Best Coffee for Football (Enhance the Performance)

Footballers have to move 6.3 and 8.7 miles in each game. Some of them play twice a week for nearly nine months of the year, and they’ve got such a busy schedule.

Have you ever wondered what keeps them going? It is a healthy diet, proper exercise, and caffeine- yes you heard it right, Caffeine! 

A cup of caffeinated coffee would not turn you into Cristiano Ronaldo or Leo Messi but certainly, it will help you play with your full potential and energy. 

The most common source of caffeine is coffee, but can you tell which coffee is the perfect energy boost for a football player? 

There is a variety of coffee to pick from, but personally, my best pick for athletes and footballers are Strong Coffee Company Original, Strava Craft Coffee Restore, Laird Superfood InstaFuel, and most importantly Yerba Mate!

Keep on reading to find more about why these coffees are best for Football!

Which coffee is best for football?

Here’s a quick table showing the price and feature of each brand:

CoffeeBest forPrice
Strong Coffee Company Original Keto-Friendly and full of nutrients $45 (12oz)
Strava Craft Coffee RestoreFull-spectrum hemp CBD oil$35 (12oz)
Laird Superfood InstaFuel Premium instant coffee with Original Superfood Creamer$19.95 (8oz)
Price and fracture of the best coffee brand for football

Strong Coffee Company Original 

By athletes, for athletes, Strong Coffee Company Original is a sugar-free instant latte.

It has a sweet flavor with a hint of vanilla that gets you addicted. The best thing is it has collagen protein which helps athletes recover from injury and is suitable for their joint health.

Moreover, the coffee contains MCT oil, a fatty acid that enhances endurance suitable for footballers. 

Strava Craft Coffee Restore

Strava Craft Coffee Restore is whole bean coffee sourced from Colombia. It is infused with 120 milligrams of CBD per bag.

CBD promotes homeostasis and overall physical and mental well-being by aiding the body’s endocannabinoid system. It’s a perfect way to compliment your natural wellness routine.

This coffee tastes delicious and provides a sense of calm and less anxiety during important matches. Plus, it reduces the discomfort from achy muscles and joints.

Strava uses CBD oil that’s strong in vitamins B1 and B2 and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. 

Laird Superfood InstaFuel 

This coffee is made with arabica beans that contain a mix of coconut oil, Aquaman, and coconut milk to improve bone density and help reduce inflammation. 

The taste of Original Superfood Creamer is a smooth, creamy latte with a subtle addition of sweet coconut

This coffee is an easy, simple way to scoop out a ton of goodness wherever you are, and it works!

What coffee do football players drink?

For Football, the best coffee tea, or drink, is Yerba Mate! I have an article comparing coffee and Yerba mate here if you don’t know their differences.

This is not my opinion, rather it is what your favorite and best footballers in the world drink, including Antoine Griezmann, Paul Pogba, Neymar, Lionel Messi, and many more.

Mate is a traditional hot drink, often referred to as coffee because it is caffeine-rich made with dried and chopped yerba mate leaves.

It is bitter in flavor than your regular cup of joe and is especially prominent in Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Syria, and Lebanon.

The preparation of mate is fairly straightforward, watch the video to learn how to make it.

As a caffeine-rich drink, it is believed to increase focus and improve mood while also helping to promote better sleep. It is a healthy option for players because it contains polyphenol antioxidants- valuable dietary addition for those who wish to lose weight

The drink also contains vitamins B for metabolism and Vitamin C, which is helpful for the immune system.

Which Coffee is Best For Athletes?

Regardless of brand, these are the best options for athletes looking to enjoy a performance hit with their coffee:

  • Espresso: Hardcore, no messing about, a simple sharp shot.
  • Long black: The power of the espresso diluted to take the edge off for a longer drink.
  • Cappucino or regular white coffee: Fancy as you want to get with your coffee, and ideally, you’d swap the milk out for unsweetened almond milk.

Is coffee good for football players?

cup of coffee on top of coffee beans

Coffee is good for football players, followed by a healthy diet. Caffeine in coffee has been shown to increase performance in athletes by 1% to 3%.

Several studies show how caffeine significantly enhances sport performance. There is no detailed data on how it affects footballers, as different athletes respond differently to caffeine. 

It reduces the feeling of fatigue in footballers and gives the needed jolt at the time of play. 

Also, while coffee improves physical ability, it enhances mental alertness and concentration as well. 

Moreover, caffeine ingestion is beneficial to the agility of footballers and their ability to pass with accuracy during the match. It is good for physical sport and helps reduce post-match muscle soreness in some players, perfect for footballers who receive a lot of training before a tough match. 

Is it okay to drink coffee before playing Football?

Drinking coffee does boost performance, but drinking it right before playing football is not a good idea. 

Most athletes, including footballers, often drink coffee to fix their caffeine, which positively affects their concentration and alertness. 

But while coffee has caffeine, it also contains other chemicals, including chlorogenic acids, caffeic acid, and ferulic acid. These chemicals either enhance or decrease the ergogenic effect of caffeine that then affects physical performance.

Unlike popular belief, coffee and caffeine are two different terms that affect a person’s health differently. We have studies that show results of caffeine enhancing performance, yet we are not sure about coffee’s effects on physical performance. 

Moreover, coffee is hot, affecting thermoregulatory control in humid and hot conditions, thus the increased body temperature can decrease performance. 

So to avoid any unnecessary side effects of coffee, it’s better to avoid it before playing football. 

How long before playing Football should you have coffee?

You should have coffee an hour before playing Football. 

Caffeine reaches its peak level around 45 minutes after drinking coffee. Therefore, you should aim to have a cup 45 to 60 minutes before playing Football. 

If you are playing for an event with several segments, then the wise thing is to distribute caffeine before each segment rather than having a big pre-game jolt that makes you lose concentration. 

The recommended amount of caffeine to enhance performance is about 3mg of caffeine per kg body weight.

Be aware of the amount you consume because overconsumption can lead to:

  • Jitters
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea

It is essential to monitor your caffeine intake because too much can cause health issues with the central nervous and digestive systems. As a footballer, you don’t want to risk the pitch. 

Bottom Line

To conclude it all. Caffeinated coffee has the potential to improve aerobic durability performance, but not sprint performance. 

milk being poured into a glass of coffee

Drinking coffee is good but not recommended because caffeine amounts differ between brands.

If you don’t like coffee the alternative best thing is to take caffeine pills and products an hour before playing football and make sure about the amount of caffeine you are consuming every day. 

The research on caffeine shows an apparent ergogenic effect on endurance performance, with unclear or inconsistent benefits on strength and speed performance. 

While there is very little research on the effect of coffee on performance, it appears to have the potential to improve it when it provides a typical-enhancing dose of caffeine. 

Also, let me point out that caffeine can cause dehydration. As a footballer, you should keep your body hydrated, so make sure to drink your daily water intake or look for electrolyte drinks.

All in all, if the average dose of coffee makes you more energetic during the match, then you are good to go!

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