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The Espresso Grinder That Will Make You a Coffee Master

The Espresso Grinder That Will Make You a Coffee Master

The espresso machine is not the most important piece of equipment for making excellent espresso at home, as many people believe. To make great espresso, you’ll need a coffee grinder that produces uniformly sized coffee grounds. Which size? It all depends on the type of coffee you’re making.

You can quickly pull a rich, intense shot in the comfort of your own home by using a high-quality espresso maker. But, to make the best espresso possible, you’ll need one more tool: a coffee grinder capable of producing consistently fine grounds. So, which is the best espresso coffee grinder?

I researched and tested a variety of espresso grinders to assist you in selecting the best model. Here’re My top five picks, complete with in-depth reviews and purchasing advice. I believe that it’s critical to understand all aspects of a product before purchasing it. So, without further ado, here’re our top espresso grinders:

Breville Coffee And Espresso Grinder
Rancilio Rocky Grinder
OXO Brew Grinder
Aromory Manual Grinder
Cuisinart DBM 8 Supreme Grinder
Best Coffee Grinders For Espresso Grind

Keep reading to know more.

Best Coffee Grinders For Espresso Grind

coffee grinder
There are a lot of good grinders out there!

Here’re the best coffee grinders for espresso grind:

Breville Coffee And Espresso Grinder

The Breville BCG820BKSXL burr grinder for espresso is simple to use and grinds your coffee consistently every time.

This Breville model features a 16-ounce bean hopper that dumps your beans into durable stainless steel conical burrs to provide you with the finest ground coffee beans. Grind settings range from ultra coarse to extra fine and everything in between.

Unless reset, the precision electric timer remembers how long you ground your beans the last time the machine was used and runs it for that amount of time. This is great if you go to work with your eyes half-closed in the morning, but there isn’t an off switch if you forget to adjust something.

Rancilio Rocky Grinder

The Rancilio Rocky Espresso, in our opinion, is the best commercial-grade espresso grinder on the market today.

This grinder has a hopper that can hold slightly more than half a pound of coffee beans. To grind your coffee, the beans are transferred to heavy steel flat burrs. You can choose from 55 different settings, including slow-speed grind, to get the perfect grind for the type of coffee you want.

Because this machine is heavy, you won’t want to move it around too much. This is difficult because even slightly oily beans easily clog it. To dislodge them, you must shake the machine, which can be difficult due to its weight.

The placement of the power switch is probably the most annoying aspect of this machine. Its location makes it difficult to operate the device while also handling the portafilter. It’s possible; it simply requires some juggling and getting used to.

OXO Brew Grinder

The OXO Brew Conical Burr Grinder has been voted the best budget espresso grinder available in stores today. Keep in mind that because this is a budget grinder, the beans may not be ground as finely as you would like for your espresso. The coarser grinds produce a weaker shot than the fine grinds.

The hopper of this grinder holds up to three-quarters of a pound of coffee beans, and the conical burrs are stainless steel. This model has 15 grind settings as well as a memory start timer that remembers how long to grind for. Simply set the timer and it’ll shut off after that amount of time, providing consistent amounts of coffee grounds every time.

However, this grinder has a few significant flaws. Even though it has a timer for grinding, you can’t leave it unattended because the beans easily jam. Before it can continue grinding effectively, you’ll need to shake or tap the unit on the counter.

It also spits coffee grounds everywhere, creating a massive mess to clean up. The most concerning issue is the annoying constant buzzing when the unit is plugged in but not in use.

Aromory Manual Grinder

The Aromory Manual Coffee Bean Grinder is the best hand grinder for espresso, according to our reviews. Because it’s a hand grinder, it’s ideal for taking with you when traveling so that you can still enjoy freshly ground coffee.

It has 15 different grind settings as well as a ceramic conical burr mill. Depending on how strong you want your espresso, you can grind it in 30 seconds to two minutes. It does, however, require a lot of grinding, so it isn’t ideal for making large pots of coffee.

This grinder has a couple of unsettling features. Because it’s made of cheap materials, it’s prone to breaking. The grind dial markings are difficult to see, and it does not always grind consistent grounds.

