Best Coffee for Tennis (Know Before Your Next Game!)

Caffeine is a very beneficial substance from a sports performance perspective. It can significantly enhance performance yet is entirely safe to use during training and competition.

But how does it affect a tennis player? Tennis requires good stamina to play around a wide court. Plus, a steady grip and powerful swing to get the ball over the net.

Caffeine increases endurance performance so that you can power through sets.

The best coffee for tennis are: InterHealth NutriCafe Perfor­mance Coffee, Caribou Coffee Medium Roast Ground Coffee, Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee, and Starbucks Medium Roast Ground Coffee

They are, in my opinion, some of the most nutritious and beneficial coffee for tennis payers.

Here are just a few tidbits from this information that might help you add a little bit of zipping to your tennis games.

What to look for when buying ground coffee?

a cup of coffee

For tennis players, it is already tough to manage a tight schedule with a strict diet routine.

A cup of coffee can help you relax and power you up for the vital match. But deciding which brand will be best for you is pretty confusing as there is a variety of coffee available in the market to choose from. 

To make it easier for you to decide the best one, here is the list of what you need to look at before buying the best ground coffee:

Buy freshly ground coffee

If you can afford to buy ground coffee, the essential thing that decides the quality of your coffee is its freshness.

If you don’t have a grinder at home, then grind the beans from the coffee shop. Having fresh grind beans is better than buying expensive coffee bags from supermarkets as they might have been ground months ago. 

Grind Size 

Grind size is different based on which type of coffee you are making. Here I am listing down the best grind for brewing different coffee at home.

  • For French Press and Percolator: Coarse grind 
  • For Chemex Kalita: Medium Coarse grind 
  • For Drip Coffee Makers and AeroPress: Medium grind 
  • For Expresso, Turkish Coffee. AeroPress, and Moka Pot. Extra: Fine grinds

Roasting Date

Always make sure to buy coffee showing a roasting date. Coffee within 8 weeks of the roasting date is good because whole beans will start to lose taste and flavor after a few weeks. 

One last thing: Athletes or tennis players need to look out for these essential things as they affect the coffee taste and their performance on the field. 

Is coffee good for tennis players?

While coffee is effective for endurance training, it might also be beneficial for tennis matches. 

Some research does found a significant positive impact of caffeine on enhancing physical performance.

However, we have mixed results from different studies about caffeine’s effect on the tennis player.

This study suggests that caffeine has no effect early on or later in tennis serve performance. But caffeine has the potential to improve accuracy when athletes are slightly tired.

Studies have also demonstrated that caffeine does have an ergogenic effect compared to placebo when consuming an ED during pre-exercise (30 minutes or 1 hour before exercise) in sports such as tennis.

Caffeine has been shown to boost performance. To learn more about its effects on it, watch the video below:

I conclude so far that caffeine’s effect on our brain, rather than the body, really counts. You can read my article to see how coffee really affects our brain.

Do tennis players drink caffeine?

During my research, I have found not many tennis players like caffeinated drinks, especially coffee.

Coffee is not part of their strict diet.

Rafael Nadal, the Spanish tennis player, is not a massive advocate of coffee or any caffeinated drink but does drink it from time to time. 

Where another famous tennis player, Novak Djokovic, avoids drinking coffee in any form to maintain his physique, performance, and stamina.

What is the best drink for tennis besides coffee?

The best drink for tennis is REIZE

If you don’t like coffee or want to get your energy boost from an energy drink, I highly recommend REIZE Energy Drink.

REIZE is a powdered energy drink that comes in a sachet, adds water, and is ready. 

With 50mg of caffeine, REIZE is one of the safest options for tennis players.

It also contains beneficial ingredients such as taurine, ginseng, and B vitamins, all of which work great with caffeine to give you the perfect energy boost before a tennis match. 

The best thing about REIZE is that it is sugar-free unlike other energy and sports drinks, it will not affect tennis players’ diet.

So, if you are looking for the best drink for tennis, then this is the one!

Best Coffee for Tennis

different cups of coffee in different sizes

InterHealth NutriCafe Perfor­mance Coffee 

What makes the performance blend special from other NutriCafe coffees is its Organic extracts of Cordyceps Sinensis and Organic Ganoderma Lucidum.

These two herbal extracts help to increase stamina, force, vitality, and more excellent health. Tennis players, runners, or anyone with an active lifestyle will benefit from a healthier cup of NutriCafe coffee. 

It is a unique mushroom coffee, without any mushroom taste in it, only fresh roasted coffee flavor. 

The organic fairly traded arabica coffee beans are infused with a powerful blend of organic herbal extracts that improve immune response and physical stamina.

If you are not a fan of coffee, give this one a try, and who knows, you might get addicted.

Caribou Coffee Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Caribou Coffee Medium Roast Ground Coffee is my second recommendation for tennis players because ground coffee is best for tennis players. This is the cheapest coffee among the best cheap ground coffee.

It has a sweet caramel and hazelnut taste from freshly sourced beans from Indonesia, Central & South America.

Despite being medium roast, this coffee is a bit heavy roast and bitter, perfect for a powerful jolt for athletes. 

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee 

As a tennis player, the most important thing for you is a healthy and active body as well as an active mind. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee plus Lion’s Mane and Chaga equals a deliciously well-balanced brew for the brain and body of athletes. 

It contains all of the things you love about coffee: taste, aroma, the jolt of energy- none of the things you don’t.

This mushroom coffee which doesn’t even taste like mushroom contains a lion’s mane mushroom used to improve mental focus. Also, it contains Chaga, which is believed to boost immune function.

This coffee is made with organic, fair trade, single-origin Arabica coffee beans, ground, and ready to brew before an excellent tennis match. No jitters or hocus-pocus, just hours of crash-free focus.

Starbucks Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Who isn’t a fan of Starbucks medium roast? The excellent news is apart from the delicious taste, it has potential benefits for tennis players’ physical and mental health.

This medium roast blend has a good mixture of cocoa beans & roasted nuts that smoothens the bitterness of raw coffee & gives off a rich, approachable flavor.

There are some complaints about its burnt taste, while others like the dark flavor, try it for yourself and see if you like it.

Here’s a price list of all these brands

Coffee Brands Price
InterHealth NutriCafe Perfor­mance Coffee $15
Caribou Coffee Medium Roast Ground Coffee$13
Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee $19 
Starbucks Medium Roast Ground Coffee$10
Best coffee brands for Tennis Players

The Bottom Line 

Caffeine positively affects tennis players. However, more studies are needed to back the claim further.

Even if coffee is not clear whether it is suitable for a tennis player or not, we know that it does not have any side effects as long as the player consumes it in moderation of 400mg or 3mg per kg body weight. 

That’s the reason most coaches also recommend the team a healthy daily intake of coffee.

However, before you go ahead and fill your sports bottle with your favorite cup of coffee, you should also know your sensitivity toward it. 

If you are not accustomed to caffeine, then there is no need to consume coffee before your tennis match just because you read somewhere that it enhances performance because there are still several factors involved.  

Only if coffee is something you enjoy and have prior experience to endure the effect, then you are good to go with a moderate amount intake to charge up before hitting a tennis court.

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