Best Coffee for Losing Weight (Add It To Your Diet)

Short answer: Black coffee is best for losing weight because it’s free of added sugars and fat that can contribute to weight gain.

Coffee is proven as an energy-boosting drink with many health benefits. The few calories and caffeine content especially in black coffee may aid in losing weight. 

Since there are a lot of coffee varieties to choose from nowadays, we sometimes incline towards the ones that are not good for our health in the long run.

It’s alright to indulge in your favorite creamy and sugary coffee drink once in a while.

It becomes a problem when you consume it daily without keeping a tab of what’s actually in your drink can result in weight gain instead of weight loss.

Weight gain for me is easy but then shedding those pounds can be an extremely slow and rigorous process.

You can start by making better choices when it comes to your coffee. This way you can reap the health benefits that coffee is known for without harming your health.

This article explores how coffee can help you lose those extra pounds and be a helpful guide on what to avoid. Let’s read!

Can coffee help you lose weight?

Top view of a white mug of black coffee with coffee beans scattered around it.

Coffee can help you lose weight by suppressing your hunger. I have a full post on this topic if you want an in-depth read.

Coffee is a natural source of caffeine that’s widely consumed and loved for its numerous healthful benefits and rich flavors. Among those many health benefits, one is the fat-burning quality of coffee.

It’s been observed that certain doses of caffeine can help eliminate fatigue from the body and improve its endurance.

Several studies have concluded that caffeine can help in boosting your metabolism by up to 11% which can ultimately help in burning body fat.

The feeling of being full longer after drinking coffee stems from the fact that the caffeine present in coffee reduces the hormone called ghrelin, which causes an increase in appetite.

So technically it’s not coffee that fills you up.

It’s coffee’s caffeine content that quelches the ghrelin level in your body to reduce your urge to eat. This can make you feel full for some time.

Also, the consumption of higher doses of caffeine may cause bloating.

Best coffee for losing weight

A fork wrapped in a tape measure.

As I’ve said early on, plain black coffee is the best choice if you’re working on losing weight.

It’s a calorie-free variant of coffee that you can enjoy guilt-free, even while dieting.

What makes it more beneficial is its content of antioxidants which fight against free radicals that pose a risk to your health. Check out my article on black coffee basics if you want to know more.

Black coffee also helps you stay more alert and provides you with that extra energy boost that carries you through a long workout.

Some people though can’t stand the bold bitterness of plain black coffee and end up adding dairy and sugar to it. But I’m making no judgment here.

I suggest that if you badly need to add dairy in your coffee, substitute full cream milk with a skimmed or the almond kind. Just be more conscious of your calorie intake.

I’ve prepared a table for you containing the caffeine content and calories present in some popular varieties of coffee to be your guide:

Coffee VarietyServing SizeCaffeine ContentCalorie Count
Black Coffee8 oz. fl.95 mg5
Cappuccino16 oz. fl.173 mg130
Espresso1 oz. fl.64 mg1
Latte16 oz. fl.154 mg160
Decaf coffee, instant8 oz. fl.3 mg5
Cold Brew, black16 oz. fl2005
A table showing the caffeine and calorie content of popular coffee varieties

If you check the table above, it clearly shows that black coffee is indeed the best option for boosting metabolism.

Not only does it have a low-calorie content but it also has a fairly moderate quantity of caffeine.

Does coffee make you gain weight?

Coffee is known to aid in weight loss. In some cases though, coffee might be responsible for making you gain weight instead of losing it. The culprit here is the unhealthy add-ons such as sugar, dairy, and other stuff that you put in your cup of joe. 

Coffee in particular does not make you fat.

Black coffee – without any added sugar or dairy – is known to help you lose weight and body fat.

The reason why coffee might lead you to gain weight is because of the fattening ingredients that you put into it to enhance its taste and you may not even realize it until it’s too late.

The following are some of the reasons how coffee leads you to gain weight:

Increases food craving

Caffeine may help in suppressing your appetite – for the time being. It seems to be a good thing when you’re working hard to lose weight because you’ll end up eating less.

But if shedding weight is not your goal, this appetite suppression effect might lead you to over-indulge later. 

And as we’re all aware, overeating can result in you gaining weight.

Disrupts sleep

That extra cup of coffee you had this evening can keep you up later tonight. Why?

The caffeine present in coffee is known to halt adenosine – a sleep-inducing chemical present in our brain.

This poses no harm though if you consume coffee in the morning to help make you feel awake and alert. But if you drink coffee later in the day, you might face difficulty in sleeping during the night.

Poor sleep is very much responsible for an increased craving for processed food which ultimately leads to weight gain.

I urge you to check out this study which establishes how a poor sleeping pattern can lead to putting on some extra pounds.

Fattening coffee

Nowadays, people have become very fond of bulletproof coffees, especially those practicing keto.

Well, there might seem to be no harm in drinking keto-friendly coffee but each serving – take note – contains up to 400 to 500 calories!

And continuous consumption of these calories, especially without exercise makes you gain instead of lose weight.

Frappuccino and most holiday drinks have so much whipped and full cream in them.

Without taking into account the sugar content, the fat from the cream – about 17- 20 grams – contains 400 to 500 calories!

It’s no wonder a lot of people gain weight during the holidays.

Sugar bomb

Sipping on a sugary cup of java with syrup and whipped cream is an acceptable once-in-a-blue-moon treat. But if you consume it regularly, it becomes a problem.

The American Heart Association declared that daily sugar intake should not be more than 36 grams for men and 26 grams for women.

And these coffee-flavored sugar bombs have more than 80 grams of sugar in them and are pretty high on calories too.

All these when you think about it does make you gain weight which in turn leads to various heart diseases and diabetes.

No wonder sugar is sometimes called a weapon of mass destruction.

Does coffee make you lose belly fat?

Yes, coffee does help in keeping your belly fat in check.

But if you’re very fond of sugary additives, this adds to that belly fat you’re trying to get rid of.

Typically, coffee helps burn those extra pounds you so much want to shed off.

It can also boost your energy level so you can do some extra workouts resulting in losing extra weight.

Black coffee, as we have established earlier, is best for weight loss. It’s also known to aid in decreasing belly fat percentage.

But when you add sugar or full cream to that cup, it becomes a different story.

If you want to know how to lose belly fat fast with black coffee, watch the following video.

To sum it all up

Plain black coffee in a white cup atop a white saucer.

Black coffee is best for losing weight because it doesn’t contain sugars or fat that can contribute to weight gain.

Coffee has become an important part of our morning routine and there are times we choose the sugar and fat-laden variety instead of the classic unsweetened ones.

For me honestly, it’s alright to enjoy your favorite creamy coffee with sugar once in a while because I too do that.

But consuming it daily without care can result in weight gain.

Here’s the thing: some coffee varieties like fraps contain more than 60 grams of sugar and have as high as 500 calories! Can you imagine the effect it would have on your body if you consume this kind of drink daily? Yikes!

Filling up your stomach with coffee every hour or two will definitely decrease your hunger level.

But in doing this you’re also depriving your body of the important nutrients that are absent in coffee.

This is why health experts recommend having coffee with a balanced diet, preferably at breakfast so you may get the best energy boost throughout the day without any adverse side effects like:

  • anxiety
  • headache
  • insomnia
  • increased heartbeat
  • irritability

To hasten your weight loss journey, go for healthier food choices like those rich in fiber and potassium to get the best results.

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