Best Value Automatic Coffee Machines (Choose the Best)

Coffee pouring into the cup from coffee machine.

Coffee is the most convenient daily caffeinated dose of the ultra busy-going generation. No matter how rushed your mornings are, a cup of coffee is always the fine thing to look for.

Many people find it more convenient to prepare their coffee at their homes. This not only saves some extra bucks but also allows you to indulge in a fresher dose of caffeine.

Nowadays there are ample advanced machines for your coffee that have alluring technologies and easy processing. For a coffee lover who doesn’t like much of a fuss while making coffee, an automatic machine could be a blessing tool.

Short answer: There are ample automatic coffee machines in the market. Considering the price, features, and functionality and customer reviews DeLonghi Magnifica S is an ideal choice for the best value among the wide range.

In this article, I will be explaining the various features and convenience you’ll be getting by using an automatic coffee machine. This article will also help you in choosing the best one considering value, features, and easy functionality.

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Are automatic coffee machines worth it?

automatic coffee machines with a bunch of buttons

Automatic coffee machines are one of the most useful boons in modern electric appliances giving coffee lovers an experience of the caffeine jolt regularly. So I’d say they’re pretty worth it.

These machines are specialized in making great espressos but beneath the automation, there is also a certain amount of maintenance work that needs to be done after every use.

Though many coffee enthusiasts believe manual coffee machines provide a better quality of taste, it requires a lot of hard work and time to get more consistency.

There are also several classes among automatic coffee machines so you can buy the one closest to your preference accordingly.

The main subcategories of automatic coffee machines are discussed below:


The automatic coffee machine is the quickest way for meeting your coffee experience. You grind the coffee, tamp it and simply press the button.

In the case of automatic coffee machines, you don’t need to press the coffee again and again to control the water flow. This is handy and allows you to sept away knowing that it will knowingly control the espresso flow.

However, this also means you lose some control over the taste and texture of the espresso shot. You can explore the different flavors of the espresso through the range of the coffee machine.


  • Consistency
  • Less time


  • No control over the timing of the shot
  • Cleaning can be complicated


These machines are fully automatic coffee and espresso makers that make the drink with the push of a button. The machine can tamp the coffee beans perfectly, brew them and dispense them within seconds.

Many models of super-automatic machines allow you to set your desired strength for the brew and drink volume. This machine provides a good consistency of the coffee’s quality and is undoubtedly one of the best investments.


  • Very consistent
  • Does the grinding, sets up the portafilter, and even steams the milk
  • Freshness of coffee


  • Must be cleaned daily to protect the quality of the drink made
  • Doesn’t allow you to control the flavor usually


This is the most popular and favorite option. It provides more control over the timing of the shots pulled and gives you a balance between the manual and automatic features. Also, such machines provide scope for more specialty coffees.

Do you want to control the brewing process according to your preference? Then semi-automatic coffee machines are the right choice for you. This is also known as a piston machine.

Making the perfect espresso is the basis of your coffee specialty and you can use the espresso for coffee varieties such as macchiato, flat white, long black, etc.


  • Proper control over an espresso shot
  • Variation in the espresso extraction
  • Provides high quality espresso


  • Have to grind and tamp yourself
  • Requires a learning curve

What are the convenient functions of Automatic Coffee machines?

The core components of the machine help us in completing the brewing process accurately and give you the standard shot of espresso within a few seconds.

Among the multiple convenient features of such machines, the best ones have been mentioned here:

1. Practicality: This is practical as it works just as fine as your preference. It solves the cleaning and maintenance concerns. The space taken by the machine is also moderate.

2. Specialty coffees: This machine allows you to enjoy special coffee varieties that can’t be prepared manually. Not all ratios between the grinds and water can be controlled while making the coffees manually. Automatic coffee machines allow you to experience special variation by not restricting you to the pots of brewed coffee.

3. Core components: Automatic machines are designed to have an ideal extraction pressure which helps in constantly getting the coffee powder. The temperature can be kept stable and allow you to see the best extraction temperature.

Coffee making isn’t complicated with the rapidly increasing advanced technology, different brands of automatic coffee machines can accurately and perfectly control the making process.

At first, the process may seem a little bit complicated. However, with multiple practices, you’ll see how easy it’s to use an automatic coffee machine.

What features should you look for in an automatic coffee machine?

There are a lot of features that are included in advanced appliances these days. Not all functions might be wanted for regular home uses. However, it’s better to look for the best set of features before buying an automatic espresso machine.

Some of the must-have features will help you in pulling the best espresso shot. It is important to consider the following features in your coffee machine no matter if you’re a beginner or a pro.

1. Since temperature plays an important role in affecting the coffee quality, it is important for the machine to give you scope for managing it. Temperature control using PID is needed for your automatic machines to brew your drink at different temperatures.

2. A pressure of 9 bar is the best to extract espresso. Many coffee makers tend to extract the espresso under this pressure to retain the best flavor. Experienced drinkers may identify the difference between the pressure of the extraction through the taste.

A coffee machine.
Having a good automatic coffee machine can change your coffee experience.

For this reason, an automatic coffee machine should have a pressure gauge that will help you to read the extraction pressure and ensure the best quality of coffee.

3. Machines with milk frother enable you to enjoy different coffee varieties. Buying a coffee machine just for single use is truly a waste if you’re into other variations as well.

4. Having a coffee grinding machine is a good way to enjoy your coffee fresh.

5. Capacity is important when you’re living in a large family or using the machine in your office. Coffee machines with multiple dispensers and a large tank will help you in preparing more cups in a single serving.

