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Best Reusable Coffee Mugs (Environment Friendly)

Best Reusable Coffee Mugs (Environment Friendly)

Coffee is an amazing antioxidant boost for our body that not only energizes you but also influences various cardiovascular functions.

For people who drink coffee regularly, good appliances such as a coffee maker, a coffee mug or cup, fresh beans, etc are required so that they can get the magical energy-fix whenever they need it.

It’s better to use reusable coffee mugs as they are environmentally friendly and sustainable, unlike disposable paper coffee cups. Reusable coffee mugs can be used again and again and help in reducing waste.

In this way, you don’t contribute to the ongoing waste-management environmental problems. The insulation of such mugs is much better than the average plastic cup which coffers no health value.

Reusable cups have contributed to the climate change arena as they are associated with fewer greenhouse gas emissions. For all these reasons, it’s wise to choose a mug that’ll sustain long and provide no harm to the surrounding.

Short answer: Among the several amazing reusable coffee mugs, KeepCup Brew Cork and Juro are the two best-rated and customer favorites. Both of these are eco-friendly and BPA-free.

In the following sections, I’ll be answering the best reusable coffee mug options for purchase.

Benefits of having a reusable coffee mug

a coffee mug on top of green flowers

There are many reasons why you would be looking for a reusable coffee mug to pour your coffees into. Not only a good reusable coffee mug keeps your coffee warm and nice, but also offers more control over the ingredients and avoids harmful toxins.

Several good reusable coffee mugs serve well, better than disposable cups. The reusable mugs are the exact replicate of the industry-standard single-use cups of mug volume, just with the ease of optimal liquid flow and support sustainability.

Among the several good numbers of reasons to use reusable mugs, my personal experience ones are:

  • Itll give more protection to the state of the coffee.
  • The mugs support sustainability which means you’re not adding to the wasteful cycle of creating paper or plastic cups.
  • They are budget-friendly and durable.
  • These cups provide better heat retention.
  • It comes with silicone sleeves that protect from unwanted burnings.
  • Most of the reusable mugs bind by health standards and don’t contain toxin materials.
ContentReusable coffee mugDisposable coffee cups
Recyclingcan’t be recycled but can be upcycledrarely happens
Carbon footprintlarge throughout the manufacturing stage and contribute till the remaining lifespanlarge while producing the cups and small during transportation
AdvantagesBetter for health, eco-friendly when large quantities will be usedCheap, doesn’t need washing
A quick review on the differences.

What should I look for in a coffee mug?

Coffee cups over a tray.
Paper cups aren’t a healthy option considering the threat it poses to our environment and health.

Random purchases might make your coffee experience difficult. You need to look for certain qualities in your coffee mug so that it becomes a durable and convenient purchase for you.

For the active coffee experts, the need for reusable coffee mugs might be different for someone who drinks coffee once in a while. Not all qualities of a good coffee mug make work for the other. This is why a little research is needed to go through the things before purchasing.


Before buying any appliance, the first thing to take consider is the features included in it. A well-featured mug will save a lot of your work wasted on making multiple cups and provide you with a better health plan.

Moreover, how well the mug is constructed, what are the additional benefits, how long does it keep your coffee warm, what nifty add-on does it offer, etc- all these questions come down to one single preference while reviewing the features of a product.

Sustainable materials

Reusable mugs mean you’ll be using the mugs multiple times for your coffee. These require sustainable materials for the coffee mug. The material of the body will depend on the specific model you’re purchasing.

Double-walled coffee mugs help with better insulation while the insulated stainless ones go better for heat retention. The ceramic ones won’t retain the flavor while the porcelain ones are more sturdy.

Reusable mugs are usually made of a special thermoplastic that’s BPA-free. In many cases, recycled coffee cups are also used to make coffee mugs.


Capacity is one of the most important things to consider. You need to be sure of the amount you’ll be taking in a single sitting.

Coffee mugs come with various options but it’s still better to look for the size that balances your caffeine intake, For habitual drinkers, an oversized mug should be used. However, for small drinkers or occasional ones, a smaller ounce coffee mug will do the job.

How long do coffee mugs last?

How long your coffee mug will last will depend on the material it’s made of.

In cases of ceramic ones, until it breaks down into pieces, they pretty much work forever and you might not be willing to replace them. However, ceramic mugs sometimes may have lacquer which is harmful.

In the case of low-quality plastic mugs, scratches, or any sort of plastic damage may lead to the damp of the mug. If the mug is not well plastic-finished, then this could pose a threatening pose to your health.

