Best Mugs to Keep Coffee Hot (Keep Your Drink Warm)

Drinking coffee has many benefits, it improves your metabolism, keeps you active, and increases focus. 

The nation’s best drink has a unique aroma and taste that keeps the mood uplifted. The only issue during busy routines is it isn’t easy to heat your coffee again and again.

Instead of using a stove or microwave to reheat your coffee, use a mug that keeps your coffee warm for hours.

Short Answer: Stainless steel thermos is the best at keeping a hot drink warm for the longest. 

The first rule of coffee is, it should be tasty, and the second rule is it should be warm when you take every sip. That’s why I decided to review the best coffee mug that keeps coffee hot all day and a few tips that might help you keep the coffee hottest. 

What keeps coffee the hottest?

milk being poured into coffee

Stainless steel comes first when keeping the coffee hottest for the longest, and battery-powered heater coffee mugs are the second-best choice. 

Here are the best types of mugs that keep the coffee hottest.

Vacuum Insulated Tumblers6 – 12 HOURS
Phase Change Material (PCM) Vacuum Insulated Mugs4-6 HOURS
Battery Powered Heated Coffee Mugs3-10 HOURS
Best Mugs to Keep Coffee Hot

Vacuum insulated tumblers 

The inner and outer wall of vacuum insulated mugs is made of stainless steel. It has a space between both walls that keep the air stuck, keeping the drink warm all day. 

Heat struggles to pass through a vacuum, so the heat for your coffee will stay inside your coffee; they are pretty good and can warm up the coffee for about 12+ hours. 

Most Popular Brand: Yeti Tumblers/Thermos 

Thermos is the best option when you are looking for insulated mugs. 

They keep coffee as hot as possible for the longest possible time. You’ll want an airtight leak-proof lid where steam can’t escape, and the thermos has a great leak-proof lid.

The yeti mug is one of the most famous thermos brands, with a capacity ranging from 10 oz to 30 oz.

Battery-powered heated coffee mugs 

With battery-powered coffee mugs, these keep the coffee warm for up to 10 hours.

Just add your coffee in it and set the temperature, and the cup will do the rest of the job as long as the battery lasts. Or you can also keep the plugged in for keeping it on for more time. 

The best battery-heated coffee mug is the Cauldryn Travel Mug. 

With 16 oz capacity and 10 hours battery life, it can heat coffee to boiling temperature or keep it at your ideal coffee temperature. 

Also, Cauldryn is the only battery-powered mug that can boil water for your coffee too.

It can keep your drink at 135-145ºF (57-63ºC) with the help of an incredible battery for up to 10 hours.

Phase change material vacuum insulated tumblers 

This cup has a layer of phase change material that is a waxy solid at room temperature. It quickly absorbs heat and then melts out.

This changes the temperature of your cup of coffee down to the perfect drinking temperature. 

The best part is after the liquid phase change, material combined with the outer vacuum insulating layer keeps your coffee around this temperature for as long as possible.

The Burnout Travel Mug is the only brand of this type of cup on the market. 

Other things that help your coffee maintain its temperature for longer are:

  • Insulation
  • Heating
  • More volume

Get the cup with the best insulation or use insulation fabric. Also, more amount of coffee will stay hotter for longer than one or two small cups. More liquids mean more thermal mass to keep the coffee warm for the longest. 

Lastly, using an airtight lid means no heat can escape, and it traps the heat in.

Do ceramic mugs keep coffee hot?

ceramic mugs on a wooden platform

A ceramic mug keeps the coffee hot only for 20 min maximum. Instead, opt for a vacuum insulation stainless steel mug as they tend to keep the warm coffee fr up to 12 hours!

Even though ceramic is more porous, conduction occurs slower, and it retains the heat of your coffee, it is not the best choice to keep the coffee warm for the longest hours. 

A vacuum-insulated steel mug works best when you need to keep the coffee warm for the entire day. They are also referred to as double-walled ceramic mugs. These mugs do a good job of insulating your drink, meaning hot drinks stay hot and cold drinks stay cold.

