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Best Coffee For Cycling (Enhance Your Performance)

Best Coffee For Cycling (Enhance Your Performance)

Most of us embrace the caffeine kick from our morning cup of joe and often turn to caffeine to boost our sports performance.

Coffee is a trendy drink among the top competitors of any field. Their caffeine intake is often a lot, sometimes even up to 6 espressos. This is apparently quite normal for them. But do they do them any benefit?

Although several studies have found a positive effect, the evidence is inconclusive. 

If we look into the report of the Food Standards Agency, there are almost 100mg of caffeine in your standard cup of brewed coffee and 80mg for an instant. The safest amount is 400mg to consume daily. 

The most-liked coffee beans are Arabica, which contains 0.8 to 1.4% caffeine. Meanwhile, robusta offers 1.7 to 4% caffeine. Arabica beans are favored because of their smoother, less bitter taste. They account for about 80% t of all coffee produced.

When we talk about coffee for cyclists, you will find their league of best coffee specially made and dedicated only for cyclists.

If you are also aspiring to be a cyclist or enjoy a morning ride on your cycle and need the best coffee for cyclist, then here are top ones that you will love:

  • Grand Tour Coffee
  • Five rings Cali Crash 
  • Segafredo Intermezzo
  • Ground Ichamama aa
  • IL Migestrale Cafe Colombia

Let’s dig deep into why these are the best and if it is good to drink coffee before cycling.

Best Coffee For Cycling

cyclists cycling

All in all, black or espresso is the best coffee for cycling as do not only boosts your metabolism but also burns fat to increase your energy. 

  • Best pre-ride: Double espresso that contains about 185mg caffeine and 6 calories.
  • Best mid-ride: Medium americano that contains 277mg caffeine and 18 calories.
  • Best for recovery: Medium mocha that contains 75mg caffeine and 301 calories.

If you wanna get to know the basics of black coffee, you can check out my other article here.

Best coffee brand for cycling 

The top best brand for cycling are:


Ride for coffee, not the other way around.

Grand Tour Coffee is the most dignified of the single roasted origins from the chaps at Grand Tour Coffee. It’s supreme for those slow mornings and a wandering pace. 

Wheel Sucker is your go-to coffee for cycling, thanks to the chemical-free process that uses the elements of temperature, water, and time to remove caffeine from coffee. 

It has sweet notes of roasted peanut cookie dough and milk chocolate taste. “Wheel Sucker” is the well-balanced coffee produced by the world’s largest coffee-producing nation. It is made of 100 percent arabica bean sourced from Brazil, which will not disappoint any coffee lover. 


Five Rings Coffee is from the heart of Scotland run by three famous cyclists. Among them are Olympic Champions, EF Education-Nippo rider Owain Doull and Philip Hindes, and Callum Skinner.

When the three of them met through the Great Britain Olympic program, their friendship ultimately also headed to creating Five Rings Coffee.

Although their shop is in Edinburgh, you get online delivery if you can’t make it up there. 

The best one among their blends is Cali Crash, a single-origin coffee from Colombia with caramel, raspberry, brown sugar, and apple flavors.


A perfect combination of solid robusta coffee with a blend of a strong character, balanced by South American Arabica. 

Segafredo Intermezzo coffee has an intense taste and an aroma with hints of crunchy almond.

On top of being admired as the home of great coffee, Segafredo is also famous because they sponsor a cycling team. 

If you love cycling, why not buy yourself a big bag of this perfect blend and avoid looking like a bozo.


Ground Ichamama AA in Putney has become a regular retreat for riders returning from laps in Richmond Park. 

If you can cycle toward the south of the river, go and buy one, if not you can have them delivered. Coffees from Kenya have the exceptional taste that everyone loves.

It is unique in the way that you will always boast this exceptional acid quality once you taste that it is sometimes likened to lime, grapefruit, or in this case – blackcurrant. It’s jammy, sweet, and tangy like blackcurrant jam.

Ichamama AA filter roast from Kenya is a particular favorite among cyclists. Sourced in the Othaya region at around 1,800 meters, it contains lemon, milk chocolate, caramel, and red berry notes.


Il Magistrale is a dutch coffee brand that makes CAFÉ COLOMBIA, especially for cyclists. The blend is a unique tribute to the famous caffeinated cycling team of history, aka Colombian riders. 

Colombian riders were founded in 1986 that got the chance to race in Europe. The riders were sponsored by Federacion National de cafeterias de Colombia (Colombian coffee plantation owners).

This coffee with sweet flavors of Spanish orange and hints of honey resurrects the name and spirit of the team.

To make things easy for you, here is a table that contains all the best coffees for cycling. 

Coffee For Cycling Quantity Price
Grand Tour Coffee Wheel Sucker250g$12.01
Five Rings Cali Crash250g$11.33 
Segafredo Intermezzo450g$6.66
Ground Ichamama AA250g$11.34 
Il Magistrale Cafe Colombia500g$19.35
Best Coffee For Cycling

Can coffee improve athletic performance?

coffee on a white saucer

Yes, coffee can improve athletic performance. Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system to lessen drowsiness and tiredness. Study shows that it may also benefit cycling or other sports performance, improving endurance and building muscular strength.

In fact, the International Society of Sports recognizes caffeine as something that can enhance athletic performance, albeit very little.

In doses of 3-6 mg per 2 lbs (1 kg) of body mass, your performance on exercise is shown to improve as well, and this isn’t something that is limited to people who were actively trained to be athletic. Caffeine can also help out the performance of those who are untrained.

Is coffee good for cycling?

Coffee is good for cycling. In this study, trained cyclists who consumed carbohydrate-electrolyte solution along with 100 and 200-mg doses of caffeine were able to complete a time trial faster than those who consumed only the carbohydrate-electrolyte solution.

Moreover, cyclists who consumed the 200-mg dose of caffeine completed the time trial faster than those who consumed the 100-mg dose.

Another study of cyclists shows those who ride 10k time trials found that, depending on the rider’s gene alteration, some athletes improved their time with caffeine by 6.8%. Some athletes experienced no effects, and the third group experienced a 13.7% decrease in performance!

The coffee does help in your cycling performance. However, more studies are needed to claim the benefits.

Is it safe to drink coffee before cycling?

Black coffee is safe to drink before cycling as it improves and enhances focus and sports performance. 

Black coffee also increases metabolism and helps you burn fat as well. However, drinking right before the race is not recommended as the effect of caffeine start approximately after 15 to 30 minutes of consumption. 

How much coffee do cyclists drink?

Cyclists drink moderate doses of 1.4–2.7 mg per pound (3–6 mg per kg) of body weight. 

For example, a 132 lbs cyclist will need 184mg caffeine, or a 154 lbs cyclist will need 215 mg (approximately 5 cups of coffee).

Final Thoughts

cup of black coffee on a hard wood floor

Moderate intake of caffeine can be of benefit for athletes and people who are into exercising. This is due to the impression that it helps with strength and exercise. However, studies referring to this particular matter often end in mixed results.

Despite that, it doesn’t hurt to have an extra kick in energy for sports or exercise. As long as it doesn’t go past the recommended limit, caffeine should do everyone good.   

These are some best and famous coffee for cyclists:

  • Grand Tour Coffee
  • Five rings Cali Crash 
  • Segafredo Intermezzo
  • Ground Ichamama aa
  • IL Migestrale Cafe Colombia

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Some studies also suggest that consuming caffeine regularly may desensitize the performance-enhancing effects of the drug in athletes. 

Watch the video below to know more about how coffee affects cycling performance:

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