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Top 10 Coffee Machines That Won’t Break the Bank

Top 10 Coffee Machines That Won’t Break the Bank

Coffee has become an integral part of our daily life, without which the day becomes dull. Not only the caffeine boost gives us the desired energy fix but also provides several important antioxidants to the body.

For household usage, a good coffee machine can provide you with the ultimate coffee experience without having too much time spent on visiting coffee shops.

No matter which coffee machine you’re using, the functional basics are almost similar. The ground coffee needs water to get the flavors extracted from and gives the coffee extract that you make coffee with.

The word cheap is relative as someone’s cheap might be expensive for another. The fine line here isn’t to find a cheap machine but a machine that is budget-friendly and works fine.

Nowadays, many coffee machines are priced moderately which gives the quality of maintenance and usage to the consumers. Unless you’re using all the advanced features offered by the high-end ones, I don’t think an expensive coffee machine worth thousands of dollars does any wonder to your coffee.

Short answer: Coffee machines under $100 that do their job well are the Cuisinart Classic and Mr. Coffee

By the end of this article, I hope you’ll get some notable purchase options within $100. The following sections will include a more specific detailed review of some amazing coffee machines within the mentioned price.

Are cheap coffee machines any good?

Cheap coffee machines work equally well for your coffees. It might not make the absolute best coffee for your taste bud but it can give you a reliable flavor depending upon the brewing process involved.

Cheap coffee makers will give you a big advantage of refueling yourself every morning over a limited budget. Most of the key specifications in such machines are simple and give a promising outcome. Many of the popular budget-friendly coffee machines offer strong-enough coffee that is likable by many.

Most of the time the expensive coffee machines offer more settings options but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a handful for you. Higher-priced machines often have more functionality than the cheaper alternatives but that’s useful for you only when you are using all of those functions.

This is why cheap coffee machines aren’t a bad choice when you aim to get a good cup of coffee with optimal settings and convenience in usage. Don’t go for the cheapest one however if it doesn’t allow you to perform the bare minimum. Analyze your needs at first and calculate the long-term cost of purchasing it rather than the up-front cost.

Not the cheapest or the most expensive one would help you always. The best coffee machine is the one that’s most cost-effective and durable for your desired needs.

You can read my other article to see if expensive coffee makers are worth it.

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How are cheap coffee machines different from expensive coffee machines?

A coffee machine over a wooden table.
A cheap coffee machine can also serve well if it focuses on serviceability.

The main difference between the cheap and expensive coffee machines is their in-built and exterior quality. Cheap coffee machines are mostly made with plastic and thus offer limited serviceability. These machines are made to be replaced or restored so you can use them until they stop working.

On the other hand, expensive coffee makers have a stronger exterior body and bear a high level of serviceability than the cheaper alternatives.

These are more reliable and durable in terms of functionality and the service offered. The strong body of the machines offers more reliable grinders and accessories.

For this reason, high-end coffee makers provide a finer grind and as a result a finer cup of joe.

However, many budget-friendly coffee makers focused on serviceability rather than the design or exterior. So, a cheap coffee maker can serve you well just like the premium machines, if not better. The cheaper models focus more on easy maintenance and so you can replace them anytime you want to focus on more advanced features.

For high-end machines. look for the machines that offer easy restoring of parts so that you can fix the accessories and use the maker for a good amount of time.

ContentExpensive coffee machinesCheap coffee machines
Quality of materialsSturdier build qualityMostly made of plastic
ServiceabilityMore opportunities and easy repairments It’s better to replace the machine
Type of grinderBurr grinderBlade grinder
DurabilityLong-termDepending on the model
A quick comparison between the different price coffee machines.
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Best coffee machines under $100

coffee machine

There are several brilliantly designed coffee machines at this price. However, after seeing thousands of positive feedbacks I am listing some of the most well-rated machines. You can analyze your preference upon seeing the listed appliances.

Best Overall- Cuisinart Classic

Key specifications

Product type: Automatic machine

Glass Carafe

Control Type: Dial Selector

Display Type: LCD

12-cup total capacity

Dishwasher safe

Cuisinart Classic is a brilliantly designed coffee machine that is well-rated and easy to program. The design is stylish and functional. The brand is well-known for its high-quality reputation and great functioning appliances.

The 12 cup coffee maker is perfect for your family. The machine lets you set the brewing time and you can also stop the brewing process. It has got a charcoal water filter that helps in getting rid of the impurities from water. This helps in ensuring a better quality of coffee.

The double-walled machine is well-insulated and has a stainless steel carafe. You’ll surely love the self-cleaning feature that it has got. The programmable brewing function is up to 24 hours and you can sneak a quick cup in the middle of the brew cycle by the brew-pause feature.

This is a fantastic choice that is also compact and easy to use. The functions performed by the machine are all done on a budget that ensures well-programmed and durability.


