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Heat Things Up: Best Microwave-Safe Mugs

Heat Things Up: Best Microwave-Safe Mugs

Once you brew your coffee, it starts losing its temperature right after 10 to 20 minutes. That is why most of us resort to choosing the most convenient and popular way to reheat our coffee: heating it in the microwave.  

Yet despite their regular use, are you sure what type of mugs can and can’t go into this cooking wizard?

Some mugs are made of material that can cause danger, such as steel and aluminum, that’s why you need to be sure about what mug is safe for microwaves. 

Always check the label before you put any mug in the microwave oven. The wise thing is to purchase one that is marketed to be microwave-safe to avoid any danger. 

Here are the top five best mugs for microwave you can consider adding to your kitchen cabinet:

  • JOCO Coffee Cup
  • Bosmarlin Mug
  • Tervis Insulated Tumbler Mug 
  • Silver Buffalo Central Perk Mug 
  • W&O Porter Mug 

So, next time you need to reheat your coffee, pour it in one of these mugs and put it in the microwave. 

Let’s go deep into their feature and read buyers’ comments to see if you should buy one of them.

Can you microwave coffee?

two white mugs, one on a dark blanket

Yes! You can microwave your coffee but expect it to lose its natural aromas and flavors. 

Coffee is famous because of the aroma that came after brewing it. What microwaves do is break down aromas and kill the flavor that makes your coffee taste stale.

However, the caffeine in your coffee does not evaporate after reheating: the microwave only affects the aroma and taste.

The right way to reheat your coffee is by heating it on the stovetop at a low temperature

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Is it ok to put a coffee mug in a microwave?

It is ok to use mugs in microwaves that are clearly labeled as microwave-safe. 

Stoneware, some plastic, borosilicate glass, and ceramic materials are generally resistant to heat, and that’s why safe to use. However, your safest bet is to go with mugs that are marked for use in the microwave.

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What coffee mugs can you microwave?

Borosilicate glass, stoneware, ceramic, and some plastic materials coffee mugs are safe to use in microwaves. 

Styrofoam and bone china can safely be used in the microwave when heating pure liquids, such as coffee or water. However, bone china is not recommended for cooking purposes, so it’s best to avoid it in the microwave. 

Everything from stoneware to ceramic that is made with properly formulated glazed can be used in the microwave. I still recommend reading the label first and checking if the mug is labeled as microwave-safe. 

Are ceramic mugs microwave safe?

a hot cup of coffee

Yes, ceramics like porcelain and stoneware are mostly safe for microwaves.

These types of mugs are okay for use in the microwave as long as there is no metallic trim and the glaze is not cracked from anywhere. 

Ceramic mugs are often safe for a microwave as they typically do not absorb water, however some ceramic mugs are softer and more absorbent than others so you might wanna keep that in mind when buying a ceramic mug.

It really all depends on the manufacturer. To be safe, it’s better to get a mug that the manufacturers themselves say is microwave-safe.

Best Mugs For Microwave

I consider ceramic and glass to be the best materials for microwaves. 

Here is a table containing the best five mugs that I can recommend which are not only microwave-safe but have features that provide value for your money:

Coffee Mug Material Capacity Price 
JOCO Coffee CupBorosilicate glass16 oz$24
Bosmarlin MugCeramic  18 oz$13
Tervis Insulated Tumbler Mug Tritan plastic16 oz$10
Silver Buffalo Central Perk Mug Ceramic 24 oz$14
W&O Porter Mug Ceramic 12 oz$25
Best Coffee Mugs For Microwave

JOCO Coffee Cup 

The brand has the best eco-friendly coffee cups. JOCO is not your regular coffee mug because this is a unique and chic cup that will be your go-to mug with silicone accents. 

It’s available in 14 beautiful, including strawberry pink, vintage green, and blue.

It comes with a soft silicone lid and sleeve to hold it comfortably once you reheat it in the microwave. 

One buyer has said:

This is my favorite coffee cup ever! I use it daily for tea or coffee. The size is perfect for me; it doesn’t leak and doesn’t taste like stainless steel.

However, it’s made of glass and does not retain heat for long. You can use it to reheat your cup of coffee in the microwave and after doing so, drink the coffee straight away, or else it gets cold again. 

Bosmarlin Coffee Mug

Bosmarlin Ceramic coffee mug is microwave and dishwasher safe. It comes in a variety of beautiful colors.

This mug is made with a shiny glaze, strong, and holds up well in the microwave and the dishwasher.

The best part about it is the mug’s size that coffee addicts would undoubtedly love.

As one buyer said:

Finally, a bigger mug that is nicely designed. A lot of bigger mugs have a high center of gravity and are easily knocked over. Not this one. This is a great, well-made mug, and I will be ordering more.

The only downside about the mug is many buyers complain that they receive color not as bright as shown online. 

Tervis Insulated Tumbler Mug 

This double-walled Tervis insulated tumbler is made from Tritan, a durable, BPA-free, and lightweight plastic. 

It has a double-walled, insulated design safe for microwave use and dishwasher use. 

As one of the buyers said:

“Working at home, I needed a mug that would keep my coffee warm between calls and something that fits my Keurig. This does the job. I have several Tervis cups for cold but wanted something to keep it warm.

The only problem is that this one doesn’t keep your coffee as hot as other plastic cups with lids. 

Silver Buffalo Central Perk Mug 

This Silver Buffalo Central Perk oversized mug is for coffee lovers who enjoy their coffee in a big one. 

This mug has a wide mouth opening and a big handle to hold on to so you can also use it as a bowl for soup or snacks. Plus it’s a Friends-themed mug! So if you or your friend are a huge fan of the popular sitcom Friends, this might just be the mug you’re looking for.

Its made of durable ceramic and study, but some buyers complain the design gets peeled off while washing. 

W&P Porter Mug 

This mug with a minimalist design and a splash-proof lid is safe to reheat your coffee in the microwave. 

W&P porter mug is made from durable ceramic with a matte silicone wrap that makes it safe for hands from getting burned. Use as a reusable tumbler or give as a gift to coffee lovers.  

The con about the mug is it’s not leak-proof and has no lock on the sipper, so I would recommend not using it as a travel mug and not taking it with you on the commute. But if you are looking for travel mugs, I have an article discussing and reviewing different mugs for traveling that you can check out.

Wrapping Up

a mug next to a notebook

Microwaving your coffee sometimes the only way to go when your coffee loses that perfect temperature. Granted, it comes with a sacrifice, the loss of flavor and aroma, it’s still one of the most popular ways to reheat coffee.

However some materials aren’t safe for a microwave, and it’s mighty dangerous if that material is the very thing your coffee mug is made of. Which is why I recommend these microwave-safe mugs for you:

  • JOCO Coffee Cup
  • Bosmarlin Mug
  • Tervis Insulated Tumbler Mug 
  • Silver Buffalo Central Perk Mug 
  • W&O Porter Mug 

Watch this video to find more amazing microwave safe ceramic mugs:

However, as long as your cup says it is microwave-safe, then you are good to go to use it without any worry. 

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