Best Coffee Machine for Camping (All the Best Choices)

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A good coffee machine is needed to solve your brewing solution and offer you a piping hot cup of happiness. While camping, a lightweight, portable, and durable coffee machine can give you the extra jolt that you might be needing.

You need to consider certain things before you want to go to the mall and pick one of the machines:

  • The size and weight of the coffee maker
  • The speed at which it brews
  • The method of cleaning involved
  • The overall durability of the machine

Among the amazing option of appliances available in the market right now, look for the merits that serve your needs the best. There are several key elements that you must look for in the coffee appliances suitable for your camping.

Short answer: For camping, a lightweight, compact designed and multi-functional coffee maker is suited best due to its versatility in functioning. The best overall is undoubtedly the Aeropress Go, Espro Travel, and Cafflono Klassic considering the huge amount of positive reviews these have got from the customers.

By the time you’re done with this article, you’ll get some amazing ideas regarding the best coffee machines for your camping coffee so do check the following sections.

Things you need to consider before buying a coffee maker

The right coffee machine is important for giving you the perfect cup of joe. The general rule of thumb should be to choose the best coffee maker considering your needs.

While making choices make sure the machine you’re purchasing fulfills most of your preferred criteria.

Which coffee maker do you need?

There are several types of coffee makers. You can save gas, time, and money by curbing your visit to the nearest coffee shop and preparing your own.

Not all coffee machines are friendly enough for traveling. So look for the coffee variety you want and buy the machine that serves you with the best settings and features.

Here’s a quick comparison between the most popular kinds of coffee makers:

ContentPour-Over Coffee MakerFrench PressEspresso Makers
Method involvedinfusion methodimmersion methodextraction method
Brewing time2.5-4 minutes 3-4 minutes20-30 seconds
Grind usedmedium-coarse grindcoarse, even grinddark and fine grind
Quick review on the distinct features between the three types of coffee maker.

What should you look for in a travel coffee maker?

A travel or portable coffee maker is needed for people who are on the go. This is why making the right choice is important for sustainability.

Things you should be looking for in the coffee makers are:

1. Portability, of course

This is actually why you’re buying it in the first place. Don’t go for a bulky or broad machine since it will be hard to carry them for a long time. No matter which brews you want, try to buy the machine considering its weight and required space.

2. Brewing time

It will be funny if you spend too much time brewing your coffee. Choose machines that can prepare your coffee within 30 seconds to 5 minutes to brew.

3. Easy cleaning

A very important point to consider is the ease of cleaning. Remember, dirty coffee is never a good coffee. Look for a coffee maker that can help you with cleaning and that requires minimal effort.

4. Durability

When you’re packing for traveling, especially for a long travel period, always go for durable possessions. It’s not easy to purchase necessities during traveling so buy appliances that can go well along with the distance. Keep your machine safe and purchase something made of light but durable components.

5. Power

In the case of electricity and battery-charged machines, ensure that the charging needs match your destination. Read the instructions on the product’s packaging well and go through the review before purchasing.

What is the smallest travel coffee maker?

a travel coffee machine next to a pile of coffee beans

There are several small travel-friendly coffee makers available in the market. These machines are suitable for brewing smaller quantities of coffee and require optimal extraction pressure to give a rich espresso flavor.

The pros of having small and compact travel-friendly coffee makers are:

  • Handy to operate.
  • Requires minimal effort
  • Have innovative designs
  • Have impressive coffee-making capabilities

Before choosing the best among some amazing portable coffee makers for camping and picnic, I am putting some of the lightest handheld espresso machines into the list. The feature settings and design vary among the models so it’s wise to research on your own before purchasing one.

AeroPress Go Portable Coffee Maker

My pick among the ideal portable coffee maker for camping will be the Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker. It has got everything that you will be needing in a coffee maker for your camp and is extremely lightweight (13 ounces).

It’s very easy to use and makes the coffee fast within two minutes. This is perfect when you’re on the go. As it’s completely manual, you got full control over the espresso’s taste and flavor. You must need hot water to prepare the pipping caffeinated dose.

This is a press so it can produce only an espresso drink. As already mentioned, the amount you want to brew is put to you and the filtration system makes the cup clean. The plus point is that the machine is BPA-free.

Wacaco Minipresso

Wacaco Minipresso is travel-friendly and one of the smallest handled coffee makers. It is hand operate and very convenient to use. The piston used in Minipresso is a semi-automatic one that ensures the best quality of the brew.

