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The Ultimate Guide to Coffee Mugs for Coffee Lovers

The Ultimate Guide to Coffee Mugs for Coffee Lovers

Coffee lovers can’t say NO to a new coffee mug, no matter how many they own already. They always want to add a new to their mug collection. You will find a real coffee lover changing their mug every season and occasion. This is just their personal thing to enjoy their cup of happiness.

In my opinion, ceramic and stoneware are the best mugs for coffee lovers to enjoy their daily cup of java. Though travel mugs, stainless steel, and plastic mugs are what everyone needs nowadays.

Even if you are looking for a fantastic java cup for yourself or to send it as a gift to your loved one, I have listed down the best ones to make things easy for you.

What makes a good coffee mug?

milk being poured into coffee

Mugs that retain heat and don’t change the taste of your coffee are the best coffee mugs. 

Insulated mugs made of stainless steel are best to retain the heat and flavor of the coffee. 

Ceramic and glass are your typical coffee mugs found in every house that won’t retain flavors or smells. However, they can crack, break, or get stained easily. 

When we talk about durability and sturdiness, porcelain and bone china are the best options. 

When choosing a mug, look for:

  • Material
  • Function
  • Shape
  • Color
  • Aesthetic 

Lastly, always invest in functional mugs and don’t just buy mugs because of their looks.

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Does coffee taste better in a mug?

Coffee does taste better in a mug made of ceramic material because it is a neutral and solid material that doesn’t retain the flavor or smell of coffee. 

Ceramic mugs neither absorb nor impart flavors and smell, whereas compared to other materials, especially plastic and glass, affect the drink’s flavor. 

Ceramic makes the coffee taste just as it should with its neutral characteristics. That is why I consider ceramic to be the best mug for coffee lovers. 

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Does the mug affect the taste of the coffee?

The mug does affect the taste of the coffee, but it depends on the material and color of the cup. Yes, color too! 

According to this study, the color of your mug is directly affecting the taste of your coffee.

The study found that people who drink coffee claimed their coffee tasted more bitter in white mugs than clear glasses. As we know, ceramic or stainless steel doesn’t affect the taste, but some materials do, such as polythene and plastic cups.

It is recommended to use red and blue mugs to get more sweetness from your coffee because these colors are often associated with sweet fruits. 

The above study also found that white cups make coffee tastes more intense—a.k.a less sweet and more bitter—than drinking from a clear or blue mug.

Best coffee mug for coffee lovers

a mug next to a notebook

Coffee lovers adore mugs that won’t affect the taste and smell of their coffee that’s why I have compiled the best functional mugs that will win the heart of your loved one.

Here is a table compiling the best mugs for coffee lovers in my opinion:

Coffee Mugs Material Price
Le Creuset Bistro MugStoneware$20.00
Ember Mug Stainless Steel $99.00
MARA Dragonfly Insect MugCeramic$23.50
Lavender Mug Dramatic Drip Mug Ceramic$36.64
Bodum Pavina MugGlass$20.00
Hasami Mug Porcelain$28.00
Karma Gifts Black and White Boho MugCeramic $14.00
Pantone Espresso Cup Porcelain$10.00 
Fel+Fat Espresso Cup Porcelain$19.00
Stojo Collapsible Travel Cup 16ozSilicone$20.00
Zojirushi Mug Stainless Steel $30.00 
StanleyTravel MugStainless Steel$15.99
Coffee Mugs For Coffee Lovers

Le Creuset Mug

Le Creuset always popped up on your screen when you search for the best coffee mugs. 

Their Bistro and Heritage Mugs are my personal favorite especially the heritage mug that gives off major French countryside vibes. 

Plus, it’s encased in enamel for that heat-retaining power. This mug is perfect for Instagram feeds and sure to quickly become the mug you and your loved one reach for daily.

Ember Mug 

We all own smart gadgets of all kinds of things then why not a smart mug? Ember smart mug has made its name over the years due to its sleek, designed, most functional mugs.

The best thing is you can control the temperature you prefer from 120 °F to 145 °F. 

