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Elevate Your Coffee and Baking with These Espresso Powders!

Elevate Your Coffee and Baking with These Espresso Powders!

Espresso powders are a great addition to the ingredient list of the bakers as it’s a great way to add a hint of coffee and similar flavors into the drink. You might be surprised to know that espresso powder is used more as a baking ingredient rather than a beverage component.

The powders are helpful in bringing the best flavor out of the dish or beverage produced so choosing a reliable brand is important.

Among the best espresso powders available today, many of the powders do have amazing taste and provide strong results. I am personally a big fan of the strong espresso flavor so this article really made me dig into the details of the best products.

The best espresso powders are Illy Classico, King Arthur, Lavazza, Hoosier Hill Farm, and Medaglia D’Oro considering how the customers are loving them. For espresso machines, you can never go wrong with Illy Classico since it has a wide range of roasts, aromatic flavors, and appealing taste.

You can also consider using instant espresso powders for your baking needs since they lend a rich taste. However, they pale in comparison to other espressos. Still, the best instant espresso brand is Nescafe and can still make your drink delightful.

Continue your reading for getting in-depth details regarding the products.

Why would you need an espresso powder?

espresso powder
An expresso powder can enhance the flavors of the dish.

Many people think espresso powder is used only to make a good cup of coffee. However, the powder has a lot of supplementary uses as well.

Espresso powder brings the best flavor out of the dish you’re preparing. The addition of the powder enhances the flavor of the complementaries you’re adding accordingly.

If you search for the recipes of Mocha Toffee Brownies or Chocolate Coffee Cheesecake online, you’ll see espresso powders have been an integrated part of those recipes.

Though the powder isn’t typically used for beverages, adding a hint of it to smoothies and cocktails pops the coffee flavor well. Also, it helps in thickening the texture of the drink or dish you’re opting for.

Is there any substitute for espresso powder?

In case you’re running short for your favorite espresso powder you can use the following substitute which will complete your drink or dish and maintain a similar flavor.

  1. Brewed coffee: Chilled strong brewed coffee works great in replacement of espresso powders. If you’re interested in reading more about brewed coffee, you can take a look at my article here.
  2. Instant coffee powder: Your drink will work fine if you add strong instant coffee powder. However, since espresso powders are specialized in espresso-style roasting so it’s natural you won’t get the exact texture.
Check out how you can add espresso powders to your dishes.

The Best Overall

Pick 1- King Arthur Baking Company Espresso Powder

This is an intensely dark and concentrated espresso powder good for baking goods.

The nutrition facts are mentioned on the label. I have listed down the following:

Serving size: 1 TSP (2G)

Nutrient contentPresent value
Total Fat0 g
Sodium0 mg
Total Carb1 g
Protein0 g
Iron0.4 mg
Potassium 120 mg
Saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, fire. total sugars, added sugars, vitamin D, and calciumTrace amounts
The nutritional breakdown is labeled on the packaging.

If you’re wondering that why I mentioned King Arthur, then let me tell you that espresso isn’t just for drinking. This serves as an excellent ingredient for baking cookies, cakes, desserts, and also delicious dinner items.

So, you can’t use this powder for drinks but for baking delicious sweet items this can put the quality over the top.

The powder is produced by one of the oldest and renowned flour companies in the US so you might get how the quality works. The processing process involves premium coffee beans which dissolve easily.

It is Kosher certified and non-GMO. Though it’s not made for drinking, many people use it for drinking as well.

The best option for serious bakers.


  • Premium coffee beans
  • Non-GMO
  • Exceptional quality for baking


  • Can’t be used for drinking purposes
  • Not versatile

Price range: $7.95 (3 oz)

Pick 2-illy Classico Ground Espresso Powder

illy Classico Espresso Powder is one of the most popular espresso powders out there. As per the manufacturers, the powder is best for a smooth, balanced flavored cup of coffee which is accompanied by aromatic notes of caramel and chocolate.

If you’re already a coffee enthusiast, you would know that Illy is considered to be the godfather of the modern-day espresso. Their enrich history has brought about a revolutionary espresso industry through their machines.