One of the most amazing features Minipresso got is that it requires optimal pressure to give you an exciting bold flavor of espresso. The exterior of the machine is bullet-shaped and comes with all the important accessories to brew a single amazing cup of coffee.

The superior brewing capabilities of Minipresso can fix your caffeine want throughout the camping hours very well. However, this is costly than most other portable coffee makers but worth its value owing to the innovative design.

Cafflano Klassic

Cafflano Klassic is super convenient and has everything you need to brew in a suitable package. It has a hand-mill grinder, a drip kettle metal pour-over filter, and an insulated mug all in a single tumbler-shaped package.

Its design and construction are quite praise-worthy and well-thought. The combination of the exterior built and the functions are quite compatible. It’s also easy to clean and keeps your coffee hot for a long period. Priced at $55, also offers a value buy for you.

The resulting brew from Cafflano is one of the best pour-over coffee. However, getting the right grind is important so you need to adjust the grinder at your convenience. As it’s made of stiff plastic you can easily carry it in your backpack.

Espro Travel Coffee Press

This is a mug-style coffee maker that is super easy to operate and carry. The built-in machine is quite durable and the insulated double-walled stainless steel body can keep your coffee hot for several hours.

This is one of the excellent choices for regular travelers. Don’t forget to note that the mugs are BPA, BPS, and phthalate-free that will unalter the coffee’s taste.

You can make up to 14 ounces of coffee with this travel mug-style coffee machine and the taste of the coffee will be just awesome. As a french press, it can make 10 ounces of coffee.

How do you make espresso during camping?

Two mugs and a coffee machine over the grass.
A good coffee machine can enhance your camping experience.

To make an espresso during camping, the supplies you’ll be needing are:

  • Aeropress kit
  • Filters
  • Medium grounded coffee
  • Pot to boil water
  • Camping coffee mug
  • Heat source

First, heat the water to an ideal temperature. Then insert the filter in the filter basket and attach it to the brew chamber. You have to place the brew chamber on your camping bag.

After that, you can pour the coffee grounds. Fill the brew chamber with warm water and stir it for 10-15 seconds.

As it settles down, tops off with the remaining water. You can then insert the plunder and apply downward pressure until it bottoms out. Remove your mug from the Aeropress and enjoy the moment!

There’s something magical and relaxing to sip on your cup of joe while enjoying the soothing environment around your camping site. Many can’t go without their regular caffeine dose so to make the perfect espresso you need to adopt some smart ways.

Before digging into the camping notes of making espresso, you must follow the three cardinal rules:

  1. Use high quality and fresh coffee beans
  2. Use whole beans and grind immediately
  3. Don’t boil your camping coffee

There are various ways to make your camping espresso or coffee. Most of these tips were gathered from the internet through people’s experiences. This makes the idea more lively and practical.

The main accessories you will be needing is an espresso machine and you can use Aeropress for that. There are several methods for making your espresso but many find Aeropress as the best method of choice.

The machine is quite compact and has everything you’ll be needing. The brewing strength is adjustable and the machine itself is inexpensive.

Can you make coffee over a campfire?

a campfire in the woods

Yes absolutely, you can.

There are various methods to make coffee over a campfire. You just need to keep ground coffee with you and you’re good to go. The first step to making a delicious cup of coffee is to build a suitable fireplace to use as a heat source.

Once the fire gets started, let it burn for a few minutes and gather the woods and coal for raising the heat.

After starting the fire, follow these steps:

  1. Add an appropriate amount of water to a pot.
  2. Place the pot of water over the hottest coal site in the campfire.
  3. Once the water starts to boil, remove it from the fire.
  4. Add the appropriate portion of grounds when the water stops boiling.
  5. Allow it to steep for 5 minutes before putting the pot off the fire.
  6. Pour the drink from your pot into a mug and enjoy!

This traditional method of preparing coffee is widely known as the ‘cowboy coffee‘. As there is no filter in the pot, the drink might taste a bit gritty. Many campers like this gritty texture. However, if you’re not liking it try to skim the surface of the coffee and remove the grounds floating on the top.

One of the best parts of any camping trip is enjoying the warm coffee in the cool morning and watching the soothing surrounding. Die-hard coffee drinkers feel it mandatory for having their cup of joe even through the wildest adventure.

Of course, if you’re gonna bring coffee along with you on a camping trip, you’re going to need a suitable coffee mug. Read my article here where I recommend the best coffee mugs for camping!

Best coffee machine for camping

A good cup of coffee can save your day! The beautiful outdoor scenery requires the perfect cup of brew to make your travel experience more fun and lively.