Things to consider before getting an automatic coffee machine

Things that I have considered before making my choice:

  • Budget
  • Compatible features
  • Easy use
  • Customizable functions

Among the crazy competition of different amazing brands and models, it’s important to choose the right one to get the perfect blend of coffee in your hand regularly. A wrong coffee machine can result in a watery and brown gloop-looking drink that can lower your enthusiasm.

I have done intensive research throughout the past few days and have got to know about a few amazing choices that are skilled and friendly on budget.

Right now I’ll be discussing the most ideal-rated automatic coffee machines of the past few years. I also have another article on coffee machines that don’t revolve around automatic coffee machines that you can check out here if you’re interested.

Please do note that this is my personal preference and verdict reviewing customer’s feedbacks. Your preference might be different so please do look for the desired settings accordingly.

I am listing some best brands here so that you can look for alternatives among these.

  1. DeLonghi Magnifica S
  2. Jura E8
  3. Gaggia Brera

The Best Value Coffee Machine For Home- DeLonghi Magnifica S

DeLonghi Magnifica S is currently one of the most popular customer choices for home coffee machines. Though this machine doesn’t have a display, it has easy control of buttons and operations.

DeLonghi Magnifica S offers various customization options and can use both ground coffee and bean coffee.

I liked this coffee machine because it has got an adjustable temperature which is superb. This is generally more useful for people in cold places.

Some of the important features of Magnifica is shown in the following table:

ContentExisting feature of Magnifica
Water reservoir1.8 L
Pump Pressure15 bar (industry standard)
Grinder type and settings Steel, 13
Weight 9 kg
Noise71 dB
Bean container250 g
Coffee inputGround + bean
A quick look at the features of DeLonghi Magnifica

Appearance and design

Magnifica S is different than other models of DeLonghi coffee machines. The body of Magnifica is silver while most of the other models were black. The appearance is quite praiseworthy and will fit nicely in your kitchen.

The control panels are quite self-explanatory and allow you to control the strength of the drink by managing the buttons.

The left side of the machine has the Cappuccino System that allows you to use froth milk for lattes and cappuccinos. The machine has two dispensers allowing you to make two cups at a single brewing time. The heights can be adjusted.

Customization options

There are a variety of settings that makes the use more compatible. You can adjust coffee strength and even the aroma by setting the dial right.

I liked the coffee temperature button the most. It’s generally not found in all bean-to-cup coffee machines. Of course, you would know how important an ideal temperature is to manage the coffee texture.

Taste of the drink

An automatic coffee machine provides the freshest taste of espresso.

However, the taste is heavily affected by the coffee you’re using. If you choose a fresh selection of beans, Magnifica is capable of producing a balanced pipping hot espresso with a rich crema.

Other coffee varieties like latte and cappuccino can also be prepared in this machine by using the milk frother. The taste will be great after a few practices.


DeLonghi Magnifica S serves the best value for money. After reviewing its features and functionality, I can blindly consider this the most convenient option.

The price of this machine ranges between $650-$699. Remember there are many close substitutes to the Magnifica S model and many sub-models within the same series. Within this moderate price, the Magnifica S series serves the best and has almost all the desiring settings by the customers.

Recommended for

Casual coffee lovers who love easy preparation of making coffees. This machine is great for everyone. Those who don’t want to go through the hassles of manual handling might find this most convenient.


Undoubtedly the best one to give you the most convenient use and handling. It will provide you with the preferred adjustable tools that you might be looking for and all these at a moderate price.

This video shows a quick review of the DeLonghi Magnifica S.

Is there any close alternative?

Honestly speaking, there are many close alternatives. Many brands have an amazing selection of automatic coffee machines.

Jura E8

I am picking Jura E8 seeing the reviews regarding it. It is easy to use and has a good cleaning system. The key features of this highly specced coffee machine include:

  • Type- super automatic
  • Black plastic or silver stainless steel casing
  • Automatic milk system
  • Water tank- 63.6 oz
  • Display present
  • No pot function
  • Different coffee specialties
  • 5 grind settings

However, the Jura models are a bit expensive. The lowest range starts in between $790 and can’t even froth milk. So considering the value that it gives the customer back, I will recommend everyone to buy the one that goes with their budget.

Gaggia Brera

Gaggia Brera is another compatible choice for the same category.

The pros of having it include :

  • Functional design
  • The built-in ceramic burr grinder
  • Removable parts ways for cleaning
  • Variety programmable range
  • Competitive pricing

Gaggia has a wide range of machine components inside itself. After DeLonghi Magnifica S, personally, I found this to be relatively the best appliance.

It has used:

  • plastic cup warmer and drip tray
  • plastic bean hopper
  • stainless steel drip tray cover
  • stainless steel lines aluminum boiler

This machine also has a long-standing reputation for quality along with DeLonghi.

Final Thoughts

a cup of coffee under a coffee machine

DeLonghi Magnifica S is one of the most convenient automatic coffee machines for home uses. This not only ensures a good quality of coffee but also comes within a decent price range.

There are undoubtedly many high-priced automatic and super-automatic machines as well with more distinctive features. However, for purchases on a tight budget those might not come in handy.

The reason I have concluded Magnifica as the best one among other amazing choices is because of its affordable price, adjustable coffee strength,13 grinder settings, water capacity, and 250g bean container.

So, this is generally from my concise and common review of customers that makes Magnifica one of the most ideal automatic coffee machines out there. If you’re looking for some other features and settings, do a bit of research and I am pretty sure you’ll get tons of good alternatives.

I hope this article has helped you in making a good choice for your home’s coffee machine.

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