Which type of cup will keep a hot drink warm the longest?

Stainless steel is the best and tested cup that keeps a hot drink warm for the longest. 

Also, Stoneware mugs are another good option as they tend to keep coffee hot longer than porcelain and china mugs because stoneware is thicker than porcelain. 

On the flip side, the common household ceramic mug is not the best to keep our drinks warm. The material probably shouldn’t be your go-to after all because the temperature of coffee inside the ceramic mug dropped quickly. It can be reduced by more than 100° in just half an hour.

A tin camping mug should keep a beverage warm, but disappointingly it will also lose heat in just half an hour.

How do you keep coffee warm all day?


If you like to take a sip between work or need your coffee with you on the go, then keeping it warm all day might be a real deal for you.

I discussed in my other article that temperature affects the taste of your coffee, so understandably, we’d all like to keep our drink at the ideal temperature.

There are multiple devices available that can keep our cup of coffee warm either while working at home or taking it with us on the road.

Here are some of the best options to keep the coffee warm all day:

Use a thermal mug 

Vacuum mugs have insulated walls that keep the coffee warm all day. Invest your money to buy good-quality ones that help you when you are on the go. Just grab your thermal cup, fill it and fit it in your car cup holder area nicely. 

If you are working from home or need your coffee ready and warm to sip in between work breaks, opt for a simple lid design with a comfortable handle to ick it from the kitchen to your desk area. 

Preheat your thermos 

A thermos can maintain your coffee temperature for an hour, but if you preheat your thermos before you put coffee in it, it will be doable the time your coffee will stay warm.

To preheat your thermos, fill it with 2 cups of boiling water, set it for five minutes, and tightly put it on the lid. Then when your coffee is ready, empty the thermos flask, add your coffee to it, and enjoy worry some hot coffee all day.

Wrap coffee mug or pot in a koozie

If you want to keep your coffee hot all day but do not want to use a thermos, then invest in well-insulated fabric and use it to cover your coffee pot or mug.

Various beautiful designs are on the market to choose from, from neoprene slings to venti designs that can extend the coffee lifespan the entire day. 

App-enabled Digital Mug

Nowadays, we have app for almost everything. The same goes for your coffee. You can buy a good app-enabled coffee mug and keep it with you wherever you go. How you want your coffee temperature is under your control by clicking through your phone app. 

These cups come with a lasting battery that will ensure that your coffee stays at the exact temperature you want for hours and automatically turn off when you’re done drinking. 

Invest in an immersion heater

If you want a cost-effective solution, then try out an immersion heater that comes just above $10.

You have to place a wand kind of heater in your coffee or drink and then plug the switch on. It will take a few minutes to turn a cold beverage into a hot one.

Digital cup heater

When you are always on the go or usually get stuck in traffic, a digital cup heater comes in handy at such times. Just connect it to your vehicle, and it will keep the coffee warm for hours. You can find it in all sizes that fit the regular take-out cups. Also, these device comes with a non-slip base and secure lids to keep the coffee spill-free and hot. 

Try out a mini hot plate

The mini plates are designed for a warm beverage and are easy to use. They offer different temperature settings so you can adjust it according to your preference, hot or cold.

The size of this is small, which does not take a lot of area at your kitchen slap or your working desk. 

Some candle warmers are also used as warmer plates for coffee mugs so make sure not to use synthetic material or plastic cups that can melt out on the plate. 

Bottom Line

A stainless steel thermos does a great job at keeping a hot drink warm for several hours, but there are also other options that you can invest in to maintain the perfect temperature for your cup of joy.

There are also several factors in a mug that affects the temperature of a coffee, like how the thickness of a mug keeps a hot coffee warm longer.

You don’t always need a microwave to heat up your coffee because there are many other ways to re-heat back to the ideal temperature.

Watch the video to learn if there is a better way to reheat your coffee:

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