Among these, glass mugs have a longer shelf life but are easily breakable.

a glass coffee mug

This is why replace the plastic cups with a good coffee mug that will be eco-friendly and user-friendly. The reusable mug lowers the waste-management environmental issues. You can throw it away once it gets malfunctioned for some reason or you find a better replacement.

How many times can you reuse a coffee mug without rinsing it?

Though it’s fine to never wash your coffee mug if you aren’t sharing it with anyone else, you should rinse your coffee mugs frequently for sanitary purposes.

After every use, there can be some left-over coffee particles in your mug that may cause unwanted diseases if you don’t keep the mug clean and wash it properly. Also, if you are someone who likes their coffee with cream and sugar, the sweet particles may develop a mold to grow and cause infectious diseases.

Remember, dirty coffee isn’t healthy coffee. If you’re pouring your regular joe in the same cup without washing it every time, you’re just ruining the fresh coffee by contaminating it. Moreover, the idea of not washing should horrify you even if the mug is used by you.

Just like regular glasses or mugs clean your reusable coffee mugs after every consumption. Keeping the product clean is what makes it reusable for a long duration.

Best Reusable Coffee Mugs

The Best Overall Eco-Friendly and Reusable Coffee Cup- KeepCup Brew Cork


Material: Glass

BPA-free: Yes

Insulated: No

Capacity: 12 ounces

This is technically a cup that is well-functional and durable. It is made from tempered soda lime glass with a protective recycled cork band. The glass body with the cork band gives the cup a trendy look.

Of course, the cup is made of reusable materials. That is, all the materials used are engineered to be recycled. This has got a colorful splash-free plastic lid with a plug for the sipper hole.

The cup is extremely well-designed and the body is toughed due to the soda-lime glass used. This cup also won the ‘the most innovative products at the London coffee festival due to its sophisticated look and functioning.

The cup can outstand a temperature of up to 100 degrees celsius. The press-fit BPA-free plastic lif is used for the sipper hole. You can also choose from the lid color which is black, brown, and grey. The cup is also available in six different colors and the standard coffee cup sizes.

This one is suitable for people who don’t like to carry a cup that is too large for their needs. The practical accessories help you in giving coffee straightaway. Also, you can replace parts of the mug once it malfunctions so you can get durable usage.

The cork band is very easy to hold but the cup isn’t microwavable or dishwasher-safe. However, it’s still easy to use and you can give a quick rinse after every use.

Some of the notable features of KeepCup include:

  • Stainless steel option
  • Tempered glass body
  • Lightweight design
  • Practical accessories


  • Trendy look
  • Tough body
  • BPA-free
  • Vacuum insulation
  • No-sweat design


  • Lower heat insulation
  • The plastic lid isn’t leakproof or spill-resistant

Price range: about $32

The Best Value Coffee Mug- Juro


Material: Stainless steel

BPA-free: Yes

Insulated: Yes

Capacity: 20 ounces

Juro Tumbler offers the best service at the price it’s purchased for. The basic design might not appeal to anyone but it gives an adequate amount of service and keeps drinks warm for up to 6 hours.

The tumbler has got a slider lid and a flip lid. This also comes with a steel straw. Juro is mainly built for outdoor explore as it is engineered to be ultra-convenient and durable. Juro also holds the right amount of liquid and significantly a lot than even some expensive models.

It fits most of the car cup holders and is made of materials that are easy for transportation.

Some other features that it has got include:

  • Double-wall vacuum insulation
  • Transparent lids
  • Straw and cleaning brush
  • Anti-sweat
  • Easy-grip


  • Double-walled vacuum insulation
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Dual-action top
  • Includes steel straw


  • Basic design

Price range: about $13

Some Good Alternatives

Apart from the two mentioned above some other good choices would be:

  • Zojirushi Stainless Mug
  • Contigo SnapSeal Byron Travel Mug
  • Contigo Autoseal Transit Mug
  • MiiR Insulated Camp Cup
  • Kinto Travel Tumbler
  • Hydro Flask coffee flask
  • Corkcicle classic tumbler

If you’re looking for more mug recommendations, I have several articles about mugs that you can read. Check one out here.

In conclusion

a reusable coffee mug

There are several user-friendly options available in the market nowadays that offer coffee lovers to enjoy their coffee without facing any hassle.

Using a good reusable coffee mug, won’t only save your extra bucks spent on the one-time cups, but also help you in protecting the environment and your health.

Except for KeepCup and Juro, there are also other models available in the market. You can choose anyone which better suits your preference. Whichever you choose, go for a well-designed and well-functioning coffee mug with good features.

It’s not every day you get to buy one for enjoying your caffeine fix so do a little research before purchasing one.

Check out this video for some other mugs and their features.

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