Best Coffee for Ketogenic Diet (Speed-Up Ketosis)

On a ketogenic diet? Not sure what to drink? 

Undoubtedly it can be challenging to survive the keto diet that means a no sugar, no-carb diet, which requires you to eat food high in healthy fat.

So, what can you drink on a ketogenic diet? 

Besides soda, sparkling water, low-carb juices, sports drinks, and energy drinks, coffee is another good option for the ketogenic diet.  

Coffee (hot or iced) has low calories and is carbs free, the nation’s favorite drink that’s safe for the keto diet, too. 

Coffee contains caffeine, a stimulant for the brain, which may give your metabolism a slight boost. It also provides chlorogenic acid, a polyphenol antioxidant that may likewise aid weight loss. 

Short Answer: Regular brewed coffee with MCT-Oil and butter plus no sugar or cream is best for the ketogenic diet. 

Read on to find out the best options of coffee for the ketogenic diet.

Can I drink coffee on a keto diet?

two iced coffees in a glass

Yes! You can drink coffee on a keto diet. It’s low in calories and carbs, making it perfectly safe to drink on a keto diet.

Starting a keto diet and surviving it is not easy, especially when you cut down on your favorite food or drink. But that does not mean you have to let go of coffee!

You can enjoy your cup of java on a keto diet, with just a few tips to remember, and you are good to go:

  • No creamer
  • No sugar
  • Only unsweetened plain coffee 

Tada! Keto or not, if you follow this rule, you can enjoy your cup of java without any worries

What can I sweeten my coffee with on keto?

You can use heavy cream, stevia, or grass-fed butter to sweeten your coffee on the keto diet.

Unlike regular cream, heavy cream has only around 0-2 grams of carb, making it an ideal option for the Keto diet.  You can also sweeten your coffee with some grass-fed butter that gives you more energy, focus, and brainpower.

I have an entire article on the best things to sweeten your coffee, and although it’s not keto-specific, it might be worth taking a look at.

Listed down are some alternatives of sugar that you can add to your coffee while on keto:

  • Stevia: A natural sweetener derived from the Stevia rebaudiana plant.
  • Yacon Syrup: From the yacon plant’s roots, a tuber is widely grown in South America.
  • Monk Fruit Sweetener: A natural sweetener extracted from the monk fruit, a plant native to southern China.
  • Splenda: Sucralose-based sweetener
  • Erythritol: Type of sugar alcohol
  • Xylitol: Type of sugar alcohol

One gram of sugar has four calories. To summarize why there is an excellent alternative to sugar for the keto diet, here’s a table of their calories and carb content:

Sweetener for Coffee on KetoCarbs (per gram)Calories 
Stevia0 g0
Yacon Syrup0.8 g1.3
Monk Fruit Sweetener0 g
Splenda1 g
Xylitol4 g
Erythritol1 g0.2 
Sweeteners for Coffee

Does coffee speed up ketosis?

Famous keto coffee, a powdered version of bulletproof coffee, can speed up ketosis. 

The keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet. It pushes the body to burn fat for fuel instead of glucose, the body’s go-to energy source produced from carbs.

Keto coffee is made with butter and medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil.

The liver makes ketones from fats of butter and oil but only in periods of restricted carbohydrate intake. So, they aren’t necessarily immediately converted to ketones.

Moreover, those MCTs help you feel satiated for longer, preventing you from overeating throughout the day.

Here is what else you can do to speed up your ketosis:

  • Increase physical activity
  • Reduce carbohydrate intake
  • Increase healthy fats
  • Use coconut oil for cooking your food
  • Fasting for short periods
  • Testing ketone levels
  • Increase Protein intake

Will taking coffee ruin my keto diet?

Coffee won’t ruin your keto diet because coffee is a low-calorie source of antioxidants that has nothing to do with keto!

Instead, it is the added fats (MCT oil and butter) in keto coffee that help keto dieters get the majority of their daily calories from fat and enter ketosis.

So, drinking black or plain coffee with unsweetened heavy cream or low calories sugar alternatives is okay on a keto diet. What really matters is what you add to your brew!

Keto-friendly coffee

coffee in a small glass cup

My top pick for best coffee for the ketogenic diet are:

Bulletproof Medium Roast Coffee

If you can’t compromise on the quality of the coffee palate, then Bulletproof Medium Roast is perfect for you!

The company claims that the washing and drying process is toxic-free, which produces clean coffee for coffee lovers around the world. 

VitaCup Keto Coffee with MCT, Turmeric & Cinnamon

If a coffee contains MCT oil, then it is the proper coffee for the ketogenic diet. 

VitaCup is a powerful blend of MCT oil, turmeric, and cinnamon that contains vitamin B and vitamin D.

One serving of this coffee gives ample energy to the brain and body. The perfect option for a ketogenic diet is that it contains nutrients and energy to keep you full. 

Kitu Super Coffee

If you are someone who is always on the go and doesn’t have time for coffee, this portable keto-friendly option is perfect for you!

This coffee is a delicious blend that provides essential energy for morning or afternoon workouts. 

Available in delicious flavors of mocha, vanilla, and hazelnut. You can also use it as creamer for brewing espresso. 

360 Nutrition Instant Keto Coffee

Looking for an instant option to fit in your healthy keto diet? 360 Nutrition Instant Keto Coffee is great for those who are always running short on time. No need to wait to brew or blend. Just add the powdered into hot water and tada!

The best thing is that it has a blend of Himalayan salt, which is suitable for electrolyte replacements. 

Rapid Fire Ketogenic High-Performance Keto Coffee Pods

For Keurig lovers who prefer K-cups to brew a good keto coffee, then this is my recommendation. 

As the names suggest, Rapid Fire Ketogenic High-Performance Keto Coffee Pods are made for keto-obsessed people to help them speed up their ketosis.

This coffee is loaded with fat-fighting chromogenic acid, natural antioxidants, and xanthine host that charge you with power-pack energy.

Keto-Coffee Recipe

Sometimes it’s good to make your keto coffee to ensure it has zero carbs and zero sugar added. 

Ketoproof coffee goes by a lot of names and one of them is bulletproof coffee

This is just a synonym for keto coffee, a name created by the entrepreneur who popularized this filling, fat-heavy coffee drink.

However, it is adapted initially from hundred years old Tibetan and Ethiopian butter coffees.

Keep in mind that the name has become famous and is used to describe keto coffee when it is nothing special but any cup of coffee with fat in it- and butter!

Here is a simple recipe for keto coffee:

  • 2 cups coffee
  • 2 tablespoons grass-fed unsalted butter
  • 2 tablespoons good quality MCT Oil (or coconut oil)

You can add vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa powder, and heavy cream if you want.  Once you get all the necessary ingredients, then blend, and it is ready to drink!

Watch the video below to learn how to make bulletproof keto coffee at home:


So in conclusion a regular brewed coffee is good enough for ketosis, as long as you don’t add any artificial sweeteners or too much of your coffee creamers into your coffee.

As for coffee brands, here are my top choices:

  • Bulletproof Medium Roast Coffee
  • VitaCup Keto Coffee with MCT
  • Kitu Super Coffee
  • 360 Nutrition Instant Keto Coffee
  • Rapid Fire Ketogenic High-Performance Keto Coffee Pods

That said, whether you’re on a keto diet or not, the best way to take your coffee is to drink it in moderation. Too much will not only cause unwanted side effects but might also affect your diet.

Another thing is to avoid any artificial sweetener or creamer to fancy your cup of java. The simpler, the better!

As long as you opt for low carb, no-sugar versions and look for products that use stevia instead of artificial sweeteners, you are good to enjoy your cup of happiness!

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