Cuisinart DBM 8 Supreme Grinder

The Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Burr Grinder features an eight-ounce bean hopper that deposits beans into the burrs for grinding to one of 18 different grind settings. There’s an electric timer that grinds your coffee for the same amount of time every morning, but you can’t turn it off without canceling your preset selections.

The static electricity generated by the 32-cup grind chamber is enormous. Because of this, coffee grounds stick to the sides of the chamber and must be tapped to fall to the bottom. Coffee grounds tend to fly all over the place when you do this. Another annoyance with this grinder is that your coffee isn’t consistently ground after all of the mess. To get that perfect shot of espresso, you need a consistent fine blend.

This machine’s bottom lip is flimsy and easily chips, so handle it with caution. It’s also extremely loud.

I have written a review article on Cuisinart DBM 8 Supreme Grinder, do check it out!

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is there a difference between a coffee grinder and an espresso grinder?


An espresso grinder is almost always electric, with the necessary power to crush coffee into a fine and fluffy powder. They also have the advantage of being “stepless,” which means the brewer can make very subtle adjustments to the grind to suit their preferences. If you’re a seasoned homebrewer, this extra level of intuition may be very appealing.

Any machine designed to grind coffee is referred to as a coffee grinder. Not all coffee grinders, however, can produce the fine grind required for an espresso machine. Manual coffee grinders frequently struggle to achieve a fine grind and should be reserved for Moka pot espresso, French presses, or pour-overs.

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Can You Use Normal Coffee Grinder For Espresso?

Close up of an electric coffee grinder with beans
A coffee grinder grinds whole coffee beans into ground coffee so that the flavor can be extracted.

Not all coffee grinders can be used to grind espresso. For the best extraction, each brewing method necessitates a specific grind size.

Drip coffee makers, for example, use medium grinds, whereas French press and cold brew coffee use a coarser grind. Turkish coffee doesn’t filter the grounds before serving, so extra-fine coffee grounds are required. Because espresso extracts coffee quickly, you’ll need a fine grind setting.

First and foremost, your grinder should be capable of grinding fine enough for espresso. Not all burr grinders can do it.

Second, for dialing in your coffee recipes, you need more control over the grind size. Because espresso is brewed in such a short period, a slightly coarser or finer grind size can make a significant difference, resulting in a sour or bitter espresso. As a result, the best espresso grinder should also allow you to fine-tune your fine grind for the perfect espresso shot.

So you can see how a coffee grinder for espresso can up your game and how a normal grinder won’t give you the same results.

How Do I Choose An Espresso Grinder?

Finding the best coffee grinder for espresso can be difficult, but knowing what you’re looking for will expedite and simplify the process.

It may appear to be too good to be true, but you’re not supposed to be an expert…

Not right away, at any rate.

Simply learn the fundamentals and determine what type of grinder you require to produce the espresso that’ll motivate you to get out of bed every morning.

Here’re the most important factors to consider when purchasing your next espresso coffee grinder:

  • The type of grinder (blade or burr)
  • Type of burr (flat or conical).
  • Material for burrs (steel or ceramic)
  • Additional options and features (Size, Grind Setting, Hopper Size)

Can I Grind Espresso In A Blade Grinder?

No, blade grinders aren’t that convenient. They lack the consistency and control for an espresso grind. Hence, blade grinders aren’t suitable for espresso grinding.

However, you can opt for a burr grinder for your espresso grind.

How Fine Do I Grind Coffee For Espresso?

Any aspiring barista understands the significance of using the proper coffee grind size for your brew method, which leads us to the question of what’s the best grind size for espresso. If only the solution was simple!

For espresso, use a fine grind setting, so the ground particles are about 1/32 of an inch, or 0.8 mm. although the precise value varies depending on the coffee bean and the espresso machine.

Here’s how you can understand the grind size for your espresso:

Understanding Espresso Grind Size


  • The Breville BCG820BKSXL Smart Conical Burr Grinder Pro is my pick for “Best Overall Espresso Grinder.”
  • If you need a commercial grinder, consider the Rancilio Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder.
  • If you’re looking for a good deal, consider the OXO BREW Conical Burr Grinder, and if you want the best manual espresso grinder, consider the AROMORY Manual Coffee Bean Grinder.

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