Best Coffee Machines for Long Black (Detailed Review)

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Coffee is the magical fix that many of us tend to look for first thing in the morning. A good machine can change your overall experience ef brewing the best cup of coffee.

A long black is a modern variation of black coffee that contains warm water and espresso. Several coffee makers are suitable for espresso fans. Many coffee machines may limit your option in terms of coffee that you can use, so it’s better to look for the details and your convenience before you purchase one for yourself.

My best bet on coffee machines for long black are the Breville Barista Express, Delonghi Magnifica, VertuoPlus, and DeLonghi Dedica.

A good machine for long black will benefit your coffee experience as it can:

  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce work time
  • Reward quality coffee

This article will help you in getting to understand better about how to choose a good machine for your lock black and what are the existing good options available.

Can you make long black with an espresso machine?

a coffee cup under a coffee macine dripping

You can. A long black is just the combination of espresso shots and warm water. So yes, you can prepare long black using an espresso machine.

You can find three types of espresso machines for yourself. These are semi-automatic, automatic, and pod-style machines.

The semi-automatic espresso machine is the most popular one. It will require you to grind, tamp and time the espresso shot, unlike the super-automatic ones. However, since it allows you to grind your fresh beans and extract according to your preference, you have better control over the taste of the espresso.

The automatic espresso machines use an internal timer that cuts off the shot after a definite amount of time. Tus, you don’t have to press the coffee button again and again. These machines do most of the work for you that including grinding, dosing, and tamping. However, such machines give you less control over the taste.

Lastly, the pod-style machines require you to just put a pod into the assigned machine and on the button. Pod machines bring convenience and consistency out of your espresso-making experience. Well, the taste of the espresso made through using pods is won’t be the best, but the shots will turn good with minimal effort.

Apart from these basic varieties, there are several other types of espresso machines that fall under different categories based on differences between water flow, mechanism, boilers, levels of operation, etc.

These includes:

  • Reservoir
  • Pump-driven
  • Single boiler
  • Manual or Lever
  • Direct connect
  • Volumetric

The main part of your long black depends on your espresso shot. Preparing espresso is complex if you’re thriving for the correct consistency.

While choosing the right machine for you, you need to pick one that serves you the easiest functioning and level of customization you want in the brewing process.

Is long black the same as americano?

Both an americano and long black are the same in which they are both espresso-based drinks. However, the main difference the lies between them is in their preparation method.

Americano is prepared by pouring warm water over the espresso base. Conversely, a long black is prepared by adding espresso over the water. This is why long black is much stronger and fuller in taste than Americano.

The caffeine content varies among different varieties. generally, americano contains 43-44 milligrams per 100ml of the drink and long black contain 86-87 milligrams of the same quantity drink. This stems from the fact that long black involves more shots of espresso than Americano.

However, it comes down to how your drink is prepared to coun the final caffeine intake. Light roast is generally stronger in flavor and by strong, you can mean both the flavor and the caffeine.

Considering equal espresso shots are involved, if your long black is prepared from Arabica beans then the flavor yielded will be stronger, though the caffeine count might be less than the americano prepared with robust.

The strength can also be estimated considering the ratio of using higher grounds to water. In this case, since long black has more espresso shots involved then it’s evident to be the stronger drink.

The main factors behind determining the strength of the drink come down to:

  • Quality of beans used
  • Running time of water through the grounds
  • Quantity of grounds or shots involved

Is long black coffee healthy?

a steaming hot cup of coffee

A long black a day is efficiently good for you considering that’s just the modified version of the classic black coffee.

A long black is high in antioxidants and doesn’t contain any added sugar or calories. The antioxidants and chlorogenic acids present in the coffee serve a great deal for the wellness of your body.

Hydrocinnamic acids and polyphenols are important kinds of antioxidants that exhibit anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and anti-collagenase functions by reducing the onset of aging, hyperpigmentation, and other sorts of inflammation.

Let’s have a look at the common benefits gained from the antioxidants present in the drink:

First of all, the antioxidants help in disarming the free radicals and protecting your skin from damage. Not only does it increase the rate of cell repair but also reduces the chance of further inflammation.

Moreover, the antioxidants in the long black can also help you in dealing with sudden headaches. Lastly, not to forget that the antioxidants are also beneficial for reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, sorts of cancer, liver diseases, cirrhosis, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Other than antioxidants, phenolic acids like chlorogenic acid play an important role in maintaining a balanced glucose regulation through different series of biochemical mechanisms. It also helps in reducing excess fat by balancing out the sugar level.

As caffeine increases your basal metabolic rate, long black can be a great choice for people trying to lose weight. The stimulant also acts as an appetite suppressor that can reduce the level of ghrelin (hunger hormone) and make you feel full for a decent period.

This doesn’t allow you to dose on an over-the-line quantity of intake since caffeine has multiple symptoms of overdosage and withdrawal that can cause anxiety, headaches, or gastritis issues.

You can read more about the possible benefits of a long black in my other article where I went into more detail.

How to select the best coffee machine for your long black?

There is a lot to consider before purchasing the right coffee maker for your coffee. The factors that you need to look for are convenience, type of coffee you want to brew, brew size, timing, customization, and most importantly, the cost.

Dedicated espresso machines cover a wide variety of both inexpensive models and super-costly models. No matter how you want your brew style to be, there is probably a variety selection of espresso machines that can fit your preference.

If you are looking forward to buying an automatic or semi-automatic one then there are some key features you should be looking for.

