Best Coffee Mugs For An RV (Sturdy and Durable Mugs)

After the pandemic, the idea of going on a road trip with family and friends in an RV and being driven into the wanderlust of nature has spurged. Indeed, it is a good idea to go on a camp trip with friends and family.

To enjoy your trip in RV, all you need is good company and a sturdy coffee mug. After all, both will make your journey more fun and energetic. 

While you are also looking for camping products that fit your RV, it’s good to do your research on which quality items are you to spend money on that will last even after your trip.

For an RV, the best coffee mugs are: “Better for you” mug, YETI Rumbler, Stanley Legendary Camp Mug, Olicamp Space Saver Mug, Tervis Retro Camping Mug, and Culver Campfire Mug Set. 

I have compiled the best coffee mugs for an RV to help you out a bit, so keep on reading!

Best coffee mugs for an RV

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In my opinion, stainless steel insulated mugs are the best option for taking with you on the road. However, these are my top picks for the best coffee mug for an RV:

Coffee MugsMaterialCapacity Price
Better For Your Stainless Steel13.5 oz$20.97
YETI RumblerStainless Steel13.92 oz$30.99
Stanley Legendary Camp MugStainless Steel12 oz$20.00
Olicamp Space Saver MugStainless Steel24 oz$34.99
Tervis Retro Camping MugPlastic 16 oz$16.99
Culver Campfire Mug Set Ceramic14 oz$35.00
Best Coffee Mug For an RV

“Better For Your” stainless steel mug 

Who doesn’t love to own a mug that lasts for a lifetime? Better for Your is a company that will change the way you enjoy your drink. This 304 stainless steel mug is not only great for travel but can be used at home or work. 

“Better for Your” brand tag line and mission is:

 Drinkware that’s built to last so you can drink where life takes you

All the products they put out are plastic-free and 100% non-toxic! Enjoy your favorite drink while knowing that you are doing your part in minimizing the use of plastic.

Classic design, double-walled, dishwasher safe-these mugs are best for any occasion. It can be used for coffee, tea, smoothies, milkshakes, iced tea, juice, or whatnot.

YETI Rambler Insulated Mug

Another stainless steel mug that has made its mark, YETI ramble, is a lumberjack coffee mug. It has double-wall insulation to keep the drink hot or cold. 

This one is the toughest mug for your RV, as it is specially designed for camping. It has a full-loop comfortable grip handle for perfect grip. 

Comes in 20+ beautiful colors to choose from. It has a Duracoat color to avoid getting scratched during the trip. 

Stanley Legendary Camp Mug

Excursion into the wilderness while in an RV, chasing fish on the boat, or having to get together with friends in the backyard Stanley’s legendary cup is perfect for every occasion. 

The mug has a drink-thru lid, so you can enjoy your coffee without spilling it everywhere you go. 

It keeps coffee piping hot for 6 hours even during the coldest mornings. IYou have four beautiful colors to choose from including, Hameertone Green, Matte Black, Nightfall, and Wine.

Also, Stanley mugs offer a lifetime warranty, so your rest assured about the quality.

Olicamp Space Saver Mug

A hard-anodized Olicamp space saver is scratch-proof, easy to clean, and looks excellent. 

The 24-ounce size is even large enough to boil water for dried meals during your trip. The single wall anodized steel is lightweight, which is perfect for an RV trip. 

The best thing about this is its new innovative handle design that keeps the handle cooler when used for hot coffee or even boiling water for your coffee.

Tervis Retro Camping Mug 

Say goodbye to easily breakable ceramic mugs. This retro-style mug is made of lightweight plastic and is perfect for hiking or camping. It comes with a lid and has a cute design to make your road journey fun.

Tervis Mugs are manufactured in America. The brand claims to have impact-resistant and strong double-wall insulation mugs that keep your drink hot or cold for longer. Plus, it has a comfortable and easy-to-grip handle.

Tervis travel mugs are BPA-free and Dishwasher safe. It is available in a variety of cute designs and different colors lids to choose from.

Culver Campfire Ceramic Mug Set

I don’t recommend ceramic mugs for an RV as they can break easily. But if you like to drink your coffee in ceramic, you should opt for this fantastic campfire ceramic mug set by culver. 

These versatile earthenware mugs feature a vintage-inspired speckled glaze and high-contrast black halo trim. It offers long-lasting durability if handled with care during your road trip. 

What is the best material for a travel mug?

a mug, a bag, and a pair of boots

Stainless steel and plastic are the best materials for travel mugs.

When it comes to travel mugs, look into four essential features:

  • Size: Average size is 14 to16 ounces for travel mugs. 
  • Material: Metal is best since it keeps coffee cold and hot for longer.
  • Lid: It is unnecessary to have a mug with a lid, but it surely helps keep your drink spill-free during the whole journey.
  • Insulation: Any mug with double insulation will keep your coffee hot on the road.

These factors decide whether the mugs are best for an RV or not.

How do you store a coffee mug in an RV

Use cup shelves to store coffee mugs in an RV cabinet or hang them on a hook to avoid falling off. 

Stacking the coffee mug in an RV cabinet is not a solution, as it gets messed up when you ride on the road. 

You can hang some cup hooks under one of your cabinets or on a wall and then put your mugs there.

One option for a more safe method is by using a cup shelf to store mugs in cabinets that can keep them safe from breaking or falling. 

Most of these shelves can store up to 8 mugs, but that depends on the size of coffee mugs you own. 

Watch this video to see how you can use a cabinet storage box to store your mugs:

What is a camper mug?

Camper mugs are mostly made of ceramic, stainless steel, and plastics. These are the primary materials to create a quality camping mug that you can take on hiking, camping, or road trips.

All these materials have advantages and disadvantages. I talked about this more in my other article but in summary:

  • Ceramic camping cups are your most normal coffee cup on the road but can break easily. 
  • Stainless steel is the best one when it comes to durability, inherent heat retention ability, and potential.
  • Plastic ones are not bad, but you won’t enjoy the best coffee flavor if you use plastic ones.

Can you microwave a camper mug?

a mug sitting inside a car

No, you cannot microwave a camper mug. 

The surface of most travel mugs is covered with a coating of ceramic glaze and fired at a high temperature. The enamel coating is made up of many different types of metallic materials similar to the thermos. The enamel coating is done on the metal surface of the camper mug to prevent the metal from rusting from heat. 

That’s why it is not safe to microwave the camper mug. You can use the stovetop instead. Microwaving is always a bad idea.

Bottom Line

So, to conclude, these are the best coffee mugs for an RV in my opinion: “Better for you” mug, YETI Rumbler, Stanley Legendary Camp Mug, Olicamp Space Saver Mug, Tervis Retro Camping Mug, and Culver Campfire Mug Set. 

Stainless steel is most common for an RV, as they have a vacuum insulated wall that is best for retaining heat. If you are looking for a lightweight option, then opt for a titanium mug like TOAKS Titanium Single wall cup, which also gives the option to heat your coffee in it on the campfire.

Plastic mugs are BPA-free and easy to carry on the road, but they won’t retain heat for longer.

Lastly, ceramic mugs are also a good option as they retain heat better than plastic but are not as good as stainless steel. 

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