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Grind Your Way to Perfection with the 1Zpresso JX Pro

Grind Your Way to Perfection with the 1Zpresso JX Pro

Manual grinders have always been slow compared to their electrical counterparts. However, such is not the case with the JX series from 1Zpresso. When the JX and JX Pro were launched, I purchased them and was quite pleased with the product.

The critical question is whether they still possess the necessary skills several years later. The premium coffee hand grinder produced by Taiwanese business 1Zpresso is called the 1Zpresso JX. The JX performs admirably in terms of flavor and grinds quality, but there is room for development in several areas, such as ergonomics.

This evaluation will assist you in determining whether a 1Zpresso grinder, specifically the JX Pro grinder, is the best option for you if you’re looking for a manual coffee grinder.

Continue reading if you’re interested in all the specifics of 1zpresso.

What is 1zpresso?
What is 1zpresso?

What is 1zpresso?

Manual coffee grinders are the specialty of 1zpresso, a relatively new Taiwanese coffee firm. The business didn’t enter the top league of grinders until lately with the imposing models in the Jx-series, even though their early models were competent enough.


  • Solid construction, feels sturdy in hand
  • Extremely fast (average 1 second per gram)
  • The 40-click options let you customize your grind.
  • Works well with most brewing techniques, including espresso
  • Exceptional value


  • The grinder is heavy for its size.
  • For some people, the work involved in grinding could be too much.
  • For larger brews, a small hopper capacity necessitates repeated grinding rounds.
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Jx and Jx Pro Comparison 

The Jx-series products have fantastic looks. These grinders are stylish and well-made, but everything has been considered. The basic Jx looks seductive in black and has large hardwood handle knobs that are comfortable.

Size: The ‘Pro’ and the basic model have many characteristics in common, but you’ll notice that the latter is taller and heavier.

Adjustment: The adjustment is another significant distinction between the two grinders. You get more straightforward access to the adjustment and more settings on the Pro model.

Both Jx-models include a wide rubber band that wraps across much of the body, providing a superb grip. This is crucial because the grinder’s diameter is relatively large.

Two bearings on the inside provide an incredibly smooth spinning motion. As usual, the bearings of 1Z grinders are among the best in the business.

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Easy Adjustment 

Easy Adjustment 
Easy Adjustment 

On the Jx Pro, the adjustment is entirely different. The deal is on the grinder, where you pour the beans. The Pro’s adjustment is precise and quick. You have 40 increments instead of 30 for each rotation.

As a result, more alternatives are available to you when choosing an espresso shot. The difference was more significant when compared to Jx Grinder Version 1 (the black version), which had only 24 clicks for each spin.


The JX Pro grinder’s speed will astound you the first time you use it, we promise. If you’ve ever used a manual coffee grinder (like the first Hario Skerton), you know how laborious it can be to grind coffee by hand.

The JX Pro crushes beans at a rate of roughly 1 second per gram, so you can load the hopper to its total capacity (30–35 grams) and complete the grinding process in 30 seconds or less. To be clear, that is quicker than some electric grinders. 

However, the 1Zpresso JX is slightly speedier than the JX Pro grinder, but not enough for the ordinary user to notice. Therefore, the speed is often equivalent when choosing between the 1Zpresso JX and JX Pro.

The Jx Pro is still a rapid grinder, although it is slower than its younger sibling. According to what I can determine, the hopper’s unique design is the cause of this. On the standard version, it seems as though the beans are fed more directly into the burrs.


The JX Pro grinder feels substantial in our hands, which we adore. It is a perfect piece of equipment. However, the drawback is that it is a bit heavy for how small it is at 1.7lbs. 

However, the 1Zpresso JX is somewhat lighter in contrast (1.5lbs). The maximum capacity of 30-35 grams is similar to most of the best manual coffee grinders. If you’re brewing for a large group, you’ll need to run a few batches, but the JX Pro has no trouble doing this. Thanks to how simple and quick it is to operate, you’ll finish grinding in no time.

1 kg
Dimensions28 × 15 × 22 cm
ItemJX-Pro, JX-Pro + Cylinder Case, JX-Pro + Travel Case

Ease Of Use

The JX Pro grinder requires some effort to use. Yet, this is true for most manual grinders and 1Zpresso grinder types.

This could be very difficult for people with weak shoulders or upper arms, small hands, or weak grips. The JX Pro grinder will be easy for most people to use.

While grinding, you’ll receive a brief arm and shoulder workout, but not for long enough to notice. 

Customer Reviews

It is straightforward to dial in other beans and works perfectly for on-the-go travel too!

I am pleased with this purchase and highly recommend this grinder!

This is not a cheap grinder, but it is so perfect. From the course, you can adjust the grind setting, suitable for coffee like French press, Turkish coffee fine grind, espresso-fine grind, and beyond. The handle is also quite comfortable. It has some heft to it, so it feels solidly made. Overall, I love it.

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review video for 1Zpresso JX-Pro Coffee Hand Grinder:

1Zpresso JX-Pro Coffee Hand Grinder Review

How consistent are the JX Pro’s grounds?

Being affordable and portable is excellent. But if your machine doesn’t generate regularly sized coffee grounds with a good grind, it’s all for nothing.

Thankfully, even at the finest and coarsest grind settings, the 1Zpresso XJ Pro does a fantastic job doing this. So it also functions beautifully as a French press and an espresso grinder.

At the coarser end of the spectrum, consistency will generally deteriorate in grinders. Even if this is true for the Jx Pro, your pour-over or French press coffee will have an identical result, which matters most in the end.

For the extreme espresso enthusiast, 40 stepwise adjustments may not be enough. Regardless, it should produce the exact extraction time you’re looking for, which should please most folks.

Additionally, minimal “fines” are left in the grinder after use, ensuring that each cup is created from only the freshest grounds for the most incredible flavor – no cheap coffee is being consumed here.

Is it easy to maintain and clean the 1zpresso Jx Pro? 

Is it easy to maintain and clean the 1zpresso Jx Pro? 
Is it easy to maintain and clean the 1zpresso Jx Pro? 

It is simple to disassemble and reassemble the JX Pro. Plus, it comes with a handy brush, cleaning all the coffee grounds stuck in the mechanism quickly and easily. The drawback is that you likely need to do this every week.

This ensures you’re always getting fresh grounds and better-quality coffee. Additionally, it avoids any accumulation inside the grinder itself, which would reduce its longevity. The 1Zpresso JX Pro doesn’t require calibrating. Therefore, the entire operation will just take a few minutes.

Cleaning any grinder is a pain. But, this is a bit easier than most electric coffee grinders as it’s so simple to take apart and reassemble. A brush and a blow of air are all it takes.

Final thoughts 

  • The Jx Pro has more adjustment options than the Jx model. The range of true espresso grinders is lacking, even though it offers more than enough settings for filter brewing. Due to the improved adjustment, the Jx Pro functions more like a pure espresso grinder.
  • For 20 grams of medium roast espresso, it takes roughly 45 seconds to grind, which is a respectable amount of time. The normal Jx reduces that time by around 5 seconds, but you receive a more limited range in exchange.
  • The Jx-grinders outpace most, if not all, of their competitors in speed. The layout is not only beautiful but also reasonably practical.
  • The consistent grounds can be poured over and used for espresso. In my opinion, the Jx-series manual grinders broke new ground, particularly regarding value for money.

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