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Best Coffees For Spring (Must Haves)

Best Coffees For Spring (Must Haves)

The days are getting hot, so grab one of these refreshing iced beverages to cool off. But it’s still not summer! With rainy days ahead, you can also curl up with one of these warm coffee drinks for a flowery pick-me-up that complements the season’s blooming all around us.

This spring, spice up your traditional coffee with these fun and refreshing espresso drinks. That’s right, you can always opt for a cold or hot coffee during spring. It all depends on your preferences. The best coffees for spring are the ones with a lavender, honey, and berries infused.

Now, I have combined a list of spring coffees that can suit you well, so let’s glance at them, shall we?

What Is Best Coffee For Spring?

Spring is all about sunny and rainy days, in this time you can be craving something soothing, sweet, and savory.

Ever wondered if you can categorize your coffee selection into lavender, honey, and berries? If not, you can start right away.

With good reason, this trio is dominating the nation’s trendiest coffee menus. These springtime favorites are delicious hot or cold! Let’s dive right into them:

The Flower Circle

Colorful Dutch tulips against a blue sky with white clouds
Colorful Dutch Tulips

Lavender, rose, and hibiscus lattes dominate the best of spring lists, and I can see why after trying these recipes! Many of the world’s best coffees have lovely floral notes, and while you might not think of mixing lavender essence with your coffee, I guarantee the combination can be spectacular. Floral coffee drinks are light and soothing, with a gentle sweetness and calming fragrance. They are elegant, soft, and beautifully aromatic. Some of my favorites are listed below.

Lavender Honey Iced Latte: This refreshingly sweet coffee is made by combining a bright, light cold brew coffee with a homemade lavender-honey infusion. I recommend using a moderately acidic Central American coffee, such as El Salvadoran, to make this coffee.

Here is how you can make a lavender honey latte in the comfort of your home:

How to make a lavender honey latte in the comfort of your home

The Hibiscus Latte: This delightfully light, slightly tart, silky latte is invigorating and packed with make-your-skin-glow antioxidants. It’s made from real hibiscus flowers mixed with lemon, ginger, coffee, and some sugar, however, you can try adding some honey instead of sugar.

Rose de Coffee: Rose coffee is the ideal complement to a sunny day. It is elegant, light, smooth, and fragrant. This easy rose coffee recipe, made with coffee, rose water, and a pinch of cardamom, is as delicious as it is relaxing.

The Berries Fusion

"A bowlful of delicious organic berries.  Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries.
Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries

Ready to turn your ordinary cup of joe into a health-boosting, antioxidant-rich, feel-good power drink? I thought so, too! Adding berries to your coffee this spring to transform it from a comforting beverage to a naturally sweet cup of body-boosting deliciousness is the best you can think about.

Blueberry Coffee Cake Latte: This delectable and simple recipe tastes like a breakfast treat in a cup! This tasty latte is as much fun to make as it is to drink, made with your favorite coffee, biscuits, blueberry jam, and a touch of sugar.

Blueberry Cold Brew Latte: This cold brew masterpiece will have you wondering whether it’s coffee or my new favorite dessert. This latte, made with frozen blueberries, a touch of blueberry syrup, and cold brew coffee, takes only minutes to make and is sure to rival any latte you could buy in a café. With this recipe, I recommend using Central or South American coffee.

Iced Blackberry Latte: This iced blackberry latte is tart, invigorating, and delicious, made with fresh blackberries, raw sugar, milk, and espresso. Given the berries’ natural acidity and strong flavor, I recommend pairing this recipe with a strong coffee, such as a french roast or a dark, non-spicy blend.

Iced Raspberry Latte: This sparkling latte is sweet, vibrant, and refreshing on a hot day, made with espresso (or any strongly brewed dark roast), homemade raspberry syrup, and milk. If you like morning smoothies, add a scoop of vanilla protein powder to this beauty, blend it, and you’ve got yourself a protein-packed, naturally sweet raspberry coffee smoothie.

The Honey Twist

A jar of honey with a honey dipper dripping with honey placed upon it
Honey is a good source of antioxidants

Anyone who follows my blog knows how I like to experiment with coffee. Honey is not only a mild natural sweetener, but it is also high in antioxidants, can help lower blood pressure, fights inflammation, and makes a very creamy cup. Here are some of my favorite variations on the original honey coffee.

Cafe Con Miel: This traditional Spanish cup contains the original honey coffee. This soothing, delicious coffee, made with coffee, honey, milk, and pinches of nutmeg and cinnamon, is the epitome of comfort in a cup!

Iced Salted Honey Latte: This iced salted honey latte is made with espresso (or strong brewed dark coffee), milk, honey, a dash of sugar, and a pinch of salt. This latte is simple to make and even simpler to drink, and it’s sure to become your new iced latte obsession!

Honey Ginger Cinnamon Latte: Coffee, ginger, cinnamon, and honey I don’t think it could get any better! This flavorful, creamy cup is made with fresh ginger infused in spicy milk and freshly brewed espresso (or strongly brewed dark coffee). This recipe only takes about 5 minutes to prepare and is well worth the time.

