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Stay Alert on Night Shifts with These Coffee Picks

Stay Alert on Night Shifts with These Coffee Picks

The best coffee for a night shift is espresso.

Caffeine can be a night shifter’s best companion or the worst enemy. It surely is amazing at what it does, keeping us alert and focused throughout your night shift, but it can also get back to haunt you when you finally go to bed.

Though caffeine can be taken in several different ways, not all caffeine is equal. The biggest and most natural source of caffeine is coffee.

Taking caffeine on the night shift isn’t supposed to cause a problem, however, it shouldn’t be consumed within 6 hours of going to sleep. Also, you should refrain from consuming more than 400 mg of caffeine in a day, which is roughly about 4 cups of brewed coffee, as excessive consumption may lead to short and long-term health risks.

Now, when it comes to coffee, there are a ton of options available, from espresso to regular brewed, and numerous different brands and different methods of making a perfect cup. Sometimes it becomes a daunting task to select the best coffee that can help you through your night shift.

You don’t need to worry though, in this article, I’ll share the best coffees that can help you stay up all night. So keep reading!

Can Coffee Really Help You Stay Up Through Your Night Shift?

A cup of plain black coffee with dark background.
Coffee- helping you get through your nights

Yes, coffee can help you stay up for your night shift. The caffeine present in the drink does this job by affecting our adenosine receptors, which causes a shift in your body’s internal clock.

Most of us count on a robust cup of coffee to keep us going through the night shifts. It has become a human fuel and those who get addicted to it find it difficult to function properly without having their cup of java. 

Caffeine has been observed in helping you stay up even if you’re sleep-deprived. However, it doesn’t guarantee to improve your work performance. 

This is because caffeine can never be a replacement for a good night’s sleep. Quality sleep repairs your tissues and cleanses your brain. 

Therefore, you should always be cautious of the amount of caffeine you consume daily, as too much of it can cause insomnia and other adverse effects on your health. 

You can watch the video to learn more about how caffeine keeps you awake:

How does caffeine keep you awake?

What Kind Of Coffee Can Make You Stay Up All Night?

Espresso is the best kind of coffee that keeps you awake all night as it contains more caffeine than a regular cup of coffee and it’s easily available. Whether your coffee will help you stay up all night can also depend on the type of coffee beans you’re using to make your coffee.

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Coffee Beans

Roasted coffee beans.
Roasted coffee beans

Arabica plants are more popular for their flavors and produce higher-quality coffee beans. However, robusta coffee has a higher caffeine content with around twice the caffeine in the brewed cup.

Coffee Type

Espressos are a potent coffee variant, which can keep you alert and active, and the same can be said for the so-called Turkish coffee. If you don’t know what Turkish coffee is, I have an article dedicated to explaining the coffee type. You can check it out here.

Both methods of making coffee make use of very fine grounds that allow for the best possible extraction of caffeine and flavor!

However, if you’re not a fan of espresso or don’t have an espresso machine, you can always go for drip or filter coffee as any type of coffee can be helpful in keeping you awake as far as it’s not decaffeinated.

Three Best Coffees For Night Shift

The following table contains the list of my choice of the best coffees for the night shift.

Coffee Feature Caffeine Content (8 ounces)
Death Wish CoffeeWorld Strongest Coffee (USDA Certified)472 mg
Shock CoffeeAll-natural additives231 mg
Napalm Extra Dark RoastExtra Dark. Extra Bold. Extra Strong.200- 300mg
3 best coffees for the night shift

Death Wish Coffee

The Death Wish Coffee offers the next-level evolutionary experience of a dark, delicious, and bold cup of coffee. The original flavor contains no artificial aromas or sweeteners.

These coffee beans contain double the amount of caffeine of regular coffee and are known as “The World’s Strongest Coffee”. 

This coffee is certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), it contains 16oz of dark roast coffee ground prepared from Robusta and Arabica coffee beans.

Shock Coffee 

Shock Coffee is known to have no additives and includes the strongest all-natural components, thus, it is the safest coffee than the others on the list above.

Its beans are incredibly shiny and well-balanced with delicious notes of chocolate.

Shock is famous for its ability to merge three extremely vital things in one:

  • Nature
  • Flavor
  • Strength  

This perfect combo sets it second on my list of the best coffees. Unlike many of the other hyper-caffeinated coffee producers that only offer high caffeine amounts, this one offers the best flavor too.

Napalm Extra Dark Roast

The specialty of Napalm coffee is that it’s only made from 100% Arabica beans, and no Robusta beans.

The premium quality of the beans is ensured by handpicking and roasting them masterfully to create full-bodied caffeinated excellence. The coffee is produced in small batches by the company to ensure its high quality. 

This coffee is perfect for espresso, drip machines, French Press, Aeropress, Keurig, Chemex, and more!

Note: All of these 3 coffees are so strong and highly caffeinated that they might cause inconveniences for people who are insensitive to caffeine tolerance. It’s also important to keep in mind that the recommended caffeine limit set by the FDA is 400 mg a day.

Can I Stay Awake Without Coffee?

Woman sipping on a drink.
You can stay awake without coffee too

Yes, you can stay awake without coffee too. One good way is by drinking a lot of water and a cup of green or herbal tea that will reduce your tiredness and help you keep your focus. Other drinks that can help you stay awake for your night shift include:

Hot cacao: Brewed hot cacao also has caffeine. It provides your body with theobromine, a moderate stimulator for the central nervous system.

Green tea: It contains half of the amount of caffeine as coffee and also helps stomach and bladder problems. 

Black tea: Black tea provides many health benefits, plus it also contains caffeine to energize you.

Chicory coffee: The chicory-based drink is made roasted and carries a similar taste to coffee with a slightly nutty flavor. It can be a good alternative for coffee lovers who want to replace coffee. 

Yerba mate tea: Yerba tea is famous for enhancing energy levels and mental focus. Many athletes drink it religiously. 

Kombucha: This drink provides benefits of L-theanine along with the caffeine to provide a more even energy without jitters.

Golden milk: This Indian drink is made with cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, and turmeric, which can help in maintaining your focus. 

Nut and seed milk: Nut and seed milk keep your blood sugar levels balanced and boost an extra nutrient to stay alert and energized. 

Following are some bonus tips that will help you stay awake without caffeine.

  • Eat your breakfast
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Start a conversation
  • Avoid excessive use of screen
  • Take a walk outside
  • Take a break between tasks
  • Munch on a healthy snack

Bottom Line 

An espresso is a perfect drink to help you through your slow and lousy days. It’s also very helpful when you need to stay up for your night shifts.

Though nothing can indeed beat a good night’s sleep, sometimes you need to burn the midnight oil and stay awake for the hustle. For that, you will require something to keep you alert, like coffee.

The half-life of caffeine is around 6 hours, which means that even after 6 hours, there is still some caffeine in your system that can help you get your work done with alertness.

Plus, caffeine is also proven to reduce fatigue and tiredness if consumed in moderation. The FDA suggests a maximum of 400 mg of caffeine daily for a healthy individual and if you have insomnia or stomach issues, then try to avoid it or take decaffeinated coffee to avoid any caffeine-related side effects. 

If you are someone who doesn’t want to drink coffee for keeping yourself awake, then there are other alternatives too that can help you stay up for your night shifts. You can drink a lot of other healthy fluids as they get your blood flowing and help your circulatory system.

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