In the following section, I have listed three of the most convenient travel-friendly coffee makers considering their overall performance and lucrative features.

Since, preference differs among individuals, make sure to research on your own before choosing something particularly.

Best Overall (Value and Versatility)- Aeropress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press

Quick review:


Value for money- 5/5

Taste of the coffee- 4.5/5

Performance- 5/5

The Aeropress travel coffee maker is the travel version of the pour-over setup. It is just the miniaturized version of the original meaning that it makes less coffee than the original.

All the parts of the coffee maker are tuck neatly into a gray plastic mug that has a red silicone lid. The machine is almost the size of a standard coffee mug and thus incredibly lightweight and easy to carry. The brewing method is always customizable. All you need is coffee, water, and pressure to start experimenting.

There are two ways you can brew your coffee with Aeropress. The normal or classic method and the inverted method. No matter which technique you’re using you need to find the right brewing method and expertise it over.

When you’re finished with brewing, you can easily take the filter cap off and push the plunger. Rinsing the rubber seal is all you need to do then.

The Aeropress is also BPA-free and made of non-toxic plastic. Considering the price it’s quite effective and durable for the long term.

A $32 worth Aeropress Go comes in a package of:

  • A plunger
  • A chamber
  • A funnel
  • A travel bag
  • A stirrer
  • A scoop
  • A filter holder
  • A filter cap
  • A rubber seal


  1. The silicone lid that covers the body of the mug kind of leaves the closed assembly a bit wobbly.
  2. It is made of plastic so not that ‘environment-friendly’ travel kit you’re looking for.
  3. This doesn’t produce crema in the espresso.

Best Portable- Espro Travel Coffee Press

Quick review:

Design- 4/5

Value for money- 4/5

Taste of the coffee- 4/5

Performance- 4.5/5

The Espro Travel Press is a dual-filter setup and spill-proof travel mug that can hold up to 14 ounces of your hot beverage. As a french press, it can make 10 ounces of coffee.

Some of the noteworthy features:

  • Two products in one: a travel mug (14 ounces) and a french press brewer (10 ounces).
  • Dual filter plunder
  • Double-wall vacuum insulated stainless body
  • Paper filters for a cleaner final product

The taste of the final product was quite praised by the customers. The quality of the coffee made by Espro Travel Press is almost the same as AeroPress Maker and Wacaco Nanopresso. The two filters in the Espro P1 model are 9-12 times finer than the typical french press filter.

Once you hold the rope of the settings, the feature will seem straightforward. This machine is suitable for a single serving at a time as it brews 10-14 ounces of brews. However, it can keep some extra coffee hot for a long period due to the insulated body of the vessel.


  1. There’s no way to add sugar or cream to your coffee through the travel press so if you don’t take your coffee black, you have to add the additives separately in the mug.
  2. This machine is on the pricey side. You get an excellent coffee maker considering the features it provides but if you’re on a tight budget you can look for other similar options.

Best All-in-One- Cafflano Klassic

Quick review:

Design- 4.5/5

Value for money- 4/5

Taste of the coffee- 4.5/5

Performance- 4.5/5

Cafflona Klassic is a beautifully designed coffee maker that produces excellent cups of coffee. It’s an absolute customer’s choice in regards to ease of use, portability, and capacity.

It has a hand-mill grinder, drip kettle, metal pour-over filter, and an insulated mug in a tumbler-shaped mug. You can control the brew and the resulting drink is one of the best pour-over coffee. It has got an adjustable grinder and a bit of practice is needed for this.

The Cafflano Klassic is almost 470g in weight and with all the added coffee it may take half a kilo in your bag-pack. However, if you’re willing to sacrifice a little bit of space for a wonderful coffee treat then it’s going to add a great experience.


  1. It involves a slow process of brewing.
  2. It needs expertise in controlling the grinder.

Final Thoughts

a forest with three dome tents

While we are willing to forego some important things during camping, a good cup of coffee isn’t one of them. Coffee highlights the experience and makes every moment more lively. You can enjoy your brew in your camp just by choosing the right machine for you.

Choose something easy to carry and durable depending on the time-path of your journey. Also, select something that suits best with the type of coffee you’re desiring.

The coffee machines mentioned above almost serve the same purposes. Thus, making the right decision while choosing the best machine for you is important. Look for the settings that seem convenient to use, pack it into your bag, and enjoy a good brew in the wild.

You can watch this video to know about coffee methods you can use while camping:

Here are some amazing camping coffee ideas.

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