The Classico blend exhibits the aroma of delicious potent coffee that most coffee lovers like. The blend is strong, robust, and full of flavors, just right for the needed caffeine jolt. At the top of that, the caramel and chocolate notes give a sweet undertone to the entire experience.

You’ll be surprised to know that the Classico blend has got 9 different Arabica blends in itself. With the combination of such different Arabica blends, the decision to medium roast it is completely amazing as it helps in giving the coffee a balanced texture.

I would suggest this one for the medium roast espresso lovers. You’ll be getting a flavored smokiness with the natural taste of the blends out of the coffee. You can use sweeteners but make sure to not overwhelm the flavor.

The brand also has a good selection of roast levels. It offers subscription services as well and you get to choose between whole bean, ground bean, and pod coffee.


  • 100% Arabica beans used
  • Well-balanced medium roast
  • Comes in an airtight can


  • Relatively pricey
  • Not much of a distinct flavor

Price range: $14.99 (8 oz)

Best Budget Option- Lavazza Espresso Italiano Ground Coffee Medium Roast

 a can of Lavazza espresso powder next to a tin cup and a Moka pot

This is a mix of Central and South American Arabica varieties that gives a rich and dark roast with a strong flavor. You can use an espresso machine for Lavazza Espresso Italiano but it will also work well with a French press and drip coffee maker.

Some of the best features of the Lavazza Espresso Italiano Coffee Blend are:

  • It is made of 100% Arabica beans
  • Works well with any coffee maker
  • Non-GMO
  • Rich bodied and strong flavor notes

It provides good value for money since it works well with any sort of coffee maker. It is rated to have an intensity of 5/10 so obviously, there are other richer coffees as well. But still, Lavazza provides a medium to strong flavor breaking the initial rating.

Lavazza has got a wonderful selection of coffee blends with variations in the roast levels. It, however, doesn’t have any pre-ground option for the coffee makers.


  • Offers great levels of variation in roast level
  • Good packaging


  • No coffee subscriptions

Price range: About $6 (8 oz)

Best Value- Hoosier Hill Farm

Hoosier Hill Farm is made of 100% dehydrated Brazillian coffee. The caffeine serving is usually 60-70 mg per serving. This is undoubtedly one of the best options for you when you’re trying to buy a large jar at a reasonable price.

This 100% pure coffee is best for giving the perfect enhancing taste for cakes, chocolate desserts, and other dishes. The potency of the flavor depends on how much of the powder you’re adding to the content.

The caffeine content is moderate that will leave out the trouble of caffeine overdosing. It’s exactly not the cheapest but offers the best pick option considering how much quality product you’re getting into that big canister.


  • Non-GMO certified
  • Blends well
  • Large canister of 8 oz
  • Reasonably priced


  • Taste can be watery

Price range: $15.99 for a large 8 oz canister

The Best Pick for Drinks- Medaglia D’Oro

Medaglia D’Oro comes with a premium taste of the traditional espresso flavor. It’s flavorful and has a robust taste that is liked by any. So while brewing your coffee with it, you’re getting a strong drink every time.

It’s an espresso ground coffee so it’s basically more finely ground and the finer the ground, the better the coffee. You will be needing less amount of powder as well for preparing the brew.


  • Fine grounds
  • Work well for mocha cream frosting


  • Not easily found in stores

Price range: Around $4.00-$4.99 (10 oz)

In conclusion

a jar of espresso powder next to a Moka pot

A good espresso powder is important to prepare a quality coffee. The ones listed above are quite consistent in the flavor, quality, and taste that it provides to the drinkers.

However, the final decision comes down to the drinker’s taste. Different brands come with underlying differences in their coffee’s undertones and texture. So, before picking one you must have an overall idea regarding how you want your cup of coffee to be.

The functioning of the coffee maker or espresso machine you’re using also plays an important role in influencing the espresso powder’s taste. Make sure to research a bit on the quality of the powder and the machine you’re using so that you can extract the best flavors of the drink you’re sipping into.

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