Best Starbucks Coffee Drinks For Spring

Starbucks is a go-to for a lot of coffee lovers, that’s why I have compiled some of the best Starbucks coffee drinks for spring:

Drink’s NameDescription
Iced Coconutmilk Mocha MacchiatoA combination of cool Sumatran coconut milk, white chocolate mocha, and espresso roast drizzled with caramel. Finished off with a swirl of mocha
S’mores Frappuccino Blended BeverageCombination of marshmallow-infused whipped cream, milk chocolate sauce, and a creamy blend of vanilla, coffee, milk, and ice. More marshmallowy whipped cream and a graham cracker crumble are added on top
Iced Toasted Vanilla Oatmilk Shaken EspressoStarbucks Blonde espresso combined with notes of caramelized vanilla. Finished off with oat milk
Iced Chai Tea LatteBlack tea that’s combined with milk, ice, and spices like clove and cinnamon. Customize it with a shot or two of espresso to fulfill your coffee cravings
Starbucks drinks and their description

What Can You Have With Coffee During Spring?

There are plenty of options that you can opt for to go with coffee, it can be exquisite but very normal, and you always don’t have to go for fancy. Here are some ideas that you can pair up with:

Coffee Cake

Cinnamon and nut coffee cake, on plate
Cinnamon and nut coffee cake

Don’t forget about the coffee cake. Are you having a bad day? Coffee cake, when paired with a medium Hawaiian or Nicaraguan roast, will have you singing a different tune by the end.


A box with fresh homemade donuts with icing.
Donut is an iconic food to pair with coffee

The donut is yet another iconic food to pair with coffee. Donuts come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be decorated with a variety of sprinkles, icings, and glazes. In all cases, the sweetness of a good donut can perfectly offset the bitterness of a cup of coffee, especially one made with milk.


Toasted bagel with butter and a take out coffee
Toasted bagel with butter and a take out coffee

Bagels can be eaten plain, toasted, or stuffed with cream cheese or other fillings. They’re also a great food to pair with a cup of coffee. If you’re not eating your bagel sweet, a mellower, sweeter coffee might be the best match.

Butter Croissant

This well-known French pastry goes well with Colombian or Peruvian coffee. These regions are known for producing beans with a sweeter body that isn’t too acidic or overpowering, similar to honeycomb and vanilla bean notes.


This may surprise you, but any berry (alone or baked in sweets) goes well with coffee. Berries are especially tasty when combined with Tanzanian and Haitian coffee varieties.


Crepes on a wooden plate on a yellow background.

Staying in the realm of breakfast foods, the crepe is a dish that pairs beautifully with coffee. Some crepes are sweet, while others can be savory with meats, cheeses, or vegetables. They all shine when paired with the right coffee.

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are another breakfast item that pairs well with coffee. Scrambled eggs can be made simply with salt and pepper, or with vegetables and other ingredients. However, a simple scramble with a nice, strong cup of coffee is all you need.

Grilled Cheese Toast

Many of the previous bites are well known for their successful collaborations with coffee, but the grilled cheese sandwich is relatively unknown. It’s one of the best options for coffee pairing. Crispy, toasted bread sandwiched between gooey, melted cheese pairs well with a strong cup of coffee.

What Season Is Coffee Most Popular?

Many coffee lovers around the world believe that autumn is the best time of year to enjoy a cup of coffee. The weather begins to cool down in the fall, necessitating the consumption of hot coffee.

You can add a variety of unique coffees to your menu to provide guests with the sweet and comforting flavors they crave this time of year.

Some of the trending coffee drinks for autumn are the following:

  • Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • Pumpkin Pie Latte
  • Pumpkin Chai Latte
  • Apple Cider Latte
  • Caramel Maple Latte
  • Caramel Apple Latte

Benefits of Coffee

Coffee has many health benefits due to its antioxidant properties and what goes into its formulation. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Coffee boosts energy levels since it contains caffeine which is a natural boosting ingredient and stimulates your brain and central nervous system
  • Coffee is also linked to lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes with a 6% probability.
  • Regular or frequent consumption of coffee is said to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.
  • People who drink coffee twice a day have a greater amount of activity levels that can lead them to lose weight.
  • Studies show that coffee can lower the risk of depression by 8%.
  • Drinking one cup of coffee daily leads to a lower risk of chronic liver conditions by 71%
  • It can also help lower the risk of heart stroke by 21% and promote healthy heart conditions.
  • It also enhances athletic performance due to caffeine and sugar additives.


Spring is all about rainy and sunny weather, this is why coffee is preferred by coffee lovers.

No matter what you think but there are special coffees for every season. For spring you might find some with lavender, honey, and berries formulation.

Spring gives you a savory, refreshing feeling to chill in the weather. Now my best pick for spring is the lavender honey iced latte.

You can pair up your coffees with a variety of different sidelines according to your preferences.

With this, I hope you found this blog useful.

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