  • Auto shutoff
  • 24-hour programmability
  • Double-walled and thermally insulated carafe
  • Good extraction process
  • Self-cleaning feature


  • The carafe isn’t enough to keep the coffee warm
  • No built-in grinder

Price range: about $60-$80

Quick review o the Cuisinart classic.

Best Value- Mr. Coffee

Key specifications

Carafe Capacity: 12 cups

Auto-shutoff: yes

Multi serve

Water level window: yes


Digital display

Brew pause: yes

Water filtration

Mr. Coffee is a handy coffee maker that offers both convenience and ease of use. Considering the price, it has unique featured and easy measuring features.

It has a two-step advanced filtration system that helps in removing impurities. The programmable features allow an easy color-coded measuring system on the scoop, carafe, and water reservoir. There is also a 4-hour freshness indicator that shows how long it’s been since the coffee is brewed.

There is a large brew basket that holds 25% more grounds than the other models of the same brand. The flavor-focused features all the requirements of a great drip coffee maker.


  • Easy color-coded measuring system
  • An advanced water filtration system
  • Programmable LED display
  • 4-hour freshness indicator to show how long the coffee has been brewed


  • The glass carafe might change color
  • Error code can occur

Price range: about $64-$72 depending on various deals on amazon.

Best for Coffee Pods- Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker

Key specifications

Coffee filter type: capsule

Capacity (volume): 75 oz

Strength control: yes

Automatic shut-off: yes

Brew sizes: 5 (4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz)

Iced setting: yes

Temperature control: yes

The Keurig K-Classic is a premium single-serve coffee maker that has three brew sizes (6,8 or 10-ounce cups of coffee). The reservoir capacity is 48 ounces so you don’t have to refill it quite often. It’s also relatively lightweight and lifts out easily. This is one of the easiest coffee machines by Keurig that can be used by anyone.

The operation of K classic occurs using three indicators and five buttons which are:

  • A button to turn the machine manually on or off
  • A button to select the brewing size
  • A button to shut-off automatically

The three indicators tell you whether there is a need for more water, needs to be descaled, or is heating the water currently.

Despite not being a high-end maker, K Classic is well-designed and has s stylish touch. It is large so it isn’t travel-friendly.

Performance-wise it’s easy to use and takes only a matter of 60 seconds to start and finish the final drink. The final cup of pod prepared is smooth and well-balanced. The machine is also quiet and needs little maintenance.

The machine requires the standard of 120V outlet. Finding compatible cups is also very convenient since there are many cups available for the machine.


  • Easy use and low maintenance
  • Variety of brew sizes
  • Compatible with a travel mug
  • Compatible for different flavors and brands of coffee all in K-cup form


  • Doesn’t have any special flavors in the coffee’s taste
  • Not environmental-friendly
  • Doesn’t brew at the ideal temperature
  • Only a single cup per serving

K Classic is one of the most reliable coffee machines within the price threshold. It might not be the best product but it’s customizable and compatible for regular uses. Keurig has models with more advanced features at higher prices so go look for those as well when you require an upgrade.

Price: about $119.99 as per website. However, there are always several lucrative sales going on and I believe customers buy it for cheaper deals. It gradually retails for $80 or even less.

What are some good alternatives?

There are other alternatives as well which fairly offer you a lot of convenience and quality coffee. As all the machines do not have the same features, certain varieties can meet your preferences both rigidly.

Some of the well-rated coffee machine under $100 is listed here:

  1. Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker ($38)
  2. Hamilton Beach 49980A Coffee Maker ($70)
  3. Braun BrewSense Drip Coffee Maker ($87)
  4. Hamilton Beach FlexBrew ($89)
  5. Airmsen Programmable Coffee Maker ($80)

Is it worth buying a cheap coffee machine?

coffee machine

It’s worth buying cheap coffee machines if you’re someone who is watching your wallet or has limited usage of the maker. Many people want decent and consistent cups of coffee on the regular basis without straining their pockets.

Maybe the coffee maker won’t give you the taste of famous shops but it can satisfy your caffeine cravings well. Cheap coffee machines are designed for mass-market. They are suitable for those who don’t need to grind fresh coffees every day.

Nowadays many models offer you a premium taste of coffees and some can brew fresh ground beans better than many expensive alternatives as well.

Not all machines are created equally so it’s natural that some machines can cover the flavor and texture better. The expensive models have better features and accessories undoubtedly but the main threshold lies in the craft-based brewing methods you follow rather than the machine.

Final thoughts

The coffee machine that you are thinking to purchase should have features to give a good cup of coffee. People drink coffee because of its rich taste and that is what makes the drink different from other sugary fluids.

No matter how advanced the features are, if your coffee maker doesn’t give you a wonderful cup of coffee then you won’t be satisfied.

The machines that I have mentioned are all well-rated. They all excel in certain fields considering their prices. Do a little bit of research to make sure that these go well with your preference. The main objective is to get one that is the most cost-effective.

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