-Cafe was the second-loudest Keurig we tested, with a brew cycle noise measurement of 75 decibels, but its warm-up period averaged at a much quieter 65 dB.

The K-Cafe is the ideal Keurig if you want to recreate the atmosphere of a coffee shop at home or like a stronger K-Cup in the morning. It is even better because of how simple-to-use it is.

Here’s a K-Cafe review and demo video:

Keurig K-Cafe Review and Demo
Brews a cup in under two minutes Highest energy consumption across all tested Keurig machines
Incredibly easy-to-use frother Brewing and foaming cannot be done simultaneously.
Robust and shot options offer better K-Cup flavor 

Keurig K-Slim

Image of a coffee maker.
The K-Slim makes the best K-Cup coffee at the lowest cost and is available in various colors, including red, mint, grey, and white if you’re looking for a primary machine

If you want a simple Keurig machine that won’t take up much counter space, the K-Slim, which is only 4.7 inches wide, is a good option. Its sleek form is the exact opposite of Keurig’s generally bulky ones, and maintenance is relatively low thanks to the dishwasher-safe water reservoir and drip tray. 

Every coffee we made with the K-Slim delivered a flavorful cup with depth.

But like all Keurigs, it doesn’t have the hot temperature needed for the best-tasting coffee.

The lowest cup measured was 168 degrees Fahrenheit, while the highest cup measured 181 degrees.

The machine’s average brew time was also 1 minute and 25 seconds, but unlike our top contenders, the K-Cafe and K-Elite, the warm-up and brew cycles on the K-Slim are merged, increasing the wait time.

The K-Slim can still brew a cup in less than two minutes, just like all other Keurigs.

Near the end of its brewing cycle, the K-Slim emits a noise that reaches a maximum volume of 74 decibels. Additionally, it uses 139 kWh on average, somewhat more than the K-Elite.

However, its shortcomings can result from its simplistic design. The K-Slim can only brew three serving sizes: 8-, 10-, and 12 ounces.

Additionally, because the water reservoir is towards the back of the machine and must be accessed by pivoting the machine, filling it may be a little irritating. It is ranked as one of the best Keurig coffee makers.


  • Brews a cup in under two minutes. 
  • The slim build uses less space.
  • Lots of color options 
  • Multistream technology makes excellent coffee. 
  • Great price 


  • Only brews 8-, 10-, and 12-ounce coffee. 
  • The water tank is awkward to reach.

Keurig K-Elite

Image of a massive 75-ounce water reservoir.
A massive 75-ounce water reservoir

A slower brew is the secret to a richer, more flavorful K-Cup, and the “strong” button function of the K-Elite helps achieve precisely that and much more. There might not be a milk frother on this monster Keurig. However, it compensates for this with several features:

  • The ability to brew iced coffee.
  • Temperature control.
  • A hot water dispenser.

The K-Elite can brew cups that are 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, and 12 ounces in size, giving it the widest serving size variety. To further purify the tank, it also comes with a Keurig-branded water filter.

During testing, the machine made K-Cups faster than any other Keurig home model, with an average brew time of 34 seconds per serving.

We found the machine to be highly adaptable, thanks to its variety of coffee alternatives. It requires roughly 115 kWh, which is a little bit more energy than the K-Mini, the most miniature product available from Keurig.

This machine is simple and quiet, with a coffee pod lock nearly sliding open and a noise reading of 67dB.

In a test, the K-Elite also yielded the best-tasting coffee. The texture, flavor, and depth were comparable to what we would expect from a regular coffee maker.

The K-Elite, like every other Keurig on this list, is unable to brew coffee at the temperatures needed to deliver the most excellent flavor.

The K-Elite produced a cup of coffee that was 182 degrees Fahrenheit at its hottest and 165 degrees Fahrenheit at its most excellent.

Although it is one of the best Keurig coffee makers available, some might be put off by its high price and absence of a frother.


  • The potent brew option makes delicious coffee.
  • Super fast brew times   
  • The timer function helps plan brews.
  • Large water reservoir 
  • Very versatile


  • Flimsy drip tray 

Final Thoughts

  • A Keurig saves you a little time compared to other single-cup brewing systems.
  • If you must buy one, the Keurig K-Classic was the best model we tested. However, a Keurig machine is not necessary.
  • We comprehend the appeal of Keurig to so many people: Every time you brew a cup of coffee, you may select from a variety of blends and flavors thanks to its simple operation.
  • On the other hand, a Nespresso machine provides a comparable experience with better-tasting coffee and a minimal environmental impact.
  • Additionally, for a little bit more work and less money, you may prepare coffee using a pour-over, French press, or a regular old coffee machine.
  • These methods also taste far better than Keurig and Nespresso. Given the variety of possibilities, we advise purchasing any other configuration before purchasing a Keurig.

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