  1. Look for the pressure pump system. A good one should have nine bars of pressure at least or even more.
  2. Get the machine with a range of 194-201 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Go for a high-quality grinder like a flat or conical burr.
  4. A medium rotation speed for the grinder is good.
  5. A separate milk frother can be efficient.
  6. If you don’t have any budget constraints, go for a machine with two heating units.

An attached steam wand may look good but it isn’t essential. Generally, a single boiler will be present in the espresso machines. The best among most espresso machines are specially made for making the perfect espresso only. However, many hybrid machines are found nowadays that can be both regular coffee and espresso.

Best coffee machines for long black

Coffee maker at a table
A coffee machine at your home can be convenient for making fresh cups every day.

Different brands of espresso cater to different household demands. To pick the best selection of machines for your long black, I have made this list out of usability, customization power, maintenance, upfront cost, and running cost.

Nowadays several coffee machines are doing their best for giving you the ultimate experience. I am putting forward 4 best-reviewed machines for your long black.

Breville Barista Express

Product Pros:

  • Type- Semi-automatic
  • Best for: All varieties of coffee
  • No. of cups: 1-2
  • Has a built-in burr grinder

Ideal Home rating: 4.5/5

The best feature of this machine is that it ensures a good quality of coffee and is easy to set up. It also compacts wand will help in saving up some space.

It’s easy to handle and thus will probably help you to hone all the skills that you’re looking for. For making the espresso you need to fill in the reservoir tank and then you can fill up the shots of espresso in the espresso disk. A simple shot at the button and you’ll be getting your favorite long black.

Though it’s a semi-automatic one, you don’t need to grind as it comes with a built-in grinder. You can control the grind size and the perfect amount you’ll be needed for the espresso shots.

You can also use this machine for making cappuccino, latte, etc since it has goth a milk frother.

The hot water dispenser would help you in preparing the long black from the espresso prepared by the machine.

The minus point:

  • Stainless steel body
  • No adjustable mug height
Look for the review on this popular espresso machine.

DeLonghi Magnifica

Product Pros:

  • Type- Super automatic
  • Intuitive control panel
  • High capacity water tank

Ideal Home rating: 4.3/5

In the case of features, Magnifica excels with the fantastic cup warmer, auto-shutoff feature, and elegant appeal over the stainless steel body.

As it is an automatic machine, you need to put the coffee beans and press the button just. This coffee machine comes with a standard 2-year warranty.

One of the major advantages of this machine is that the water tank capacity is 60 oz which offers a wide range of plus points for people who tend to make Americanos or other hot-water reliant beverages.

The minus points:

  • Doesn’t have a ceramic burr grinder
  • Only for espresso


Product Pros:

  • Type- Pod style
  • Huge water reservoir
  • Coffee type: All

Ideal Home rating: 4.5/5

If you prefer capsule-based espresso, this is for you. You have to fill the machine with water and put the pod to prepare the espresso. This is very quick and you will get the taste of the long black within a few minutes.

The VertuoPlus machine required the barcodes on the pods to let you know the length of the espresso so that it can make the espresso-based on it.

This range of machines has three different-sized capsules that are capable of delivering five different types of extraction.

The following table explains the differences:

Type of extractionAmount of coffee produced
Single-shot espresso40 ml
Double espresso80 ml
Gran Lungo150 ml
Mug230 ml
Alto414 ml
Different capsule produces different types of extraction.

The minus points:

  • Bigger capsules are expensive
  • The drink won’t taste as good as the automatic and the semi-automatic ones.

DeLonghi Dedica

Product Pros:

  • Types: Semi-automatic
  • High-quality compact design
  • Automatic flow stop

Ideal Home rating: 4.3/5

This machine is built to give you a great espresso for your long black. The thermoblock technology brews the coffee within an ideal temperature range.

The machine is simple and comes with ease of use. All the process takes like 1 minute to give you the espresso shots for the long black by using the hot water dispenser.

The machine follows the industry-standard 15 bar pressure profile for brewing and supports a well-built machine design. It has got a 1-liter water reservoir and 3 baskets for your filter holder.

The minus points:

  • Not cheap
  • Might seem difficult to use

How much should you spend on a good coffee machine?

A potential buyer must look for his/her level of interest and skill before purchasing one. You can get espresso machines for $100 as well. As your taste and skill develop, you can expect to buy a costly one for about $500-$600.

There are also some cheaper espresso machines for starters such as stovetop units for $25. manual pump for about $70.

Do simple research before pouring your bills over a coffee machine. There are many budget-friendly options available with good features that can do the work at home.

Before spending your money, consider the feature you are looking for in the machine.

Look at the amazon website since you can get good deals over there. The pricing for the Breville BES870XL one is listed at about $650-$700 depending upon availability. However, this is just for a single model. I have gone through several other models options and most of the Breville ones are priced between $500-$700.

The Delonghi ones are also around the same range.

It’s best to buy a moderate-priced machine-like Breville if you’re not having budget issues and have a long-lasting interest in the barista duty at home.

Final Verdict- Which one to choose?

Finally, choose a machine that will serve you the best without constraining your pocket. There are lots of affordable and good-featured coffee machines in the market.

Long black doesn’t need something specialized to be prepared with. A good espresso machine with a hot water dispenser is what you should be looking for. The mentioned machines are some of the choices that you can go for.

Apart from those, there are several other brands available in the market with various customization options, unique features, and different pricing.

Also, a good coffee machine is an investment for a long time since I am pretty sure you don’t want to purchase one after 1-2 years. So it’s better to look for the features, price, and reviews for the best options before buying it.

Make sure to make the best investment and have the ultimate long black experience.

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