This one is a bit expensive than the other mugs, but you get what you pay for. 

Mara Stoneware Dragonfly Insect Design

A sturdy mug that will be with you for years to come, invest in this Mara Stoneware with a unique, distinctive, and handcrafted design. 

Handmade in Mexico, this whimsical, durable ceramic stoneware mug is microwave, dishwasher & oven safe. The brands claim their products are lead & cadmium-free.

All pieces from the Mara stoneware collection would make a wonderful gift to give or receive on any occasion. 

Lavender Mug Dramatic Drip Mug 

Brian Giniewski created this delightful drips lavender mug by applying a unique glossy glaze that melts during the firing process. 

Dramatic Drips set this eye-catching lavender mug apart. These mugs are handcrafted in Philadelphia. Made with glaze coating, so make sure to only hand wash this one. 

Bodum Pavina Double Wall Glasses

The Dalgona coffee trend might be over now, but double glass coffee mugs never go out of trend. 

Bodum paving is an elegant tumbler made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass and has double wall glass construction. This one will make your coffee hot longer than other glass mugs. 

If you like to drink your java in a glass coffee mug then watch this video for the top 5 glass coffee mugs:

Hasami Mug 

Hasami mugs

Japanese famous company Hasami knows what a real coffee lover wants, a minimalist design cup that does the job and goes well in the modern kitchen setting. 

Hasami ware has been around for 400 years, making it perfect as part of your mug collection or as a gift to a friend who’s just as passionate about coffee as you.    

Karma Gifts Black and White Boho Mug

Enjoy every moment and each sip of coffee with these boho black and white mugs. Uniquely illustrated and printed to give as a gift to your loved one.

These mugs were made to express inspiration, love, and artistry, touching the bohemian in all of us. Perfect for someone who leans a little bit into their artistic side.  

This one is available in multiple unique designs,

Pantone Espresso Cup 

Pantone has some fantastic new colors to their charming espresso cups! 

These 4oz espresso cups are handmade and ergonomic. Having coffee in these cute cups will delight you and your guests and add color to any conversation. 

Too colorful to tuck away, you can leave them out in your workspace or home studio or showcase them in your kitchen.

Felt+ Fat Espresso Cup 

This cute espresso cup can win the hearts of even non-coffee drinkers.

Felt+Fat has such beautiful colors mugs, including off-white, gray, red-orange, and brown.

If you like espresso, you can have a caffeine espresso shot in this mug that can hold up to 3 ounces of liquid. A bit tiny than other regular mugs but can fit in an espresso machine perfectly. 

Stojo Collapsible Travel Cup

Stojo is your hack for large, clunky travel mugs. 

With a BPA-free silicone option, this mug is also collapsible. Making it popular for being light in the hands and easy to clean.

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug 

Do your loved ones own an insulated travel mug? If not, then think no more and gift them this Zojirushi Mug. 

This mug is made of stainless steel, has vacuum insulation to keep the drink hot or cold for hours. 

It comes with a slip-free lock lid and a variety of cute colors to choose from. 

Stanley Travel Mugs

Stanley has been making reliable and quality gear since 1913. They are fully functional and this steel tumbler is hipster-friendly and also affordable. Stainless steel keeps your drink tasting good, and there is no discharge of odor. 

The best part about steel is it doesn’t deteriorate and won’t decay over time. If you want more recommendations on travel mugs, I have the perfect article for you! Check it out here.


a coffee mug next to a bed

There are many coffee mugs to choose from. There are insulated, glass, ceramic, stoneware, branded, and even customized mugs. However, it all comes down the personal taste and preference. 

In my opinion, Le cruset and Ember are the two most amazing mugs to enjoy daily java. However, the best mugs for coffee lovers will come down to personal preference, plus the function and style matter.

If you are looking best mug for your coffee-lover friend, always consider how the gift recipient will use the coffee mugs. Will it be for home, for travel or for the office?

Also, don’t forget to check what style of coffee mugs is best and trendy nowadays.

All in all, if you can’t find the perfect one. No problem, you can always make custom coffee mugs for yourself or your loved one. 

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