Best Coffee For Keurig (Best K-Cup Pods)

Delicious brewed coffee with a touch of a button, Keurig has changed how we brew coffee!

The OG single-serve coffee maker is a favorite for coffee lovers; however, deciding which coffee pods are best for Keurig. 

Because the Keurig brewing method has become more popular over time, there are plenty of K-cups and pods already available in the market, and that made it become challenging to choose the best from them. 

Unlike regular coffee machines, you can’t use just any other coffee in Keurig. A bad pod means a tasteless disappointing cup of coffee. 

Short Answer: The Original Donut Shop is a go-to K-Cup for coffee lovers because of its tasty blend of chocolatey and nutty.

I decided to help you out by finding the best K-cups for Keurig, so you have enough options to choose from. Without further ado, let’s keep digging in!

Best K-Cups for Keurig

a basket full of k-cups

A K-Cup is a plastic cup that holds the number of coffee grounds needed to brew a cup in a Keurig machine.

These cups come in packs of varying amounts that are also disposable. One K-Cup brew is equivalent to only one cup of coffee and you can’t use them twice!

The Original Donut Shop (Regular)

The Original Donut Shop (Regular)  medium blend is what you are looking for. The full-bodied coffee contains hints of chocolate and nuts. 

It is the Amazon best seller for a reason.  This K-Cup Pods Coffee is expressed from the highest-quality Arabica beans to create a crisp and flavorful cup of Joe.

Dive into classic donut pleasure with this ideally balanced brew of the highest quality bean. The cups can be recycled and help with sustainability.

Each regular K-Cup pod is filled with the freshest ground coffee and brews a perfect, great-tasting cup of Keurig every time.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters 

Try a variety of different flavors with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Single-serve collection.

It contains ten Breakfast blends, Green Mountain’s Dark Magic, Colombian Fair Trade, and Nantucket Blend coffees.

The magic from green mountains roast makes up a whipping cup of coffee in a flash!

Each pod is filled with quality fresh grounds. The best thing is that each package comes with unique designed filter paper for the pod that saturates the grounds with water. This causes to extract each one of flavor without any acidity or bitterness. 

Explore the variety of savoring traditions of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters with these K-cups.

Peet’s Coffee K-Cup Coffee Pods

Peet’s Coffee K-Cup Coffee Pods are budget-friendly pods. These pods contain beans hand-roasted fresh beans that brew in small batches just before packaging.

Peets are guaranteed the freshest K-Cup that gives you next-level coffee taste. 

It comes in four different varieties of pods: 

  • the light roast Colombia Luminosa
  • the medium roast Café Domingo
  • the dark roast House Blend 
  • the dark roast organic Alma de la Tierra

Try and find the best for your Taste Buds!

Cafe Escapes Cafe Mocha Single-Serve K-Cup Pods

Enjoy the real chocolate taste with every sip of cup-made with Cafe Escapes Cafe Mocha Single-Serve K-Cup Pods. 

The names its self is intriguing to top that they are genuinely delicious when you try. And guess what? It only contains 50mg of caffeine, about ⅓ of a regular cup of coffee. Amazing.

Best for caffeine-sensitive people. Now you can enjoy a delicious chocolaty Keurig cup without worrying about too many caffeine effects. 

Gevalia Signature Blend

Without any fuss, this is the pod that you need to try out!

Gevalia Signature Blend is a Sweden company that is confident about the quality of its signature blends. 

Full-bodies and bright roast contain chocolate and citrus blossom that give you the jolt of happiness with every sip.

Rich flavor and mellow taste suit everyone from light drinkers to those who want to perk up their moring with joy and energy. 

Caribou Coffee Blend

Last but not least, these Indonesian roast Caribou Coffee Blend pods are for devoted coffee lovers. 

One sip and you will be engulfed in the pleasure of string java flavors. 

Taste the spicy Indonesian types of coffee that contain dark chocolate notes and this dark to medium-heavy-bodied roast pack is rich in flavors. 

Try out these Indonesian K-cup pods for a smooth yet energy-packed cup of Keurig. 

Here’s a summary of all the brands of k-cups I think are the best.

BrandsBest For
The Original Donut Shop (Regular)Consistently delicious flavor
Great price; terrific value for money
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters light, medium, and dark roast
smooth taste 
Peet’s Coffee K-Cup Coffee Pods
Signature Blends
Recyclable K-Cup Pods
Variety of blends
Cafe Escapes Cafe Mocha Single-Serve K-Cup Pods

Creamy chocolate flavor
Real Cafe Mocha pleasure

Gevalia Signature Blend
Blend of African and Central and South American beans
Caribou Coffee BlendSpicy notes
Woody Flavor

What type of coffee ground is best for Keurig?

coffee grounds

Keurig suggests a French press grind; other coffee grinds also work well with a Keurig K-Cup.

You can use medium or medium-fine ground for Keurig as their texture is thin and gritty like sand. The texture allows water to flow rapidly through coffee grounds.

K-cups usually hold around 12 grams of coffee. If you want a strong coffee, then fill the K-cup full to the brim. If you want to have it light, use less amount than the K-cup size.

Also, some brands use fine grinds, as it has a thin consistency that contains a bit of sugar or salt. 

These grinds can also be used for Keurig but avoid using too much or extra-fine grind coffee as it can cause sediment by slipping through the mesh into the cup basket. 

Does coffee taste better in Keurig?

Keurig coffee is less favorable than your regular cup of coffee. However, you can make it taste better by following tips. 

Making a good cup of coffee with Keurig follows a few basic rules:

  • Only use 100% arabica coffee K-cups
  • Select darker roasts
  • Use your coffee grounds
  • Clean your Keurig regularly
  • Add a pinch of salt
  • Change the water filter every two months if you use the Keurig daily
  • Use clean and pure  water
  • Preheat the machine
  • Descale the Keurig every six months
  • Wash the water reservoir and removable parts regularly

These are not set rules to make coffee in Keurig; however, following these simple tips while brewing coffee in Keurig will make coffee taste much better and tastier. 

You can also add sweeteners and other additives into coffee to make it taste better.

People often experiment with adding whatever to their drinks to suit their tastes, why I have an entire article all about that!

What to add to Keurig to make it better?

With Keurigs, try adding home-grind fresh whole bean into a Keurig to make a better cup.

Also, grind size, water temperature, and brew time all work together to make a perfect cup of Keurig for you. 

Don’t forget to get reusable filters for Keurig. Not only are they good for the environment, but grind and dose of coffee will be under your control. 

All Keurig brewers have a 192 degrees F set temperature, but you often feel like your coffee is not hot enough.

External factors that lower the temperature of coffee also ruin the taste. To keep the temperature right, try doubling your cup, creating a double wall. It is essential to buy good quality reusable K-Cup and wash your K-Cup after use to prevent buildup on the mesh. 

Lastly, be careful that the K-Cup plastic lid is securely screwed, or else you have a cup of coffee full of grounds.

Final Say 

Making a good, strong cup of K-cup coffee isn’t unmanageable, though, with a few tweaks as mentioned above to your Keurig routine, will enhance the flavor. 

Always use 100% arabica beans. Robusta beans are of low quality; that’s why you can find them cheap. 

The finer the grind, the more coffee is needed. Coarser grinds can be used, but remove with a spoon if you find that ground has slipped into your coffee.

If your Keurig coffee tastes bitter, or stale try cleaning the machine thoroughly, descaling the Keurig, and changing the water filter. 

Now, here’s what mistake you should avoid while making Keurig:

Now, you are ready to brew a tasty cup of coffee in your Keurig machine. 

Best of Luck!

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